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  1. just read this, truly sorry for your loss Mark thoughts are with you
  2. pennies
  3. yes, otter switch is fed from the fusebox , when the water temperature rises, the otter switch activates and sends the live feed to a relay that cuts the fans in
  4. +1 prevention always better than cure
  5. current draw will be between 100- 150 amps, sometimes more depending on temperature conditions , go for 322/0.30, 25mm², 10mm, 170A , cross section is 10mm or go next size up 35mm², 12mm cable cross section size, rated to 240A. If Halfords don't have it, find your local Durite stockist, they should sell it to you by the metre
  6. Tremendous Vehicles Reunited .....hang on , that's not right
  8. you could try putting some of those unibond aero 360 things in when your parked usually quite cheap in asda or tescos...if they don't work you've only lost a tenner
  9. Wonder if the Passat later version calipers would fit, the ones with the electric handbrake, and would that retrofit be legal?
  10. for electrics, I found one of these power probes invaluable
  11. at some point in the future, what you are wearing as everyday clothes, will be known as a costume
  12. Anyone know where I can get one of these nylon bristle pads for the shelf side...
  13. For some reason , a previous owner of my s2 had fitted seats from what I think is an mx5 mk1 although im not 100 percent certain, id love to fit a pair of originals back in if I could obtain some
  14. sorry admin if this is allowed, delete if not ....quoting a bit from from an old post from lotus basically the guy has been getting his reconditioned calipers for a late s4 elan "The number stamped on the caliper casting looks like 64327547. The guy at Classicar Automotive thought the number should be 64327863. Neither of these part numbers are listed in Paul Ribinshaw's Elan book. I am rather perplexed as there seem to be so many possible Girling part numbers! Can ayone shed any light on this part number issue or had a similar problem Thankyou in anticipation" I have discovered a brand new Girling caliper. in the deep forgotten depths of our obsolete stockroom at work It is of unknown origin but has both said numbers casted on either side of the unit looks similar to but the brake line enters in the side , back of the piston and not the top as in the caliper in the link any use to anyone? yours for price of P & P or the inconvenience of collection in Newcastle upon tyne
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