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  1. Advert is factually inaccurate - it is not the only car in built in 2000 with the blue top engine. The sport 350's built that year (mine included) have the blue top engine.
  2. Well last Thursday actually but I finished work When I started work I said I wanted to retire at 55 and I have managed to do so!! Now just the cattery to keep me busy (92 cats in this weekend )
  3. Since we seem to be having a Sport350 fest here is mine #45 which I have owned for 11 years.
  4. So I have a smart meter in my house on the electricity (gas is tanked LPG). The company I was with (British Gas) used to read the meter remotely. Having now changed contract and got a better deal I have switched to Eon. Unfortunately Eon cannot read the smart meter and cannot install a new one as we already have one! Apparently there is currently no standard for smart meters so companies install their own and then other companies cannot read it. I am not sure this is what the Government intended when they rolled out the smart meter programme.
  5. in 2000 I was on the national executive of a national youth organisation and I organised a millennium event to raise money to buy lifeboats. We managed to buy 2 Atlantic class 75 inshore boats - one stationed at Harwich and one on Skye. I went to Harwich to the naming event as a guest of honour and also attended the annual RNLI lunch and award ceremony to receive a certificate from the Duke of Kent in recognition of our contribution.
  6. I am reliably told that urine (particularly female urine) makes a very good deterrent to moles.
  7. Ha Ha - Yes I do the same. Every pot/pan knife etc. Fortunately my wife helps!
  8. We had a subscription to The Spicery who send a box of spices monthly to make a curry. Never had one that didn't work. Full instructions and list of needed ingredients. A great way to make your own curry. The spices come in a box that fits through your letterbox as well.
  9. I bought my plate from Reg Transfers. I think the DVLA will only deal with previously unused numbers - If you want an old "ageless" plate then you will need to go to one of these companies. I have an ageless plate with my initials.
  10. Every year after the V festival at Weston Park they let charities in to collect left over items that they can reuse. I know people who have picked up some decent tents.
  11. I have 20Mb/s down and 3Mb/s up in rural Staffordshire. The last mile of our telephone line is on overhead lines
  12. Saw several F-Pace cars as I pass the Jaguar factory on the way to work and they use the same road for testing.
  13. Mine are electric roller shutters with insulated slats and powered by Somfy motors. Supplied and fitted by a local company.
  14. We have just bought a Mercedes SLK 250 AMG for the wife. She wanted a cabriolet and had a Renault Megane previously. The SLK is definitely a nice car and good to drive. We have the 200bhp diesel which can reach 60 in less than 7 seconds. It is well put together and doesn't rattle. Time will tell about reliability but Mercedes provide roadside assistance so if their is a problem at least we can get home!
  15. I have had the doors replaced with electric roller doors. Don't have the space limitations of up and over doors.
  16. I have had the same financial adviser since 1986. He sorted out pensions and investments for me and now I am able to retire this year at 55. At our last meeting on my wife's birthday he bought a rather expensive bottle of champagne for her.
  17. My neighbour is in the fields 24/7 - he was bailing hay at 2:30 in the morning one year!
  18. Magician Paul Daniel has died. Clicky
  19. Mine was an ex-directors car and when I had the certificate of provenance from Lotus the letter told me who it was
  20. We moved a couple of years ago - now have a triple garage, carport that will take 4/5 cars and a drive for the cattery that can take 6/7 cars. Our house is on a single track road so no parking on it and our nearest neighbours are a mile away!
  21. Watched James May's car programme and he said that the first car that one third of the world's population saw was a Land Rover. That is an awful lot of people!
  22. Drove the track once in my sister-in-laws left hand drive golf. It was a TF day and just as we were coming off the track a 53 seat coach was going on!. I wouldn't like to have come up behind that on one of the many blind corners!
  23. Already have two sets so don't need any more!
  24. S4simon is right - new cars do have logging on board. My Astra GTC I had a few years back had a paragraph in the handbook saying that the car logged data and they would release the data to appropriate bodies (e.g. police) with the necessary authorisation (I assume court order). My Evoque has on board logging as it logs journeys and uploads to the LandRover server. Again authorisation would be needed for Land Rover to release the data.
  25. Err In the UK you can use either side of the pump as the hoses are long enough to reach. I am constantly amazed at garages where people are queuing so that the filler is near the pump when there are empty pumps. I simply pull up and refuel. Indeed I think Tescos actually have signs saying use both sides.
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