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  1. Time to start the engine and find out - I've been paranoid about doing this in case the belt fails or comes off, but should be fine if engine is just idling.... Thanks, yeah I tried loosening everything off quite a bit and found that the alternator would now 'jiggle' side-to-side easily, which I felt was hindering it from being able to cleanly pivot in the direction that I wanted it to, so I tightened them back up again, just to the point the alternator wasn't wobbling
  2. OK so I'm no longer convinced that the alternator is goosed. I think the reason I can't turn it is because, well, the belt is still engaged, albeit, loosely. Either way, I want to try and master tightening the existing belt, even if it just turns out to be for practice. However, the alternator which does not like to move, definitely does not like to move (not even after several swear words) I think I am off to shop for a C Spanner / Hook spanner if I can find one that looks big enough.
  3. Thank you for all the replies. I’m going to get a new belt ordered in that case, and also look into hook / c-spanner to help tension the alternator. I will likely need to look into a ramp solution in order to get under the car too but that sounds like a different thread/search. Am I right in thinking that the alternator pulley should spin freely? I wasn’t convinced that it was, which is now making me think seized alternator is the real source of the issue, which has then knackered the belt to the point it appears slack.
  4. I now know why folk probably can't remember how they did this... the brain only tends to store happy memories... Loosened the pivot rod nuts (number 5 and, er 5) holding one end and loosening the other so it doesn't spin. 13mm ring spanner on each end. Loosened (sneaky hidden) nut (number 18), again 13mm ring spanner did the job. Now the alternator wobbles around, but, can I get it to pivot in such a way that it put's tension on the belt? It's like it just doesn't want to slide on the plastic slider. Maybe it's somehow rusted itself on in such a way it's binding? Either way, I think I have found one of many Lotus positions...
  5. Thanks both. Yes mine is so loose that it's screeching under normal load. It goes away when I declutch but as soon as I try to accelerate it get's somewhat loud and attention seeking but not in a good way ! Off to see if I can even get a spanner or a socket on the end of a nut - that will be an achievement at this point in time...
  6. Definitely, thanks 👍 The nut (number 18) is what I need to aim for! I’ll have another go tomorrow…
  7. Apologies if this has been asked before (I have tried searching), but I am looking for advice / tips on how to tighten up my alternator belt. In principle it looks easy but I don't know how to gain access to get a socket on the end of the bolts I need to loosen / tighten. In fact, the bolt on the adjuster bracket doesn't even feel like a normal bolt head (it feels round). The main alternator mounting point has a bolt on each end but I can't get a socket on either end due to lack of space. So far I've only tried attacking this from the top, but peering down it doesn't seem like there would be any better access from underneath. Does something else need to come off to make space? Any tips or photos of how to tackle this? (I think my car has air-con so there is also what looks like the compressor for that underneath / next to the alternator) Thanks
  8. Found a parts list PDF with the part number A082P4350F If I google search for the part it returns an SJS page but if I search SJS site directly it doesn’t find anything, which makes me think it’s an old cached page and it’s no longer available. I guess there’s only one way to find out!
  9. Hi all, I am not new to these forums, but have never formally introduced myself, so here goes... I started my Lotus life as an M100 owner, which I enjoyed for many years and got to know the car inside out, mainly through the LEC forum and also through meeting owners locally who were extremely knowledgable. Fast forward a bit, and I am now lucky enough to have been able to upgrade to an Esprit. Although this happened 5 years ago now, for one reason or another, the car has spent most of my ownership life in storage. Finally I have it in my possession and am raring to get out and use it, but also want to tidy a few bits and pieces up and fundamentally try and learn the car to the same degree I know the M100. To put things in perspective, I don't even have the confidence to jack the car up for fear of putting something in the wrong place and damaging it! To that end, I wondered if there are any knowledgeable central belters in Scotland who would be willing to meet up and give me an Esprit induction. It seems like it would save me trawling these forums for hours on end, trying to play catchup (hope that doesn't make me seem lazy) or worse still, posting lots of stupid (already asked) questions! With so many different variations / models of the Esprit, it would be great to understand what is relevant to mine (similar between models) and what is more specific to the one I have (GT3), for example. Alan P.S. yes i do currently have a niggle with the car, which on searching this forum could be any one of about 5 different things.... 🙂
  10. I’m looking to replace the non standard heater control knobs on my 98 GT3 as they are not to my taste. However, I am struggling to find the originals for sale. Does anyone know if these are still available anywhere ? (or if there is a cross referenced part) thanks Alan
  11. Thank you for the suggestions so far. Encouraging to see we have a choice in Scotland!
  12. Hi all, I am looking for a recommendation of a local garage for carrying out work on my Esprit (GT3). It has been off the road for nearly 3 years so will need to be trailered, recommissioned, serviced, MOT'd etc and I also have an Alunox manifold and exhaust system requiring fitting. The car has been in storage at my current specialist garage of choice but after several nudges they are not prioritising working on my car (should have been done last September) and therefore I am looking for an alternative solution so I can get my car back on the road for the Summer. I am based in Edinburgh Thanks in advance Alan
  13. I would be interested in Stevens manifold, 2.5" exhaust and sports CAT. (unfortunately I can't justify a charge cooler right now when what I really need is a new radiator) Found this page for info, but don't know how up to date it is Alan
  14. Very interested in a group buy. I need a manifold as my original is suffering from the usual failure....
  15. 10. Alan. (Elan is still taxed and in need of a short blast.)
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