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  1. The 14th Annual Serpentine Charity Run Presented by the Cheshire Lotus Owners Group and The Lotus Drivers Club Sunday the 30th June 2019 Open to all types of classic cars, sports cars and classic motorbikes the event will start from 9:30am from the historic Devonshire Dome (Devonshire Road, Buxton, Derbyshire. SK17 6RY) and involve a route though the Peak District National Park and some of the UK’s most beautiful scenery. Entrants will be given their route maps at the registration point and from where they will also be started at regular intervals. The start point allows for the use of the cafeteria and facilities and alongside the refreshments (free tea and coffee) there will be bacon sandwiches available to purchase at a small cost. The journey will be approximately 100miles and will involve several stops at places of interest as well as stops for refreshments, pub lunch, picnic etc and will culminate in a display of all the cars at the finish line in one of the Peak Districts historic locations (it’s a secret until you get there) around mid-afternoon. This is not a race and the planned journey time though the Peak District is to be around 4 hours to allow you to enjoy the scenery, stop for lunch or a picnic as well as enjoy your driving experience. Please feel free to use the attached entry form Serpentine Run 2019.pdf
  2. Link........?...... The only ones I can see are 1259.00 euros......
  3. @alecDo you have pics? I have asked them about also doing seats and rear quarter
  4. its a do it yourself one this year...... go on the gold cup entry thing..... agree to the disclaimer......then as you proceed you need to add 'with a club' select CLOG and carry on.......(Cheshire Lotus Owners Group) you should then retrieve this as a PDF......(when?....I dont know) no need to meet to dish out need for contact with anyone....... hey why bother having a I'm afraid I wont be there as I'm playing the last post up Ypres way for the great Uncle in the on the Menin Gate so couldn't really pass up the opp anyway I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ta G
  5. I will have but it'll need a retrim also
  6. there is the Gold Cup at Oulton Park which like to celebrate things like this...... I can sort free tickets abut Id need to speak to them about a 'parade' lap.......if it helps any August Bank Holiday Weekend by the way........Oulton Park Cheshire........the test track used by ACBC and Jim Clark just a thought.... Donington have the GT and F3 championship mid Sept
  7. congratulations.... looking forward to seeing and hearing more...
  8. someone looks excited..... congratulations
  9. @TAR thanks.... any idea what colour the blue is in the pic above?
  11. nice motor and welcome......
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