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  1. Interestingly I have a friend who works in a hospital whose job it was to get the stats. They record every death of a person who has tested positive for COVID as a death with COVID.

    They had one person arrive from a serious road traffic accident who died but had tested positive for COVID so was counted in the stats.

  2. I re-roofed our house myself (well me and a friend). The original roof was lath and plaster (minus the plaster!) so we felted, re-lathed and then re-tiled. Also repointed and flaunched the chimneys. New lead and facias as well. Took us a couple of months working every day and I worked out that we moved around 11 tonnes of tiles!


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  3. I have the build register for the Sport 350. There were 42 official Sport 350's in the UK plus 8 for the US market (actually normal V8s made to look like 350s. The UK 350 had a different chassis and body and they would need to have done crash tests to import them into the USA). There were also 4 cars made as track cars for Japan.

    Car number 0 was actually a normal V8 that was then converted into a Sport 350 by engineering.

    So the total is 54 cars (42 UK + 8 USA + 4 Japan) and 1 engineering built car.

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  4. 12 hours ago, Spinney said:

    Awesome cats, the Maine Coon. We’ve had 4 of them now and they’re great company, as you know. Very dog like in many ways, without the downside of having to walk them every day, come rain, snow or gale force winds!😂

    My wife has asked his name? He’s a similar colour to our lad. 

    His name is Flintfire (Flint for short) he is a red silver mackerel tabby currently just of 6kg.

  5. 10 hours ago, Buddsy said:

    Well yesterday for the first time in a few weeks I had to queue to get off my industrial estate. It seems like most businesses are back to work. I think the rest will return on Tuesday after the may bank holiday Monday.

    What about you guys? All back to work? Im not sure about Lotus cars. I know classic are still off.






    The first Monday in May isn't a bank holiday :) they have moved it to Friday to coincide with VE day.

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  6. 1 hour ago, pete said:

    Are you a business rate payer

    Yes although we get 100% small business rate relief so don't actually pay anything. We do get a NNDR (National Non Domestic Rates) bill each year which shows what we should pay and then has the rate relief applied so the total owing is 0.

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  7. Our little man has had a rough week. Had to rush him to the vets on Monday. He had an emergency operation. He had a bowel intussusception - had part of his bowel removed. It was touch and go for a few days but he seems to be recovering well.


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  8. On 11/03/2020 at 07:35, mdw said:

    Closing speed should be 120 as according to my recent speed awareness course no central barrier means single carageway not duel.   Like thats going to make a differance!!!

    Actually closing speed is 100mph as the speed limit in the A38M is 50mph. 

  9. On 22/01/2020 at 17:26, MD355 said:

    Not relevant to this thread.. Just a cool photo I found... Not my car.. But looks amazing and it is winter photo !! Hope you enjoy !!

    (moved from 'Serious Trouble V8' topic)


    Tis indeed my car taken on the car park of the Pondarosa Cafe in December 2008 as Bibs said for a magazine shoot.

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  10. We have an air source heat pump that heats our swimming pool. Keeps the water at a nice 31.5 degrees. Doesn't cost a fantastic amount to run. Has an automatic defrost cycle so just turn it on and leave it. It also controls the pool pump so turns the pump off when  the desired temperature is reached. Then turns it on once an hour to check the water temp.

  11. Modern Classics magazine have an edition out now with my Sport 350 featured alongside a TVR Tuscan and Aston Martin DB7.

    They have the following prices quoted for the Esprit Sport 350:

    Concours - £65,000
    Good - £60,000
    Usable - £55,000


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