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  1. Welcome and good luck with your search.......
  2. Garth, it was posted on 14th June 2014, title was"  Replacing the roof lining ". if you go on the forum and use the search facility you should find it. 5 years to the day. It still looks as good as the day I did it. Done my elite as well and its just as good.

    Hope all goes well for you, there great cars to drive, one of mine lives on the drive under a cover the other in the garage, 

    Best regards, John 

  3. @The Nut I too am looking at doing my headlining.........I cant find your thread...or the topic you refer to..... could you point me in the right direction please.... thanks Gareth
  4. the original black badge stories were, for me at least , put to bed by Mike Kimberley who stated that the first black badge was to commemorate the death of Jim Clark and thats what ACBC said.......... Graham Arnold had previously said it was due to cost colour enamel being cheaper than two colour enamel........ but Im going with MJKs word of what Colin said
  5. THAT LOOKS BLOOMIN LOVELY the old nose badges were more sort of cast and hand painted......and the text font was different Im not convinced about the black badge on the steering wheel tho'........the car is a 1954 mk VI.....Jochen died in 1970.......also the elan and +2 came with a black and silver horn push from the late 60's..........did you get a pic? do love a good Lotus 'story'
  6. w12 is smaller than a v8....... sorry .....I'll get mi coat........ I do like that car and was giving ot some consideration last time it came up for sale....... I dithered...... ah well.....
  7. google translate says..... " I want to know where to bend. Can you help me?"
  8. My Grandad landed in Normandy.........on his 6th June what a way to spend your birthday...........fortunately he came back........... My other Grandad was in the RAF....mending "Spits"
  9. welcome to TLF Bernie enjoy the research.........theres quite a bit of it......and certainly lots of useful info in here good luck and heres to getting your first lotus
  10. Happy birthday and glad you have a beltin time.......well the bit you can
  11. Welcome Dan feel free to spill beans whenever you have beans to spill...........
  12. there was a clip of her driving....and you could see the shoes...... so I think yes she did wear them to drive it........ and yes I was amazed at an ex F1 driver going for the porker.......... I hadnt got a clue about the other two journo's........... you might aswell have had Steve Wright and Margaret Rutherford
  13. ok......Im getting to the point where a new car is imminent....... now I usually buy........I usually hate SUVs.......... but Ive had 2 kids since I last bought a need the space....and as I want the Lotus SUV, when it finally gets here, I think Im going to lease a new one..... sorry, I cant wait any longer Lotus........I'll stick sort of brand loyal.......Im looking at a Volvo XC40 T5R........ big question is how long should I get a lease for? long do we think realistically is the Lotus SUV going to arrive?
  14. that cheap Spanish watch maker gets me......... who actually took the proper Lotus to court over the use of the name Lotus.........which will be why you'll not see another Lotus
  15. Castle Combe 24/25/26th May a Celebration of the 30th Birthday of the Lotus Elan M100 Castle Combe itinerary . FRIDAY. For those who are around we have an early evening beer in town at the smoking dog pub. has a garden beer festival and foodie thing. SATURDAY TO CELEBRATE THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE LOTUS ELAN M100.........AND FOR OUR 20th ANNIVERSARY OF LOTUS ELAN CENTRAL WE ARE PLEASED TO CELEBRATE THE LAUNCH OF THE ELAN M100. JOINING US FOR THIS VERY IMPORTANT MILESTONE IN THE HISTORY OF LOTUS AND THE PRODUCTION OF THE M100 WILL BE :- MIKE KIMBERLEY : EX LOTUS CEO PETER STEVENS : STYLIST BARRIE WILLS : M100 PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR PHILIPPE ADAMS : LOTUS TYPE 109 FORMULA ONE DRIVER AND M100 OWNER Amongst the 30+ of us signed up for the M100 show area, there will be 4 featured cars :- TO BE USED IN 3X MAGAZINE ARTICLES Initial Build 10 - One of the first cars built and thought to be the last Elan to leave the factory Justin 1 (of the 129 built) Normally Aspirated Elans CAR STILL WANTED PLEASE 1 (of the 3726 built) SE Elans Trevor 1 (of the 801 built / 500 RHD UK - JAP - OZ Spec) S2 Elans Nick Possibly en route 1 (of the 801 built / 300 LHD European Spec) S2 Elans Philippe BREAKFAST / CONVOY / DAY / CURRY Schedule for the day :- 08:00 Convoy congregates for Breakfast at M4 J17 09:00 Convoy to Castle Combe. Elan M100 convoy to Castle Combe via some beautiful Cotswold villages Enright to Co-ordinate Arrive Castle Combe , Park in Elan only section (left hand side) Put Kettle on , hand out purchases , have a good ole chat / catch up 10:15 M100 best in show award. ( hopefully awarded by VIP's if they are out of bed !) 10:30 - 11:00 Informal talk with featured IB10, NA, SE, & S2 on M100 and LEC in the M100 area. 11:00 - 11:15 The cutting of the 20 years / 30th years cake(s) . Kettle on again . 11:15 - 12:15 M100 photo opportunity for Car + Owner + VIPs via Jim Gainsford ( Circuit photographer ) Back row only. photos developed on site for signing later. 12:30 Line up for M100 featured car track parade lap x3. 14:30 - 16:00 M100 presentation at the Strawford Centre. Short introduction by Mike Kimberley then presentations by Peter Stevens & Barrie Wills. 16:00 - 16:30 Q&A With Mike Kimberley, Peter Stevens, Barrie Wills, Philippe Adams and possibly others. 16:30 - 17:00 VIP photograph signing. 19:00 Curry Club with VIP's and Clemo's super LEC/M100 quiz with Prize . at the SpiceMerchant SUNDAY . Breakfast club. To complete our wonderful Elan weekend what could be nicer that saying goodbye over a cuppa tea / coffee and a bacon ( veggie version if required ) sandwich on Sunday morning. Well as luck would have it we have a wonderful opportunity for such a thing . With help once again from our in house organiser Saltire / Jonathan. He has organised : - table for as many people as we want (within reason) in a private room - orange juice, unlimited tea/coffee/toast, full English breakfast (veggie options available) - all food cooked to order - flat cost of £10 per head (normally £12.95) - secure, off-Street Elan parking, plus photo opportunities in front of a listed Cotswold stone building All this and charming intelligent company as well. What more could you want? Final numbers will need to go to the hotel a week beforehand, so still plenty of time to join in. Really looking forward to this . Thank you everyone for being part of it and making it happen . A gathering is nothing without the people . For those of you interested in the posh camping at Burton Hill, Malmesbury (as opposed to the not so posh camping at CC circuit ) there is a big field with great views of the town, clean showers and bogs etc.... If there was enough interest I'm sure we could get a corner, or the whole overspill field reserved for us. I spoke to the person that ran the site last year and already primed her for an influx of LEC'rs and they don't mind large, well behaved "mature" groups of people. There are electrical hook ups too for those coming in their Winnebago's, Hymer's, caravans etc.... It gets an 8/10 rating and well deserved at that
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