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  1. madmezza


  2. Here are a couple of Keith (yes, the name started as a joke but seems to have stuck!): Power by Madmezza (also @reikanphoto), on Flickr Keith II by Madmezza (also @reikanphoto), on Flickr
  3. Picked up yesterday. 140 miles done so far. Think I might have underestimated how much I'm going to drive this thing... it's mahoooosive fun! Keith II by Madmezza (also @reikanphoto), on Flickr
  4. Has anyone had any experience with trying to get the PIN from Lotus? After getting the Elise home yesterday I was sitting down with the manual and notice that you can't program extra fobs without the PIN, and that should be on a card with the car manual. However... the dealer has no idea where it is but reckons the number will be with Lotus, but I'm not so sure. I'm waiting for a response back, but I wondered if anyone has had to get the PIN again? Rich
  5. 85mm and my back was against the garage door I did manage to get a few out today - I'll post in a more appropriate section later.
  6. Here's a quick shot (didn't have much room - I was on the drive). Hope to get some better ones today. Keith the Rollerskate by Madmezza (also @reikanphoto), on Flickr
  7. Early indications are positive Picked "Keith the Rollerskate" up today (2006 Elise S). Very different driving experience to Yeti (87 Turbo Esprit that I used to own). The turbo used to kick in around 2000rpm, and you'd get a push all the way through to 6000ish but feel power drop towards the higher revs a little, whereas the Elise is definitely happier revving high and I have to get used to that change before a proper opinion. However, the "on rails" feel is still there. You can throw it around beautifully. It's bare inside and rattles in all the same ways as the 25 year old Esprit
  8. I need a photo first! It's coming though - picked it up today )))))))
  9. I know what you mean about loving black - I tend to spread out across the whole tonal range with more of an emphasis on the blacks for anything other than portraits. That 200/2 looks lovely! I've never used one, but I've got the 85/1.2 (I shoot Canon, mainly with 5D3 and 1D4 now) so I'll have to see what it can do. Thanks again for the inspiration, and definitely keep sharing. It's great to see such talent in the wash of mediocrity that photos on the internet have become. Rich
  10. Afraid not Phil - it went in December last year. To be honest, to someone who has a lot more time and money for it than I had. It looks beautiful now (I'm keeping in touch with the new owner who is an Esprit officianado and hads a JPS, had an Essex and has had various other bits and pieces too).
  11. Bibs.. Pics will be forthcoming. Theres just one thing I need... ... The bloody car! Tomorrow (or more precisely 11 hours 32 minutes. But who's counting? )
  12. I'm not sure if we're allowed to swear (I mean properly) in here, but that's is properly "not good" about the insurance. I'm gonna leave it there before I get arrested. Grrrrrr! Best wishes mate.
  13. Wow Andrew. Excellent images. As a "photographer" myself, I was planning on tinkering once I get my Elise (tomorrow... Can't wait!), and thought I might produce some moderately pleasing results, but you've just given me massive inspiration. Despite knowing my way around a camera (or 8 ), I'm not going to end up with shots anything like yours. Please keep sharing, I could look at these all night. I'm just about to go back through the thread again... Andrew - quick question... How many of the shallow DoF shots are purely the lens? Do you shoot with a 200/2 and 300/2.8 etc, or is mos
  14. Looks pretty sweet. Good to see that with new cars Lotus are still keeping the reputation.
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