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  1. As I said before, female human urine - does the trick. Get the females in your house to pee in a bucket and then pour it down the hole.
  2. oneshot


    Apparently in olden days people used to queue up to tread the grapes. In those days foot hygiene wasn't what it is today and the grape juice did wonders for foot health. Learnt this when we visited a vineyard for a wine tasting session.
  3. oneshot


    I'm going to try making wine from my own grapes. I have a vine that grows in the conservatory that produces copious amounts of grapes. Thought I would give it a bash on the wine front. Treading grapes here I come!!!!
  4. Here's mine Needs a bit of a tidy up - that's scheduled for the summer!
  5. I have a battery charger on trickle charge. I cut the cable and put a small plug and socket on it. The one end is hard wired to the battery. When I put it on charge I simply push the socket up through the engine grill and connect. Car stays fully locked and alarmed.
  6. Always have bluetooth on as I use it in the car to connect to the hands free. Can get just over a day out of the battery.
  7. Just bought one of these Samsung Gear S3. So far I have to say I'm impressed. Thousands of faces available and apps that run directly on the watch. Bluetooth connection to the phone so can make and answer calls from the watch.
  8. Does it have to be Arduino? Could you use a Raspberry Pi? I have programmed an Arduino but have far more experience with the Raspberry Pi.
  9. Yep - Driveclub. Came bundled with the PS4. Currently using this with it
  10. If you are referring to the Lotus V8 that was in the Esprit then it was definitely 3.5 litres not 4. I am not aware of any other Lotus V8.
  11. @Taylor I am in Handsacre if you fancy a drive over - I used to live in Cannock.
  12. We had a latin school song - sung at assemblies
  13. Tax bill of 4 figures (and the first one isn't 1!)
  14. oneshot

    Free Koi carp

    I'm a bit far away but would be happy to rehome them. Have several ponds and one is currently stocked with large goldfish (did have a koi but it died a few years ago).
  15. Just to follow up - fitted and working fine. So try SJ Sportscars if you are after an ABS sensor.
  16. oneshot


  17. Stranger fact today - we have a cat coming in that is called Flynn Rider (you'll have to look it up if you don't know the relevance to Kimbers post!)
  18. I have had this happen. Was with British Gas on a smart meter (business tariff) and changed to Eon - Eon can't read the smart meter. I wrote to the government minister and the reply was that they are setting up a "third party" that will interface with the meters and then the energy companies can then get the data from them. Don't know the timescales. So back to having the meter read until then.
  19. I have a Sport 350 if that is any use - I live just outside Lichfield in Staffs.
  20. Painted my old double garage with garage floor paint! Not a problem and certainly kept the concrete dust down.
  21. I had a failure of the N/S/F ABS sensor. My garage rang to say the part was obsolete. Looked on SJ Sportscars website and they appeared to have them. So I rang and sure enough they have them - one in the post as we speak. They apparently make them from the relevant parts.
  22. Bought myself a retirement present
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