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  1. Hi Massimo, There was NEVER a black Marcasite, there was brown and dark grey only. The piece of black material that you have found could well be black crushed Nylon, if you care to send me a very small sample I can tell you exactly what type of material it is, then I will be able to advise you as to what materials will give you a close match. If you decide to send me a piece my address is as follows. N. Fulcher Coachtrimmer, 50A, New Road, Hethersett, Norwich, Norfolk NR9 3HH. UK. I am not back at work untill the 4th January. If I can help you I will, and put you on the right road so you can restore your interior as you want to. Kind regards, Nick Fulcher.
  2. Hi Matt, just for your information, Lotus have NEVER made a car with a sun roof, only the Esprit's with the big glass roof panel that lift out and have two curved attachment toungs mounted on the front edge of the glass, and that is the only Type that has one, Never in the S1s or S2s. Nick Fulcher.
  3. I am right behind you with that one Kimbers/ sorry the real Tony K! I hope all goes well for them in the next season.
  4. Moxie, I think I should make you a skirt or kilt as you look very sweet in the sample. Hope Kevin is well on the mend now, please send him my best wishes. It was a pleasure to meet you all at the dinner and now I can put a face to whoever rings us up. Happy Holidays to you all. Nick.
  5. Not a problem the real Tony K. I close at 6pm but will not be there on Tuesday and Stephen will knock off at 5pm. cheers mate..
  6. My apologies to Laura and Bibbs as I did not take up their very kind offer to go to their house after the party to carry on, but I had a couple of issue's with my legs and they just seized up and would not go, not enough WD40 I guess. I would not have been much company to say the least, I think Laura and Bibbs are very brave people you unruly lot round theirs anyway, they must have bloody good neighbours lol. N. Fulcher.
  7. It was nice to see so many happy Lotus owners at the dinner, And my thanks go to Bibbs and Laura too, If you read this Kimbers I still have the beer in my Land Rover, found it when I got home. Hope every one all got home safe and sound. N. Fulcher.
  8. just picked your thread (excuse the pun) I would advise you to try and find an old Singer 41K 15 it is old/ sturdy/ and no computers and they never break down, I might have a machine in our stores that would do for what you want. Trousers should not be machined any way, but finely hand stitched with a herring bone stitch, and if they are plain bottoms the fronts should be shorter than the back but turn-ups are level all round, trust me as I used to be a master Tailor. Cheers, Nick Fulcher.
  9. I spoke with Roger on Friday and told him that I was sad that he had taken the action that he did and retire from Lotus. He is out of the country at the moment trying to get over it all at the moment. I have been lucky enough to have worked with Roger at Lotus Engineering R&D division for about 10 years or so before I left Lotus to start up my own trim business, and still had the pleasure in working with him on the Delorean project and other projects right up to the Evora. The passion and enthusiasm and technical know how that Roger has will be sorely missed big time at Lotus. I think the CEO has a lot to learn about Lotus and Norfolk folk and sadly it will all be to late, hope I am wrong but that's a feeling held by many. Roger was so passionate about the Esprit that he would even take time out from the factory and come and visit Esprit owners at our workshops and tell them all about their cars and how it was born and then even to my surprise bring a signed book of the Esprit and present it to the owners, who else would have done that. Then of course there was the James Bond project but I guess you all know about that. He has told me that he will come in and see us when the dust has settled and will post any comments that he wishes to pass on. Nick Fulcher.
  10. I was lucky enough to work with Roger for 10 years while in R&D and with other projects after running my own trim business, I am afraid a lot of Lotus "know how" and history that was never written down has now gone with him forever and not sure if the Italians even care. As you all know Roger is super bloke and has always been helpful to me in our workshops in taking the time from Lotus to meet some of our Esprit customers and talking about their cars to them and signing books for them who else would have done that!. I for one wish him and his wife a very happy and deserved retirement and can assure you that he WILL be missed. Nick Fulcher.
