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  1. Has anyone sourced some D shaped mirrors for their S1...I am struggling, gusee they must have been sourced from somewhere .... looking at similar DTM ones for Vauxhall nova..twocker modifications.... and they look as close as it gets... also still searching some elusive Wolfrace slots....any appeared recently... cheers [email protected]
  2. definitely interested...and could they also source me some wolfrace slots..then i'm a happy badger... [email protected]
  3. Hi Again, no response to the trying again... I really would like to source some Wolfrace wheels has anyone got some for sale, and could you please let me jhave the stamped wheel codes if you already have some, so I can keep an eye on e-bay. Were the wolfrace wheels used on the Talbot Lotus Sunbeam the same as that of the esprit????? cheers Justin
  4. No. 88 & 89 1 - justin pringle 2 - Esprit S1 1978 3 - Guest - Yes, Mark Chatterton 4 - 2 nights 5 - no 6 - yes 7 - yes 8 - Hebden Bridge, West Yorks?
  5. 83 I'm game Justin Pringle 1979 s1 Esprit in yellow - ex factory mule!!! coming from Hebden Bridge West Yorkshire look forward to it cheers justin
  6. Cheers I'm at a wedding Tatton weekend, and know the show well, used to have a TVR and meet up with the guys there. Do you have the details for the Yorkshire club. recognise your car photom did you get the car fro; a guy in Copley Sowerby Bridge by any chance justin
  7. Howdee, I live in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire and would like to get together with a few other cars in early summer When are this years bi-annual events??? any events planned int' North? Cheers [email protected]
  8. Question for the masses, I have now had my yellow green dialled S1 for 6 years and have only ever seen 4 other S1s in the history of the car. A yellow car at Donnington about 3 years ago, and Nigels car, the white one as used in Classic and Sports car to go to Monte carlo, and the yellow car sold recently by sportscars Uk for about
  9. Hi One and all, I am just tidying my Esprit BNG278T and need the last few bits Parts needed......empty your garage...... Where do I obtain D shaped wing mirrors, Petrol cap ? Air Filter and Box ? Wolfrace wheels, may swap my S2 alloy wheels Headlamp? Van type Rocker switches for electric windows. Also looking to have a respray anyone got a recommendation in the North? Diagram of rear so I can see what the cover surround looked like so I can rebuild it. ie covers battery and fibreglass in rear. Any S1s near to Yorkshire, I'm in Hebden Bridge ....pop around for a cappucino.. C
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