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  1. We have a heat pump tumble drier and it is great.
  2. Now the aircon/heating is working in the cattery. The air source heat pumps being touted are to replace a boiler i.e. they heat water which passes around and radiates heat. The system we now have in the cattery is air to air - it is a ducted system that produces cooled air or warmed air both produced from a single air source heat pump. While commissioning it they measure the temperature of the air coming out of the vents. When heating it was 62 degrees centigrade. The guy who fitted it has a similar system in his house - no radiators just ducted air vents. They are inverter types which means they ramp up and down on demand. When up to temperature they simply tick over. The cattery is currently consuming around 500watts of electricity and the temperature is being kept at 20 degrees.
  3. Just having aircon/heating installed in the cattery. Uses an air source heat pump. Also have an air source heat pump to heat the water in the swimming pool. Any type of heat pump won't be free as they use electricity to operate - if you have solar panels then that can offset but you are unlikely to generate the power needed all the time. Anyone thought of the electricity load? If you have a car charger and a heat pump you are going to take a fair load. Car charger (around 7kW) heat pump (around 13kW) So 21kW if both operate together (in an evening??) Working on 4amps per kW (I know that is overly simplistic and that the UK is now 230V although in our house it is normally at 250V) then you would be at 84amps. Most domestic installations are 100amps max - ours is only a 60amp main fuse. Me thinks that the costs are going to mount up with all the necessary alterations required apart from the radiators/pipes etc.
  4. Local school to us - anti-vax protest outside the school.
  5. The electricity supply problem is nothing to do with Brexit - there was a fire in the termination building of one of the France-UK undersea cables which knocked it out of action. Currently still not fully functional and hence there is reduced power coming in from France.
  6. Nope - another met police officer in court for rape.
  7. We went to see Genesis at the AO arena in Manchester - capacity 21,000. No social distancing and very little face mask wearing.
  8. When I bought a Range Rover brand new I got a bottle of champagne and the wife got a bunch of flowers - Admittedly this was from the dealer not Land Rover but never the less was a nice touch.
  9. God is the water in Scotland expensive?? We pay around £160 for the year. Admittedly we are on a sceptic tank but still £400 seems expensive.
  10. @Bazza 907 has been listening to too many radio adverts!!!
  11. So the national grid had to fire up a coal fired power station yesterday. Apparently there was no wind so the wind farms weren't producing and gas has reached an all time high price. I think until we can sort the necessary infrastructure out, mass use of electric cars isn't going to work.
  12. oneshot


    He seems to be content!
  13. I've done that - 100mph round the oval with no hands on the wheel. The oval tests the car setup. The speed is written on the lane. If you keep at that speed and the car is set up correctly it will track round without any steering input.
  14. The original leaflet for the NHS when it was launched. What happened to the dental care then?? This clearly says "medical, dental and nursing care" would be free.
  15. My brother was the lead developer on OpenCobol (now Gnucobol) - I started on an ICL1904S using punched cards at uni. Then progressed to a Dec PDP11 using C. When I went to work we used PO Coral (a modified version of Coral66) although I programmed in assembler which was bespoke as we developed the processors as well.
  16. Hi Ian We have a couple of customers who own estate agencies. I will contact them tomorrow to see if they can help.
  17. Problem is with homophones - words which are pronounced the same but have different spellings. Plurals are also difficult to distinguish when in stressful situations. The simple solution would be not to use plurals or homophones but I guess then there wouldn't be enough words?
  18. Currently being investigated as apparently it uses plurals which can be miles apart. So what.three.words and what.three.word both exist but at different locations. A mountain rescue recently got sent to a location miles away. In the end they used GPS on the phone to locate the casualties.
  19. On mine the sounder doesn't sound when setting/unsetting the alarm. The hazards flash but no sound.
  20. oneshot

    Line of Duty

    Useless fact - the first series of Line of Duty was filmed in Millennium Point in Birmingham in the offices where I worked. My claim to fame (such as it is) is that the AC12 offices were actually my offices. The interview room I have used many times for "interviews".
  21. I retired just before I was 55. I think you need to consider what you want to do. My wife suffered with a rare blood cancer (under control now) and took early retirement. I went down to 3 days a week so I could support her. I then decided to retire. We run a boarding cattery and I still do bits and pieces for the University but on my terms. It's important to have something to do otherwise you will get bored easily.
  22. We have had 2 sheep attacked in a field near us - 1 died from it's injuries and still we see people walking their dogs down our lane not on a lead. They cannot control the natural urge of a dog to chase sheep.
  23. There is a video of Big Dog (this company's product jointly with NASA and DARPA in 2005) carrying full army packs and being kicked and pushed by humans to try and get it to fall over. It just kept on going.
  24. The value of my pension pot over the last 12 months has increased by 13.79% 😎
  25. He was also in marketing - think he did the Mars bar - I read his autobiography and in it he tells the story of having to eat cat food at one commercial meeting.
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