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  1. Interestingly when I went an Land Rover experience a few years ago - they tell you about the features on the car and one which isn't in the handbook is that while driving if you pull the "parking" brake on (electric) it immediately cuts the accelerator off, removes drive from the wheels and applies the brakes. They classed it as an emergency feature that could be used by the passenger in the event that the driver was taken ill. Not tried it in my new car as the parking brake switch is next to the driver's door so not much use for the passenger!
  2. Err - My Esprit has Magnesium alloy wheels - standard from the factory
  3. Already have it in my car although I can turn it off. You can set it not to warn or warn at 5mph or 10mph over the limit. Uses the speed sign recognition system and GPS to determine the speed.
  4. We live in the country with only cows and sheep for neighbours. We very often get dog walkers walking down the road with their dogs off the lead. Sadly some lambs have been killed by wayward dogs that the owners have no control over. If they can't control their dog it should be on a lead at least.
  5. If you see this - we are just outside Lichfield if you want to pop in for a cuppa.
  6. oneshot

    Formula One

    He also kept whinging that LeClerc had gone over the white pit lane entry line.
  7. Think that applies to Tesla. They have a feature for when at the supermarket, you can go on the app and get the car to come to you from it's parking space. However, I believe the distance it's allowed to move has been reduced.
  8. I retired at 55 with a private pension. I took the 25% and haven't yet had to draw down from the pot. My wife retired after 38 years in teaching so has a decent pension.
  9. Our LPG has gone up over 10p a litre - now at 45p a litre
  10. Don't know if anyone watched "Warship: Life at sea" - there were several episodes all about the fact they were trying to find a Russian submarine off Scotland. One also showed the ship having to chase a Russian spy ship that was literally sailing into Faslane.
  11. We live in the country (no neighbours for a mile) and mice regularly seek solace in our house. Occasionally we will get a mouse that runs in off the fields and takes respite in the cattery! - that's a big mistake!!
  12. It used to be the case that hanging up didn't clear the line - there was a 2 minute timeout before the call was cleared so if you were called and you hung up, picking the phone up within 2 minutes would reconnect you. This is no longer the case. The timeout has been drastically shortened to 2 seconds so as long as you wait 2 seconds the call will have been cleared. Can you tell I worked for the company that made the telephone exchanges??
  13. oneshot


    So it's been sold to the New York Times and you may have to pay in the future.
  14. oneshot


    Some schools are already doing this - free uniform to ALL new starters.
  15. Did you watch the series about Hornby? They own Scalextric - it showed how the designers make the models and the lengths they go to to get the accuracy right. Indeed they made a model of a Formula E car and used the actual design drawings of the real car to make the model.
  16. I live in a little village just outside Lichfield in Staffordshire. We have 2 main claims to fame: 1. Something you have all probably used - Armitage Shanks bathroom furniture 2. The birthplace of Westfield Sports cars. The first Westfield was a replica of the 1956 Lotus XI Le Mans car. The founder, Chris Smith, built it in his garage at Westfield House in the village.
  17. Just watched the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures - this year given by Professor Jonathan Van Tam. He had a host of other top scientists on and explained about viruses, the mathematical modelling and vaccinations. It was very interesting. The demonstration by the maths professor from Cambridge about the modelling and human behaviour was very interesting.
  18. <pedant mode on> Actually they occur at the same time it's just that sound travels slower than light in air <pedant mode off>
  19. They were at one time suggesting vets could do COVID vaccinations. I was talking to our cattery vet and he said they had been warned they may have to but it never materialised.
  20. I believe the scooters in Brum are blue.
  21. Watching one of those medical programmes (24hrs in A&E etc) and the nurses had a problem with the computer. So they called IT and lo and behold - 3 people turned up. Two stood around watching while 1 tried to sort the problem. No wonder the IT budget is high if they send 3 people to do 1 person's job!
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