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  1. Mines a n/a 907 and the generic starter map values were the same as the lotus spec so loading the map was simple without any tweaking. there is a guy on the auto sports forum who has mapped a turbo and his info is here the mega jolt software allows for easy modification to any map or to simply input your own Good luck!
  2. Now that could handle ! Taking 90 degree corners at....well , 90 degrees! agree with the posts here, I remember as a kid most of my birthday and Christmas presents that I asked for were model vehicles from Tv series or movies. doesnt seem to be anything like that on the shelves nowadays
  3. I fitted a mega jolt system on mine around 10 years ago and never looked back built the mega jolt from kit form , think these are unavailable now but the ready built units are. Edis , coil pack and sensors from a fiesta.
  4. Took mine out with the gearbox still attached . Out from the bottom , no cranes just a cradle made from a shopping trolley and a trolley jack , Engine went back in without the gearbox which was fitted back after the motor was on its mountings. bit of a chew on but was do-able
  5. Seems like ACBC’s car may now be actually affordable soon
  6. So around 8 years ago, I changed a tacho on a mates Eclat. I asked what he wanted to do with the old one and as it was going to go in the bin I asked to keep it . seemed a shame to bin it as it had the lotus logo On the face fast forward now and I came across it in my old toolbox, and , used a scrap piston from a compressor at work to upcycle piston was machined with a flat to stop it rolling and turned out to accommodate the clock. new bezel made to fit Clock assembly and now on the mantelpiece Clock assembly and now on the mantelpiece
  7. lots here
  8. Yeah, not the best, I can’t understand why that was done Anyway I took the silencer off and chopped it to as short as the pipe bends and the Tips would allow then welded it back up it’s not ideal but is a lot better
  9. Going to replace the gearbox /silencer box bracket also
  10. Cheers for that, mines way off on dimension Y. It’s about 16 inches am tempted to take a hacksaw to it . The more I look at it , the more it grates. if it makes it worse I can always buy a new one
  11. Hi guys anyone here with a tape measure can get me some dimensions of an OEM back box on the s2 My s2 has an Ansa back box and I don’t like how much the twin exhausts hang out the rear . I’d like to know how much different it is from the original. id like dimensions of x and Y if poss thanks
  12. I did repair a mates s2 clock once, removing most of the gubbins inside and replacing them with a clock from ebay. just search 12v motorcycle clock, they’re only about a fiver
  13. seasons greetings! Just a heads up guys, big article on the esprit in febs edition of CC magazine noticed it features Loose Cannons gt3
  14. Another topic in another thread prompted this memory from about about 12 years ago when I hadn't long had my S2 I had learned that the light switches were also used on TR7s and flicking through the local green or yellow free Ads paper, noticed someone local was breaking TR7s. Phoned him up one evening and mentioned I was interested in the switches "which ones"? "well any really, I know they can be dismantled and the bits inside cleaned and swapped about but its the headlamp switch i`m after mainly , but anything will do" "Hmm, im sure I`ll have something, I got a couple of the centre consoles with a few of the switches mounted in it" "sounds good, How much do you want for one of the console panels"? "Err...What Mk TR7 do you have"? "well heres the thing , its not for a TR7, Ive not long bought a Lotus Esprit and they use the same Lucas switchgear so I`m needing a headlamp switch for it and any other switches will come in handy for spares" "F*ck off and don't ring me back" speechless , still to this day I don't understand why the reaction
  15. just read this, truly sorry for your loss Mark thoughts are with you
  16. pennies
  17. yes, otter switch is fed from the fusebox , when the water temperature rises, the otter switch activates and sends the live feed to a relay that cuts the fans in
  18. +1 prevention always better than cure
  19. current draw will be between 100- 150 amps, sometimes more depending on temperature conditions , go for 322/0.30, 25mm², 10mm, 170A , cross section is 10mm or go next size up 35mm², 12mm cable cross section size, rated to 240A. If Halfords don't have it, find your local Durite stockist, they should sell it to you by the metre
  20. Tremendous Vehicles Reunited .....hang on , that's not right
  22. you could try putting some of those unibond aero 360 things in when your parked usually quite cheap in asda or tescos...if they don't work you've only lost a tenner
  23. Wonder if the Passat later version calipers would fit, the ones with the electric handbrake, and would that retrofit be legal?
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