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  1. Actually 2002 is far enough back that I didn't have either Esprit yet. Maybe her visit helped me decide...
  2. Hey Patrick, I was in charge of streaming her visit to Sheridan College on the web back during her Golden Jubilee tour in 2002. I was sitting at the producers station in the newsroom, and was only about 3 feet away from her as she came through. It was a pretty exciting event! CTV news still has this blurb on the web, but I couldn't find much else. Rob In the morning, she got a first-hand look at the world-renowned animation program at Sheridan College, located in Oakville about 30 minutes away from the Toronto area. Dressed in a royal blue coat and hat, the Queen smiled and chatted with
  3. I had a treat at the Wings & Wheels festival a couple of weekends ago:
  4. British Car Day is always a blast. I had the privilege to meet Brian Angus there a couple of years ago. Tony, sorry I never thought to invite you. Will do next year. The black S1 is owned by the brother of a co-worker. It's stationed in Oakvillle right now. He was asking $8500 Canadian, but said there was some electrical gremlins. Also the interior was redone in leather with some aging to it to boot, and the instrument panel was covered in wood veneer. I wish I had remembered my camera, it was an interesting sight. Other than that it looked nice, The only other mod I spotted was a eur
  5. Another S4, I guess I'd better chime in and say welcome too!
  6. Hey Elie, I had the same thoughts about the wheels on my S1. This model looks like the wheels are oversized, and I think it looks good. I've been looking for a custom wheel shop, but haven't had any luck. Do you know a place around us that will do them? BTW, thanks for the advice on Mitek, they did an incredible job respraying the nose of my Esprit!
  7. Hi Bibs, I don't know if this is still active, but I have a friend in Buffalo, NY that has a Silver S4. Buffalo is only a couple of hours drive, so if they are still in need I can contact him. Rob
  8. Welcome Francesco, Sorry I haven't combed through the LEF Canada section for a while. As Patrick mentioned I'm in Milton and have an S4 myself. If you two get together, be sure to give me a shout too. Rob
  9. On my US S4, I turn the lock to lock the doors, then turn back to vertical, then turn again to arm the alarm. This seems to work best for me. Rob
  10. I have searched the Forums, but haven't found the info I need. Is there a replacement available for a rear brake caliper on my S4 (Pre-Bremo, still Bendix) I keep hearing Toyota, but has anyone done a replacement before who may know sources, or part numbers? thanks, Rob
  11. I can't figure out which I like better:
  12. 14 with 3 mins to spare. That last one got me too!
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