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  1. Hey Patrick,

    I was in charge of streaming her visit to Sheridan College on the web back during her Golden Jubilee tour in 2002. I was sitting at the producers station in the newsroom, and was only about 3 feet away from her as she came through. It was a pretty exciting event! CTV news still has this blurb on the web, but I couldn't find much else.


    In the morning, she got a first-hand look at the world-renowned animation program at Sheridan College, located in Oakville about 30 minutes away from the Toronto area. Dressed in a royal blue coat and hat, the Queen smiled and chatted with students seated at computers as she was led through the college's journalism program and graphic arts program.

    During the tour, she took in an animation project by student Andrew Kim. It was a short film featuring Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, during a royal visit in 1860.

    The Queen also unveiled a plaque renaming the journalism centre to the Golden Jubilee Journalism New Media Centre. Just before the unveiling, one student held up a sign that said "Hook me up with Prince William." But she hastily pulled it away as the monarch approached.

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  2. British Car Day is always a blast. I had the privilege to meet Brian Angus there a couple of years ago. Tony, sorry I never thought to invite you. Will do next year. The black S1 is owned by the brother of a co-worker. It's stationed in Oakvillle right now. He was asking $8500 Canadian, but said there was some electrical gremlins. Also the interior was redone in leather with some aging to it to boot, and the instrument panel was covered in wood veneer. I wish I had remembered my camera, it was an interesting sight. Other than that it looked nice, The only other mod I spotted was a european front bumper, which I like better anyway, and mirrors of course. Patrick thanks for the great pics!

  3. I've used freescan with Bootcamp and XP2 on my Macbook Pro. I remember not getting anywhere until I switched it to Interact mode in the "Freescan Operation Mode" window. I think. It's been a while. Maybe someone else can chime in. But it does work. I haven't tried it with Parallels, but I assume it would work there as well.

  4. Believe it or not, although I usually have a wicked temper, I was rather calm about the whole thing. So much so in fact that they gave me an award at the show for being a gentlemen about it. I think if there had been any parts hanging off, I would have been worse. For authenticity, when drinking vast amounts of alcohol at home later that night :sofa: , I modified the trophy to be more accurate with a bottle cap to the bonnet.

  5. :rant:

    I thought, what a great Sunday. I should go to a car show and enjoy the day. Imagine my opinion 2 minutes after arriving when this big hideous purple Ford pickup backed over my Esprit. I was at the registration table and hear screams followed by the distinct sound of flexing polymers. I haven't had it checked out yet, but I'm hoping it's just paint. It felt OK, but there was 2 tonnes of metal on the bonnet. The trucks left tire was actually 5 inches off the ground, and he couldn't pull off. Some locals at the car show held the truck up as best they could as I backed out from underneath. Shock had set in, or I would have snapped a picture of it on the nose. Obviously getting my poor girl out from under the truck was first on my mind.

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