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  1. I haven't seen one for months then there were two in one day: Evora heading out of Caldicot and Elise heading into Bristol on the Portway.
  2. I wonder which one has aged best.
  3. I was at Filton on 26th November 2003 for the last ever landing.
  4. And what a stonking good day it was! 100 M100 Elans to Castle Combe to celebrate the 20th anniversary of and the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Elan along with some notable Lotus people: Mike Kimberley, Barrie Wills and Warren King.
  5. Apologies to @theelanman for associating his name with the two other shysters... Gareth is in no way implicated in the financial rip-offs perpetrated by the others, rather he passed over his work on the wishbones to SVS for free.
  6. Having seen forever more bizarre reasons for non delivery of such things as (Gareth's) stainless wishbones and (Bob Brown's) rear hubs over the last 4 years, Jamie's company was wound up (by the registrar) in July. Although the website and eBay listings are still live, PLEASE DO NOT CONSIDER BUYING ANYTHING!
  7. But to be fair, it's partly obscured by a f**king big lorry…
  8. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the offer but I'll pass. I've got a ticket for the blackjack and strippers party.
  9. geoffsmith


  10. There were some beautiful cars at Curborough today and fortunately the rather alarming fire appears to have caused only minor damage.
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