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  1. oneshot


    Some schools are already doing this - free uniform to ALL new starters.
  2. Did you watch the series about Hornby? They own Scalextric - it showed how the designers make the models and the lengths they go to to get the accuracy right. Indeed they made a model of a Formula E car and used the actual design drawings of the real car to make the model.
  3. I live in a little village just outside Lichfield in Staffordshire. We have 2 main claims to fame: 1. Something you have all probably used - Armitage Shanks bathroom furniture 2. The birthplace of Westfield Sports cars. The first Westfield was a replica of the 1956 Lotus XI Le Mans car. The founder, Chris Smith, built it in his garage at Westfield House in the village.
  4. Just watched the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - this year given by Professor Jonathan Van Tam. He had a host of other top scientists on and explained about viruses, the mathematical modelling and vaccinations. It was very interesting. The demonstration by the maths professor from Cambridge about the modelling and human behaviour was very interesting.
  5. <pedant mode on> Actually they occur at the same time it's just that sound travels slower than light in air <pedant mode off>
  6. They were at one time suggesting vets could do COVID vaccinations. I was talking to our cattery vet and he said they had been warned they may have to but it never materialised.
  7. I believe the scooters in Brum are blue.
  8. Watching one of those medical programmes (24hrs in A&E etc) and the nurses had a problem with the computer. So they called IT and lo and behold - 3 people turned up. Two stood around watching while 1 tried to sort the problem. No wonder the IT budget is high if they send 3 people to do 1 person's job!
  9. This is why I did the advanced driving test - it tests to see if you have progressed and mine involved an hour long driving test on all types of road with an ex police driving instructor. When I took it they had just made the accompanying commentary an option.
  10. oneshot

    Formula One

    Not sure whether you are saying there should be a Brit as FIA race director or that he is a Brit but Michael Masi is Australian.
  11. Just got my COVID pass from the NHS app no problem. I am off to see Rick Wakeman this evening and require a pass to get in.
  12. Watched an episode of Trucking Hell (yes I know!!) last night. They went to recover a car transporter that was carrying electric vehicles which had caught fire. They had to get one car off the transporter, turn it upside down so that the fire service could keep a hose on the batteries as they were reaching thermal runaway. They had to do this for ages. In the end the car was loaded (upside down) on a flat bed and taken to the recovery company's depot and placed in a skip full of water. For the journey they were accompanied by the fire service in case the car re-ignited. This was all down to the lithium batteries. So one car tied up a massive amount of resources.
  13. Ditto - our house was built in 1844 - still going strong.
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