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  1. Here's mine in the garage with a couple of stable mates! I know it's dusty!!!
  2. We have a pool but ours is indoors in our conservatory so can use it even if it's raining. They don't cost as much as you think to run - ours is heated to 31.5degreesC using an air source heat pump.
  3. I retired at 55. I had a private pension which I crystallised and took the 25% (about £92,000) . It is now in a draw down pension which I haven't started to draw on yet. I could have a pension of about £11,000 a year if I started to draw on it now but I don't need to so will let it grow.
  4. I'm just up the road from where Advantage bought his. If anyone wants me to pop in and discuss anything with them - happy to do so.
  5. I have a wheel for my PS4 and it can also be used on a PS3. There is a switch on it to select the appropriate console.
  6. They do portable ones - like the ones in restaurants.
  7. We have taken card payments for nearly 2 years. We have a reader from Barclaycard. It also covers the PDI DSS requirements as well.
  8. Err Voies is the French for way - it is the French for 3 way speakers!!
  9. oneshot


    I pay monthly by DD but it is not a calculated amount - it is the actual bill amount so varies from month to month based on consumption. This is for electricity only as we are on LPG tank for gas.
  10. Had a chance to drive a Jaguar F type yesterday. 5 litre supercharged V8. Well it can certainly move and handles really well and the noise - we had it in 'stealth' mode and it still was impressive. Apparently the loud mode isn't allowed (we were at Donington) although we did switch it on for a few seconds!!
  11. Try visiting a placement student at a certain government establishment in Gloucestershire
  12. This is our little pad. Nearest neighbour is 1/2 mile away
  13. Yep - have mine on a charger when not in use. It has a float charge which keeps the battery topped up. Never had a problem with it.
  14. Kerb weight of the sport 350 is 1300Kg. More if you add the optional aircon.
  15. I have the build sheet from the factory and handwritten on it is "no decals" - it was originally a Lotus director's car.
  16. Esprit passed it's MOT again. Hasn't failed one in it's lifetime. Not bad for a 17 year old car.
  17. oneshot


    These little 3 week old kittens are currently our guests with their lovely mother.
  18. We always use flexi+ when going through the tunnel. Did you pick up the free goodies as well? bottles of plonk in a nice little presentation box together with an opener and some nibbles.
  19. Another vote for libreoffice - use it all the time.
  20. oneshot


    how about this little guy? One of our guests
  21. We have an indoor pool and we use it
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