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  1. Hoping to get there as well. The theme for this weekend should bring a few Lotus in........... 28 June*:
  2. Looking at the other photos, I'd wish I'd taken my SLR now. Anyway these are what I took with my compact....
  3. Glad to meet up with you and see some nice looking Esprits on the day. Shame there's not a picture of all of us in convoy from the hotel, must of been quite a sight )
  4. 1: Cliff (GGHC87) 2: Simon (tinywillyuk) 3. Chris (red vtec) 4: Gary (sparky) 5: Trevsked (Trevor) 6: Chris (esprit22) 7: Matt (caulkhead68) 8: Andrew (obione) 9: cj (wookie) 10: jim (jim1471) 11: Pete (peteyg) 12: Matty (88_esprit)
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