  11. Tough luck Andy,you should have had your Landy finished, I as out in my series 1 86" and it was fun to say the least nice 4 wheel drifts.
  12. nfulcher

    Leons S1 Esprit

    Leon has just picked his S1 up from us here in Hethersett and he thought he'd take for an 8 hour test drive to Edinburgh...........! Keep your eyes peeled
  13. You need to feed your leather with Connolly Hide Food so long as it's the celulose type up to circa 1990, and if you can't find any we stock it and have done for years. Nick Fulcher.
  14. In Answer to your question the black efect in the grain of the leather was put there on purpose after the hide was finished, it was usually on Vaumol leather (top of the range) and we used it at Lotus mainly 3234 colour, it looked a dirty beige/magnolia. It was polished in by hand by two skilled workers who worked on either side of the hide while it was on a surface table it was like black shoe polish that was rubbed all over the leather and then polished off again leaving the deep grain black and this was repeated a few times untill the two workers were happy with the effect and then left to dry. Mr Tim Connolly spent a whole day with me at the tannery showing how it was produced from start to finish and some areas stank a bit to say the least. I do not think you will ever be able to put the black effect back into your leather and if you re-colour it it will all be gone so feed it and look after it. Nick Fulcher.
  15. A very happy birthday Gordon may it be the best one ever, sorry to hear about your plight , roll on January so you can go for a blast, Will give you call and get up to date later. our very best wishes, Nick and Stephen.
  16. Just to add fuel to the fire,my S1 86" 1954 Land Rover is insured as a classic vehicle and taxed as an historic vehicle, I have had it for 30 years or more , there must be still several about in every country in the world and that's classic. Nick Fulcher
  17. Just picked up this thread and I like every one else are sad at the retirement of MJK . I would like to thank Mike for all the help and guidence that he gave me while I was working with him in his team of engineers and for the trust that he put in me and letting me get on with the job whilst working on the Esprit ,that in it's self gives one a lot of confidence and makes you take responsibility for your actions and decisions and makes sure that you get right, which I think I did. Mike you always somehow had us all working on so many all nighters to get a project finished that I could not even try to guess how many, which proves that you are a very good man manager and always got the best out of us as well as being a top engineer into the bargain. I know you will missed by Lotus as you have turned the company round big time and I just hope they can find a captain to steer the ship as well as you have, a difficult job to do if you haven't got a map, but you did it. I wish you all the very best in your retirement and hope things go well with your back, I think Lotus will be on the phone to you next week for help and advice without fail. My very best wishes to you and your family. Nick Fulcher.
  18. Hi Lads, Just to let you know that the S1 Esprit that we have here was exactly the same as Pauls, so I guess they all must be pretty much the same now, it's a good job Paul thought about what he was doing and bit the bullet and got on with the job. Nick Fulcher.
  19. Hi John, Despite what your mates might think about you I do not think that you are dense at all, water based leather is sealed because water based colour will rub off on your clothes and is a bit sticky untill it has a clear sealer applied to it and then nothing will get through the surface untill it starts to crack and fall apart due to the leather drying out then it's to late anyway. I have never used or tried any of the products or tested them in any way that you mention in your last post ,but it may be something that I should do in the near future on some water based leather that we have in stock and report our findings to you all. Kind Regards. Nick Fulcher.
  20. Hi Tony, I have a sample of Crypton Suede coming from the States but they have sent me a Specification sheet on the material, it passes the California Bulletin 117-Section E Fire Code and the NFPA ( 260 Fire Code together with UFAC Class 1 (cigarette Burn) Fire Code. Although that might sound very good to you, It falls extremely short of the specifications needed to use the material for automotive interiors. (F)MVSS 302 is needed in the States for automobiles, buses & RV's, but I must add that I presume that is for production vehicles sold in the states as new vehicles. If I decide to buy some of the material I will have to get it Fire Proofed before we use it, it will add a more to the cost but customer safety has to come first. I can't add any more until I receive a sample. Regards, Nick Fulcher.
