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  1. Me too, threaded it through by attaching to the original using a bit gaffe tape then heatshrink
  2. If Anyone could supply dimensions, a local engineering shop or contact with a lathe could knock some of these up.
  3. Same knob as in my s2 One of my many projects is to make a replica gear knob, with a flip up insert to reveal a missile launch button. got as far as resin casting the insert. too many projects……
  4. Work backwards, the positive lead goes to the starter next , is that secure? Check the negative attachment to the chassis
  5. Lots of classics in this thread , many spotted at various car meets and events but there’s a lot of of cars that will probably fade into obscurity that were once a relatively common sight on the road. the ugly Renault multipla, the unique Renault fuego. The Lego-like Citroen BX dont see many Chrysler crossfires or pt cruisers these days . I had a Volvo 340 , never seen one for an age and a mate had an FSO polonez, my brother in law had a colt galant and indeed anything Datsun that isn’t a z car is very rare
  6. There is a simple method of removing the ethanol with water but may be too much of a faff on for most. E10 stabilisers are also available but talking to some other classic car enthusiasts, these additives are automotive snake oil.
  7. Lots of discussions here regarding the rubber gaskets, vs cork originals
  8. Embarrassed to say, I done it in 1.32:33 the mrs done it in 52 mins
  9. Just done my cam covers as per the above video , waited 24 hours , road test . changed oil and filter on return home. no leaks
  10. Check float heights, I had trouble setting mine up after a rebuild. The new valves and seats I was supplied with were crap, sticking and shutting off at random settings. I reverted back to the old ones and runs much better
  11. There’s a video on YouTube of a guy doing the head on his 907 powered JH. As a new install, everything is clean and dry, I think this is the key element in sealing up the cam covers and waiting 24 hours until start up . no gaskets, just a good splodge of sealant
  12. Wasn’t pertronix, was an accuspark / powerspark lucas 45 replacement
  13. Not sure if you can with an s3 but I did swap out a duff lumenition system with a pertronix dizzy , was a cheap(ish) fix
  14. I’ve often thought an underside air scoop could be fabricated to channel a flow to the oil cooler but is probably pointless as on normal runs , the standard system can cope on my s2, temperature does creep up sitting in traffic . Need to consider not only how to get cooling air in to the engine bay but also how to get the hot air out
  15. Mines a n/a 907 and the generic starter map values were the same as the lotus spec so loading the map was simple without any tweaking. there is a guy on the auto sports forum who has mapped a turbo and his info is here the mega jolt software allows for easy modification to any map or to simply input your own Good luck!
  16. Now that could handle ! Taking 90 degree corners at....well , 90 degrees! agree with the posts here, I remember as a kid most of my birthday and Christmas presents that I asked for were model vehicles from Tv series or movies. doesnt seem to be anything like that on the shelves nowadays
  17. I fitted a mega jolt system on mine around 10 years ago and never looked back built the mega jolt from kit form , think these are unavailable now but the ready built units are. Edis , coil pack and sensors from a fiesta.
  18. Took mine out with the gearbox still attached . Out from the bottom , no cranes just a cradle made from a shopping trolley and a trolley jack , Engine went back in without the gearbox which was fitted back after the motor was on its mountings. bit of a chew on but was do-able
  19. Seems like ACBC’s car may now be actually affordable soon
  20. So around 8 years ago, I changed a tacho on a mates Eclat. I asked what he wanted to do with the old one and as it was going to go in the bin I asked to keep it . seemed a shame to bin it as it had the lotus logo On the face fast forward now and I came across it in my old toolbox, and , used a scrap piston from a compressor at work to upcycle piston was machined with a flat to stop it rolling and turned out to accommodate the clock. new bezel made to fit Clock assembly and now on the mantelpiece Clock assembly and now on the mantelpiece
  21. lots here
  22. Yeah, not the best, I can’t understand why that was done Anyway I took the silencer off and chopped it to as short as the pipe bends and the Tips would allow then welded it back up it’s not ideal but is a lot better
  23. Going to replace the gearbox /silencer box bracket also
  24. Cheers for that, mines way off on dimension Y. It’s about 16 inches am tempted to take a hacksaw to it . The more I look at it , the more it grates. if it makes it worse I can always buy a new one
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