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  1. That be a Genesis album - right era wrong group
  2. I always give a wave when I see another Lotus on the road. What I am finding, however, is that some Elise/Exige drivers just don't realise what I am driving and look totally bemused. Some, however, are clearly into their cars and will wave back, flash the headlights etc.
  3. This is the stone chip - don't have photos of the scratch. Before the work: After the work:
  4. I had rather nasty stone chip on one wing and a scratch on the other (caused by me getting the car out of the garage and catching it on my bike ) I contacted the Chipsaway company to come and have a look. They seemed fairly reasonable on price so yesterday they came and removed the chip and scratch. I have to say that I am extremely pleased with the result. I would defy anyone to tell me where the scratch and chip were. The paint match was excellent - they carry a book with every car make and the available paint codes. (Interestingly my car is Lotus paint code B35 which in the
  5. Hi Welcome to the forum I guess from the previous posts you are in the US Here in the UK you can't drive until 17 and then to try and insure an Esprit at that age would probably cost as much as the car itself! I had wanted an Esprit since I was about your age - took me until I was 44 to eventually get one As the previous posts have said - you need to take into account the running costs. It would be just awful to buy one and then not be able to run it and have to watch it sitting in the garage. The best way to keep one going is to use it regularly. I usually try to r
  6. I feel like the poor relation! Cars in order: Austin Healy Sprite (Although it wasn't strictly mine - it was my brothers) Morris marina Fiat X19 Escort Laser Astra GTE Astra GSi Calibra 16v Calibra V6 Calibra SE9 (V6 special edition - BBS alloys) Land Rover Freelander Astra GSi 2.0 Turbo - daily run around Lotus Esprit Sport 350
  7. Think you need to speak to Renu - owns a Sport 350
  8. Try running the wiper on the fast speed and see if it travels off the side of the window or hits the return stop. If it does it sounds like the spigot where the arm joins the motor is worn and the arm is slipping slightly.
  9. I'm coming from Staffordshire - not far for me - I'll be coming along the M6 Toll.
  10. When I started enquiring about insurance for my Sport 350 I hit the "NCB problem" Basically if you have NCB on your everyday car, you can't count it against a second policy So I was faced with insuring the Lotus with 0 NCB. Then I contacted my current insurers (Norwich Union) and suggested that they transfer the current NCD from my existing policy to the Lotus and I would start again on my every day car (Astra GSi) - low and behold they come back and say they will give me an "introductory" NCB equal to the one on my existing policy. So whilst they may not be the cheapest they are giving
  11. Yep I'll be there with my Sport 350 - already emailed Dermot.
  12. Welcome! We were all newbies at one time - you'll find us an easy going bunch. Even better when we meet up at Lotus events. Depends how far you want to travel to get your car serviced but I hear that Horizon motorsport in the West Midlands are good for Lotus servicing. I haven't used them myself (my car is under warranty from the dealers).
  13. If you want your alloys refurbished you could try lap-tab ltd in Birmingham. They refurb wheels for ferrari, aston martins etc. I have spoken to the guy there (Neil) about having my wheels refurbed and he was very helpful. You can have any finish you like on the wheel (including colours). Contact details: Tel: 0121 328 1697
  14. I'm coming down from Cannock in my Sport 350 - which way you going??
  15. 44 is a good age to be (No prizes for guessing how old I am!!
  16. I'll be there silver 350 (that's two of us then )
  17. Think I might just take a trip up the M54 (only a couple of miles away for me) - just to hone my driving skills and get accustomed to my car - officer
  18. Only 4 years I wanted an esprit since I was about 12 - finally managed it. Not only looking at the car but wait until you drive one The experience is one you will never forget - the kick in the back as you apply the power and the handling - corners as if it is on rails. Once you get one you'll spend months going to the garage every morning and looking at it with a big grin on your face thinking wow - is this really mine? Get one - you'll love it.
  19. You just can't beat a sport 350 - literally Obviously we can never win since there were only 50 made
  20. Pity the picture they use isn't of a sport 350 Dave (Sport 350 owner)
  21. oneshot

    New guy

    One of the reasons I decided to get one from a dealer - 12 months warranty included!
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