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  1. There's a place here in Canada that sells this type of thing. I need to do them on my S4 as well. I bought an engine cover seal from them for my S1 and was pleased.
  2. I just got mine a few weeks ago... I am the biggest Top Gear fan in Canada!
  3. Welcome to the S4 club! I waited a long time to get mine, and the smile is still on my face after 5 months of ownership! Enjoy, Rob
  4. As the administrator of over 1000 macs at my college, I can whole heartedly recommend a Mac. I have 8 at home here doing different jobs, including 1 Xserve server running the whole show. I installed VMWare Fusion yesterday (competitor to Parallels) and was running XP apps within the Mac OS. Very cool indeed. Running XP or Vista with BootCamp is the preferred solution because it's running booted (not a virtual machine, so much faster) and it's free!
  5. Interesting, I'm experiencing the same symptoms. I have just ordered the diagnostic cable so I don't know my codes, but I'll check the connections as well. Rob
  6. Welcome Elie, I also own a S4 and live just up the road in Milton. If you were out to the British Car Day in Oakville today, mine was the British Racing Green one. If you weren't, too bad it was a great show! I went with 3 other guys with Esprits that I know in the area. You can see my cars in the owners area on LEW. Send me an email when you get your car, and we can meet up and go for a spin. Rob
  7. Welcome fellow Canuck! You're just in time for the biggest British car show in Ontario. It's looking like there will be several Esprits there this year including my S4. Rob
  8. My Garage is nothing special, but I had to show off the posters collected in my teen years, and the wicked flag I found at the autoshow this year. Rob
  9. I'm interested in this as well. I have no front plate now, but it is required in Ontario as well. A friend doesn't have one on his S4s, but has only been stopped once in 3 years. He told the police it was on backorder in England, and they just laughed it off. I hope I get the same response... Rob
  10. The PO stuck on the Novas with a set of Toyo T1Rs. They are 235 40 ZR17 94Y on the front and 285 35 ZR 18 101Y on the back. I feel the fronts rub when I have full lock on the steering (parking and such), so I don't know whether others get the same or just me and the Toyos. Anyone else? Rob Sorry, I actually just read the 2nd post about the rubbing... MUST USE EYES!
  11. Hi Steve, There is a great article right here at LEW for this... Rob
  12. I've gotta say that the number 1 compliment I get on my S4 is about the Nova's. They were put on by the PO, and I'm very happy with the way they look.
  13. thanks to everybody! I finally got out to give it the search and destroy tonight, and found the sender location. It appears easier to look for it from behind than the side as I originally thought. The brown/white wire was very loose, but once attached it started to read properly again. I've only had the car a month and was a wee bit stressed! It also makes me appreciate the 'all open access' of working on the engine in my S1! Thanks again, Rob
  14. I was at a track day today at a local recreation centre parking lot, and only had a short go around the track twice, but obviously high G force cornering and acceleration and braking. On the way home I noticed the oil pressure gauge pinned to the top. When idling, the pressure measures about half way up the dial. When throttle is applied, the pressure rises to off the gauge at about 3000 rpm. Temps are good, and there is no sign of a real pressure problem. Could there be debris in the pressure sensor, or something else I should look for? Also, I looked at Sanj's photo of the sensor's location, but unless I'm blind, or the starter has to be removed to even see it, I can't see it there at all. Is it elsewhere on an S4? thanks, Rob
  15. I was tempted to look at this car myself, I live an hour away from it. The question is though... Do you want a car that hasen't been driven in 7 years? They have a low milage 1999 as well in black.. Rob
  16. There is a great article in the January 2007 Classic Motorsports magazine.
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