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    S2 Esprit JPS no 21; Essex Esprit no 100; Sport 350 no 40; S1 Elise type 49; Lotus Carlton for when 2 seats aren't enough!

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  1. 7812/0584G Esprit S2 JPS Comm No 21 1979 SCC082910AHD10949 Essex Turbo No 100 1981 Graham Harrison Lincoln England
  2. GNH900

    Hi Guys

    Hi Guys and Gals, This is just a quick scribble to introduce myself. After 20 years I am at long last an Esprit owner again. Actually I got the car last year, but better late than never to join the forum. I had an S2 white esprit back in the early 80s but always had a hankering for a Black JPS commemorative. Well I am now the proud owner of JPS no 21. Some may know the car as it is fairly well known. As I spend a lot of time out of the country sailing the 7 seas earning a crust, I may not be too active on the forum, but will try my best. As I am also into classic bikes, its not always po
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