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  1. Lots of classics in this thread , many spotted at various car meets and events but there’s a lot of of cars that will probably fade into obscurity that were once a relatively common sight on the road.

    the ugly Renault multipla, the unique Renault fuego. The Lego-like Citroen BX

    dont see many Chrysler crossfires or pt cruisers these days .

    I had a Volvo 340 , never seen one for an age and a mate had an FSO polonez, 

    my brother in law had a colt galant and indeed anything Datsun that isn’t a z car is very rare


  2. There is a simple method of removing the ethanol with water but may be too much of a faff on for most. E10 stabilisers are also available but talking to some other classic car enthusiasts, these additives are automotive snake oil.

  3. I’ve often thought an underside air scoop could be fabricated to channel a flow to the oil cooler but is probably pointless as on normal runs , the standard system can cope on my s2, 

    temperature does creep up sitting in traffic . Need to consider not only how to get cooling  air in to the engine bay but also how to get the hot air out

  4. 11 hours ago, Mysterae said:

    I remember when I was much much younger seeing a TR7 or X19 drive by was special, such exotica! We'd almost break our necks turning around if it was Ferrari or the like.

    The car is no longer the star of TV or movies I'd agree, for all the reasons posted before. My favourite was Automan :cool:. I think that truly cemented the wedge shaped desire in me.

    Automan Car | Tv cars, Cars movie, Future car

    As for kids aspiring to not drive, a lot of has to be the cost to do so (insurance more than the car) and the protection wrapping of parents and their taxi service. Can't blame them, I'll be the same in the future no doubt.

    Now that could handle ! Taking 90 degree corners at....well , 90 degrees!

    agree with the posts here, I remember as a kid most of my birthday and Christmas presents that I asked for were model vehicles from 

    Tv series or movies.

    doesnt seem to be anything like that on the shelves nowadays


  5. On 31/03/2020 at 21:35, peteyg said:

    I see someone has chopped away the exhaust surround on the valance as well

    Yeah,  not the best, I can’t understand why that was done

    Anyway I took the silencer off and chopped it to as short as the pipe bends and the Tips would allow then welded it back up

    it’s not ideal but is a lot better


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  6. Hi guys

    anyone here with a tape measure can get me some dimensions of an OEM back box on the s2

    My s2 has an Ansa back box and I don’t like how much the twin exhausts hang out the rear . I’d like to know how much different it is from the original. 
    id like dimensions of x and Y if poss




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