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  1. full details coming soon...
  2. full details -
  3. full details -
  4. full details - Just £25 (members of Lotus Forums do not need to join LoT to attend this day just email [email protected]) A safe fun activity day which will commence with all drivers taking a 90 degree bend at increasing speeds for the first hour before going on to play with 2 small circuits. Theres only one car out on each circuit at a time and no crash barriers or walls. Each of the circuits covers a small area and are set out arround cones. This is a relaxed play day. Each circuit will be timed and there will be an instructor on hand to give advice on better car control or just how to hoon it more as required. This is not a track day - helmets are not required and it's covered under your normal road insurance.
  5. full details -
  6. until
    Free entry using printable entry ticker:-
  7. full details -
  8. full details -
  9. full details -
  10. Bedford GT Circuit Ideal for beginners or experienced drivers Not suitable for spectators Circuit guide: More info:
  11. Castle Combe Ideal for beginners or experienced drivers. Spectators Welcome Circuit guide: More info:
  12. Trackday is full but spectators welcome Circuit guide: More info:
  13. A little video thats currently showing on Motors TV Will be of interest to Junks anyway;) 3 Years of ET crash and Bump - click here
  14. Rob If you have any questions about the series or want me to add you to our interested list so you get updated drop me an email - [email protected] if you have any regs questions [email protected] Scotty - be great to have you along, but with your track record;) if you want to chat about anything on this shout at folembray.. there will be a couple of special rounds next year with hopefully a shed load of 211's on them.
  15. If anyones free on friday 2nd or sat 3rd i have a few spare tickets to the A1GP (they are hospitality but the suite probably wont be open so will count as general admission). In addition to the A1 cars there will also be at least four 211's racing in the Elise Trophy and a chance a 5th one will join the 44 car Elise grid. With Martin Donnelly winning both Class B races in a 211 and Gavin Kirby picking up a couple of 2nd and a 3rd place so far this season theres a decent chance a 211 will win the Elise races out right as our front running class C drivers are droping down to play in class B - including Andy Walsh who will be driving Martins 211. If you'd like 2 tickets for either friday or saturday email is [email protected] weekend schedule -
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