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  1. I went to a job in the van , around 150 miles round trip and on the way seen lots of classic vehicles on a rally. I mentioned this at my destination and the guy in the stores shouts to his colleague who "has a classic car" i said i had one too. the colleague asks what i have me "79 lotus esprit s2" storeman "ha...a lotus, lots of trouble......etc" me "what you got?" him (with pride and puffed out chest) "ford capri" me "a ford?, fairly ordinary ,rather dull" exit the storeman mumbling to himself
  2. wonder when this auction finished on the 8th, if it was a 7 day auction..................
  3. Sad news, heard his interesting obituary on R4s "last word" try to catch it on podcast
  4. looks like wiring to/ from fusebox. first thing i would do is get a wiring diagram
  5. Some of my S2 is upholstered in cream leather so i decided to re-do the vinyl parts in leather . signed up to the local freecycle and 2 days later found a cream leather 3 piece suite up for grabs. got that home, skinned it and it provided plenty of leather for the trim and acres of foam to pad it out .
  6. i would say the aerospace industry is , however lets not go off topic. a 4x4 used to do the school run is pointless, a supercar is an attempt to reach the pinnacle of automotive performance. if anything is pointless its golf o
  7. never seen them no have i any desire to...... vampires???? there can only be christopher lee for me As far as i know, the hero is 100-odd years old and she is 17, doesnt that make him a paedophile?
  8. Heading toward south shields looking good
  9. not my story but i did hear one in this forum a couple of years ago where an esprit owner who had parked at a shopping mall approaches his car to see two guys next to his car, one of them running his hands all over the bodywork. turned out that the "fondler" was blind and was really into cars before he lost his sight. after a few pleasantries the owner allowed him to sit in it and got a spin in the car park...
  10. heres a couple of great films that seemed to escape mass attention Butterfly on a wheel...good thriller before the devil knows your dead ...another thriller Love in the time of cholera....pleasant feelgood movie plots with a view....daft brit comedy Enjoy
  11. personally i would go for original lotus pads, have heard that "green stuff " pads make no difference whatsoever and the extra cost is unjustified
  12. i'm assuming its off another car, the internal bore of the caliper has a "wall" with a hole in for the threaded part to pass through, the smaller cylinder(i'll call it the spigot) fits inside the brake piston.the spigot looks like its a sealed sprung loaded unit with a bendix inside it.
  13. just refurb'ing the rear calipers on a chums s2 . Did mine last year so im familiar with the setting up of the piston but the n/s caliper on my mates has a different set up. anyone come across this variant and does it has a set up sequence??
  14. bit of a shock this mornin when i saw this thread....legendary vocalist and he will be missed
  15. GULP! i bought this around 10 years ago in a moment of madness , havnt a clue what it was, seen it properly in the daylight then sold it on
  16. There is the fact poited out in Top Gear that the insurance is a lot less for a kitcar over the original, MR2s in particular, i have seen one with no bodykit mods at all exept Ferrari badging on the bodywork and wheels.
  17. have changed 4 belts using krikit guage, none have snapped or come off or whined, have read on an excel forum that someone installed the belt and tensioned with kriket, double checked with a burroughs and it was spot on... it looks cheap, it is cheap,looks crap but it works
  18. cross checking the available default map from the site, i found all the values to be exactly the same as the lotus spec on my car and it runs fine (better than originally actually). programming a map in the software isnt difficult so load in the default, then modify it if needed to the lotus spec good luck...its really worth it
  19. cant help there im afraid, had a look through the file i got when i bought the car and theres reciepts back to about 89 putting the car in Billerickay Essex
  20. close s2 reg plate uws 10t
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