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  1. theres no doubt the next lotus' have to be bigger. how much is a tossup between ergonomic necessity and a marketing depts. requirements. the evora mk 2 and next gen elise must have more presence than a 991 if its going to sell. it needs to be in the 50k+ bracket too up to 85k so bigger ticket.... it doesn't necessarily need to outperform it in outright speed but its got to be v close. if you put that coco elan next to a 991 and say to half of my pals which would you prefer? one is ever so slightly faster at top end than the other, one handles better and is handbuilt and rare. now, which one do you REALLY want. it will be a compelling argument and a few of those elans in a car park littered with 991s will only get people thinking. my exige v6 gets 100pc attn in a carpark like that with 2 italias in it. as much as i love my exige v6 its a limited design with too much carry over from the s2 but has huge presence for what it is. big tick! but only the short guys can be bothered sitting in it .... the co needs to move away from isolating its market and actually compete properly on all fronts, take full advantage of its USPs and style something that makes you 'fall over'. the 4c is the absolute model they need to follow if they want to get cash in the bank quickly .... and the 4c doesn't even actually exist lol. v clever ... otherwise its just more long term pain imo.
  2. that wont work as they need the press on side and they have already reviewed the existing evora to death. is the SR anything new? lotus need a new product to market even if its an old one if you know what i mean...
  3. i don't think its whether you like it or not (same applies to me) ... but its the deposits the styling has taken on what is an unknown from a now fairly average brand but with a fair bit of racing pedigree. that's the point i was making.
  4. good styling sells 100pc, look at the 4c (its got a alfa romeo badge on it at the end of the day) and they have endless deposits some on £15k upfront for what is an unknown quantity and marketing stunt. there is a lesson there for someone at lotus. lets face it, lotus would have made that car not just have the styling but also the quantum leap it should have been. frankly i would have the 4c on styling alone...... lotus haven't yet fully capitalised on the limitless mandate they have for styling which sells. without trying to cause offence and speaking frankly they could have produced an evora with far more aggressive styling that looked like coco's elan day 1. but imVho they didn't have the stylist to do it. and if they did he wasn't vocal / aggressive enough ie same thing. i'm one of those 'city folk' referred to by auRouge and i know it would have sold like hot cakes, lotus badge or not. porsche have to make the new car maintain the corporate identity which is why they look so damn boring/bland. lotus don't have that limitation and the evora is a conservative design. fund allowing, lotus have a free reign and should capitalise on that w/o restriction. the evora as a platform is potentially already a world beater, and they pulled it off for next to nothing! relative to that its sale volume is a total travesty.. simple rules always apply. there's no substitute for real management or real styling. all imVho
  5. Hahahaha u may see all my boys. But not me.... absolutely gutted. we need to organise a trip with all our v6s this summer an austrian w a v6 is always my drinking partner rock on ... You are on skis ????? I withdraw my last offer ! Snowboards and v6s only. Ozerviz itz var !
  6. Ah austrians !!!!! Excellent you boys are always great value. I was supposed to be in st anton tdy (( bloody work lol
  7. Being half kraut myself I love my german brothren. cant remember a word in proper german though. We all know who makes the best cars so im sure we are all on the same side here lol
  8. willkommen in der auch nicht für den Kauf eines Pferdes aus Stuttgart durchgeführt. das ist eine gute Deutsch Jungen wie mich. Ich habe in England und forgottona alle meine Deutsch lebte. hahahah genießen und fantastische Farbe
  9. where do i sign for that 380bhp lotus upgrade ?
  10. snug as a rug.... looks like a solution for the exige v6 s ....... need to check that w/o isofix (so securing w just the seatbelt is ok)....
  11. good spot ! must mean strange things are afoot at the Circle-K
  12. Not much on this. up 2 - 3 brittax have a great solution. My DUO plus was perfect to 18kgs. After that the solutions are thin. I have ordered a couple of cybex solutions x2 fix seats for normal cars but doubt these will fit in the v6 exige. photos when the arrive
  13. Thanks for the thoughts. Hopefully I can get a depoisit down in apr then
  14. Not too keen on the current styling
  15. So what do you guys think? I am planning a 2nd sprog. I wont sell the Exige but i could an an Evora to the fleet if they FL it.
  16. Well thetes me (s, not cup), gav - top bloke - aka kevlarkid - and another cup that I think jonny bumped into at Silverstone (?) Last year? Common as muck now lol
  17. yeah they look great dude... yours looks spectacular too ! must have been a good laugh we should all sort a track day or euro jaunt soon,.
  18. nice car, great colour well done you for being individual .. i think that makes 4 of us pewter owners now congratulations
  19. only ever seen 3 in london ... how cool is that however, bad for business i agree.... the car will be around for a while yet. fundamentally its absolutely excellent but never seemed to got over its bad launch or relatively conservative styling for what it is. i understand that we 'may' see a re-bodied and upped hp version by Q2/Q3 of this year. so hold on to your hats saying that if its more mansory and less coco elan they needn't bother. if they do the rebody hopefully they make it genuinely aggressive this time. lotus have the usp that the competition don't. there's no 'corporate' look to stick to and no necessity to be cautious with styling. the 4c may not be up to lotus dynamics (yet) but it will sell out / be over subscribed on practically its styling alone. it is the best bit of automotive design i have seen in a very long time. lotus have the right guy in coco, hopefully they will let him get on with it and get these cars sold in big numbers with a big waiting list which is what should be happening. cocos elan would sell like hot cakes. you and i and every other red blooded petrol head would 'have' to have one. the chassis and running gear is already there.
  20. i had a go with the Quicksilver V6 at B&C. Made a nice racket under full load but a little too boomy in the cabin for me under normal conditions - light acceleration off traffic lights etc:) it was quiet enough cruising at 80mph.... was just getting there that was the issue. not a solution for me but im sure someone will love it
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