  21. Hi Roger, Nothing wrong with neats foot oil and as you used it on a 1974 car with original hide it would have soaked in but would have taken a couple of days to be oil free on the surface, we still use it here but we apply it on the back of the leather once the trim cover has been removed from the seat. the Equine people use it to keep thier saddles and tack in good condition, I even use it on my saddle sometimes. There is a good chance that your Connolly leather might be cellulose leather and that you can feed it. If you can get some cellulose thinners put a little on a piece of cloth and rub the leather in an area that you can't see when looking in the car and rub it on the leather for about 5-10 seconds and if the colour comes off quite easily and the leather goes sticky and stays that way for about 30 seconds before drying you probbaly have cellulose leather and you can feed it and put on some colour if you need to providing it is cellulose based pigment and we keep that in stock or can mix it exact to match your leather. Hope I have answered your questions. Nick Fulcher.
  22. Hi Lads and Lasses, The reason Lotus have recommended that you do not use hide food on your newish leather is that it is most likely to be water based leather and it is sealed for life, we use several major hide tanneries and their swatch cards also state this, so therefore hide food will not penetrate the surface so you will be wasting your time and money trying. There are company's supplying a dye that might adhere to the surface but that will only colour the leather and will not make it soft or keep it that way or improve the actual leather in any way whatsoever. Hide food is a lanolin based cream supplied Connolly Bros and is made for cellulose based leather but Cellulose based leather was phased out about 1988 - 1990, there is not a defined cut off date and it depends upon what stocks and colours of leather Lotus had in stock as to what year the change over happened. If you try and feed water based leather it will not soak in and will remain sticky until you decide to buff it all off, even some of the so called renovation and colour kits will remain sticky as the colour has to be sealed after the colour has been applied, we have tried a few of them and put them all in the bin. We are now testing some leather pigment and special transparent sealer from the Leather Federation Tech Dept and will let you know of our findings later. Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me either by a PM or you can telephone me on +44(0)1603 811993 (office hours, Mon - Fri) Kind regards Nick Fulcher
  23. I can confirm Wyn does still own that Orange Esprit and it was definately him in Monte Carlo. He promised himself that trip when his car was finished and Wyn was fulfilling a dream....! He rang me from the Quay Heading in Monte Carlo to say Hi, He was Chuffed To Bits.....!
  24. I was walking from the car park in Thetford Forest last night on my way to see James Morrison (Excellent gig by the way) when i spotted the Lotus badge sporting Mazda. I didn't quite know what to make of it really, we've all heard the story of the MX5 being based on the Elan but couldn't decide if the badge was taking the pee or paying respect to the marque. I'll let you decide Glad i spotted it though coz it was on the end of the row where we had parked and it was still there on the way out so found the car really easily.... Bonus. Steve Fulcher
  25. Hello Tony and All. We are still here don't worry about that.......! With regards to Marcasite and re-manufacture of it, after putting the thread up about it we had intersest for about a dozen or so cars, with this interest we did put a lot of time into trying to find a company who would be prepared to make a replacement Marcasite, basically at the time we drew a blank, we were quoted minimum runs of 1000's of metres (Befor they had even seen what we were after) at a price which was no way cost effective and other mills simply said "NO!" It's not something we have put to bed and we are still searching but in all honesty Tony I think you may well have found the answer! It looks good, the colour match is good, it's already being made and it's not Alcantara Do you know if the material meets FMVSS 302 (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard)? This is one of the main criteria that Motor Vehicle materials have to meet and test for the Fire Retardancy of the material. We think you have a very good find there Tony, even if we did get the Marcasite remade there's no guarantee that it would come out as an exact replica of the original and the fibre content would be different anyway to combat the light fastness issues that Macasite suffered with so badly. Kind regards Nick & Steve
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