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  1. Err Sure you aren't already in the pub???? - 2015 is nearly over - I think you mean 2016!!!
  2. I was reading the current edition of "One Life" the Land Rover magazine. There is an article on the current Bond movie Spectre and the people involved with providing the Land Rover's used. They interview the stunt co-ordinator and the people in JLR who worked on the vehicles. They asked David Fairbairn - Head of Special Projects for JLR "Your favourite Bond moment ever?" His reply - "The scene in The Spy Who Loved Me, where the Lotus turns into a submarine......." Seems he was influenced by this
  3. It actually used to keep the line open for between 2 and 3 minutes and then clears down. BT have apparently changed this to 10 seconds with further reduction possible. This was implemented in April last year. Sounds like some providers haven't yet caught up! Openreach info
  4. I'd second that. I have done the IAM test (and passed!) and also have done a CAT driver training course. They are very good at instructing.
  5. Rumour has it that JLR are going to buy Silverstone.
  6. Unemployment Benefit form 40 - where the band got their name. Always wondered what the other 39 forms were for? Doh - beaten to it!
  7. The reason betamax didn't take off? . . . . The porn industry! Sony wouldn't allow porn films to be distributed on betamax so they got distruibuted on the inferior VHS system. Consequently customers went out and bought VHS players not betamax. They didn't make the same mistake again with blu-ray!
  8. I spent many years volunteering as a leader in The Boys' Brigade. I started as a boy and ended up in the late 90's early 2000's as the West Midlands representative on the national executive committee (effectively a director). During my time on the executive I had the opportunity to meet the queen twice (once at a garden party). I also used to help out at the Birmingham branch of The Donkey Sanctuary (Advantage may remember the auction prize!). I am currently a volunter for Girlguiding! (Yes I know! - my wife runs a Brownie pack so I am enrolled as a helper as I sometimes drive minibu
  9. You'd be surprised at what they can do off road. I went on an offroad day in an Evoque. The car was running the standard all season tyres and it was certainly a match for the other Land Rovers there. We did the obligatory two wheel balance although I am not sure that the convertible could do that - don't think it would be rigid enough
  10. Given the car it is on - I'm sure it is in more than a few hundred photographs which are more than likely on the web. Also what about all the other cameras monitoring the roads.
  11. Wow - haven't seen that since it was pinned on my notice board in the late 80's!! I still have a copy somewhere.
  12. Those benefits are not unique to Apple though. I have shared calendar across my phone tablet and laptop/desktop as well as sharing my wife's calendar (she also shares mine). Haven't got an Apple product in the house and wouldn't touch them.
  13. Oops looks like someone was having fun
  14. We are currently on a business tariff which doesn't end until July 2016. It has separate rates depending on the time of day.
  15. Most of it is done by computers using sophisticated software which analyses the data and only shows relevant info. Not much manpower required.
  16. £1000/year for elec - if only! triple that and that's about it. Do use it for business though. Have LPG gas heating.
  17. I did APL at uni. Great language. Wrote a noughts and crosses game in a single line. Also did lisp which is interesting as it is self modifying code. Don't get me started on Simula!
  18. But interestingly when I teach programming (the same rules apply) the number of students who have never come across BODMAS is alarming. It is fundamental to maths (and programming).
  19. Typical of the students we get - not able to think for themselves to try and work out a problem - want to be told how to do it instead of trying to work out for themselves.
  20. On the news this morning - shock horror - supermarkets are going to start selling nobbly food! Coincidence? I think not!
  21. Even in the depths of winter I cannot have mine on full heat as it get's too hot in the cabin. The heater is certainly up to the job so you have a problem somewhere.
  22. I had exactly this problem on my old Astra GTC. Went to ATS to get a new tyre and then went to dealer to have a service. Afterwards couldn't get wheel off due to locking wheel nut being stripped. So then the arguments started as to who was at fault. Long story short - the dealer managed to get it off.
  23. Yep that's the reg from Judge John Deed and it was yellow in that.
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