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  1. I sent them the Muppets Take Manhattan:;#entry145259
  2. Hi Elie, It runs July 31 - August 4 in Indianapolis, Indiana. There is a group of us that are heading down on the Thursday morning, and back again on the Monday Morning. Check out the link below for more details.
  3. Some of us may be heading down to LOG, and I was wondering about a convoy, rubber ducky style!
  4. rogue_s1

    Esprit ?

    I saw this thing in the flesh when I picked up my Esprit at John Scotti in Montreal Last Year. It was quite a sight! Believe it or not, it has an evil red twin that is worse.
  5. Sticking with the 'E' theme, I wanted names with great music associated. My S1 is Esmeralda : Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda - Kill Bill vol.1 and the S4 is Edie : Edie (Ciao Baby) - The Cult - The Singles 1984-1995
  6. Interesting, I don't have a key fob for my S4. Did the car come with one originally? Mine was built in October (US Spec - has airbag on passenger side, but not Brembos) My key currently arms the alarm with a secondary twist.
  7. My S4 seems to be leaking coolant, but not too drastically. While having a quick look tonight, it appears that it may be coming from the bottom side of the cylinder head. I did not get to put the car up into the air, but the drip marks on the ground would indicate this. Am I in serious trouble? Could it be a bad head gasket? Does the engine need to come out to do a head gasket? Is this something I should take care of immediately? Are there any places I should look around there that might be the problem? Any answers would be appreciated. I'm dreading it already. thanks, Rob Just an update. About 2 weeks ago I had the coolant light come on. I topped up the tank to full. and the other day I had the coolant light come on briefly again. Tonight the tank seems lower again (3-4 inches from top) I'm going on a longer run again tomorrow and I will see if the light comes on again.
  8. I'm in! 1. Tony K 2. Esprit S2 (Paul Baxter) 3. Troy 4. Peteyg (Pete Gentilli) 5. yeller77 (Eric) 6. matk 7. ghe67 (giorgio) 8. dwil 9. Matwatts 10. Mark p 11. beagle! 12. Franky (Esprit S2 JPS) 13. JeanVM (Esprit S1) 14. Mundo 15. LOTUS 16. Rich S. 17. Mikes2esprit1979 18. scottmgibb 19. orionflyer74 20. Ian Munro 21. Rogue_S1 (Rob Roy, Esprit S1)
  9. The Challenge has always been a favorite of mine. Take a look at Franco Sbarro's other monstrosities as well...
  10. Mine have a good thunk, but not to the point of worrying about damage. My pods seem to dip a bit below the bonnet, so I'm looking into a rubber stopper that will help the fall a bit too.
  11. Or you could bring the living room to the Esprit!
  12. I think you're going the wrong way...
  13. I installed a Pioneer DEH-P980BT stereo into my S4 last summer. I bought this particular stereo because it has bluetooth audio on board. Your sending device must have A2DP bluetooth support to send music appropriately. The iPhone does not have this ability natively. There was the ability after the 1.1.2 update to send audio over bluetooth, but this was only mono, and actually a bug on the software. Scosche makes some bluetooth adapters that will plug into the multipin port on the bottom of the iPhone and transmit A2DP to the stereo. I do this with my iPod Touch in my other car. In the Esprit I use the Nokia N800. It has the ability to send music over A2DP directly to the stereo. Sorry for the blurriness of the attached picture. When the Esprit comes out of winter storage I plan to snap some new pics for my Owners Page.
  14. Hey Tony, As you know I'm in Milton, which is just up the road from your relatives in Oakville. I know 4 or 5 more Esprit owners close by. You should definitely try to make it out to the British Car Day just outside Oakville... If we do another Rendezvous this year, you should come along, it was loads of fun... I'm in the pics with the green S4 Are you going to LOG this year? A bunch of the locals from here will be heading down. I'd love to see one of your Esprits. My Blue S1 is still in storage pending my decision on what to do with it. Sadly I have a 1 car garage! If we do any other events, I'll keep you in mind. Send me info this way if you are doing anything too, and maybe I can bring a few guys along. Rob
  15. Well the Dash is wood not Carbon Fibre, so it could be an S4s. A peek at the engine may be the only way! Oddly, my S4 has no glove box, but an airbag instead. Is that a Federal thing only?
  16. I saw this link on Craigslist today, and thought of you... Too bad it's in the US!
  17. Since we're on an Esprit in the movies spotting kick... I'm sure it's been many years since you all saw the Muppets take Manhattan, but I have kids, and therefore an excuse. In the jewel heist scene, there is clearly an early Esprit Turbo. I'm think possible Essex prototype due to the Compomotive wheels and red leather interior, but I may be wrong. Also there appears to be no front windscreen in the car. Check it out. Rob
  18. Have a GREAT ONE Kato!
  19. I bumped into this same problem here in Canada. I found this post on a VW forum, and ultimately went this way. According to CASTROL: Message: Here is the response to the inquiry I sent to Castrol USA about where to get Castrol TAF-X in the USA: "Castrol TAF-X 75W-90 GL-4 gear oil is made in the U.K. and sold only in Europe. However, the equivalent in the U.S. is Syntorq LT. Having said that, Syntorq LT SAE 75W-85, API GL -4 is a premium high performance, synthetic gear lubricant for synchronized manual transmissions. The all new "clean slate" approach enables Syntorq LT to provide consistent performance and durability under the most severe operating conditions due to its unique polymer free formula. It has been designed primarily as a problem solving gear lubricant for manual transmissions to provide reduced gearshift effort at low temperatures. Syntorq LT is available through General Motors (Part #12346190) and Chrysler (Part #4637579) dealerships. Please contact your local dealership." I just changed it last week, and pretty much drove the car home to put it away for the winter. The gearbox felt pretty good though on the drive home. I picked this up at my local Pontiac dealer, although they have changed the part number to 10953477. I think that's the new number, my notes were left at the shop, but that is from the bill of sale. It was $29 CAD a bottle, and I bought 3 so it must have been a litre each. I hope this helps, Rob
  20. Hi All, I just pulled my battery out of the S4, and it is covered on the bottom with light blue paste. The whole battery tray is covered in the stuff. Does this sound like a leak? I've never seen it as blue before. What is the best / safest method to clean it up? It was an Exide battery, but will be an optima Yellow top tomorrow! thanks, Rob
  21. Apparently so... This is a couple of years ago, but it's still out there. Note that I take any opportunity to mention my Esprit
  22. Hey Patrick, Welcome home! I can't wait to see the car in person! Rob
  23. Welcome to Esprit Ownership in Ontario. We seem to be growing rapidly! I'm in Milton with an S1 and an S4. Where are you located?
  24. I'm also an interested party. The PO did the round light conversion, but there is no lights in the amber lenses. This is going to be a winter project for me, so I'm hoping to source tme too. Also, only half the lens lights up with the headlights on. The other half lights up under braking. Is this normal? I would prefer an always on 'round' light, instead of the halves being illuminated.
  25. Yeah! That's my BRG S4 on the small calendar. Are the pics the same on both? SWEET!
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