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  1. it looks like they work with titanium so how big is your bank balance jonny ? . its only a back box as far as i can tell so wouldnt be a complete system ... apparently they will send me some clips etc later this week. will keep you guys posted. would rather a total lotus (headers, downpipes, cats and backbox) solution tbh. just not convinced the lotus sports silencer actually adds anything ?! not switchable either.
  2. Looks like a new one in development
  3. oh hes a convert alright so i have done my job passing the mantle... done c. 6k miles in my v6 and hes been shotgun for most of those... he loves the car as much as i do and gets in a right strop if he finds out i have gone out in it w/o him. lol
  4. was my sons 3rd b day otherwise i would have gone to that !
  5. we should really sort out a group meet, clean and wax day lol mind you, im probably the only londonian on here ....
  6. Hi guys What treatments are you going for in prep for winter proper? Snow, sleet, salt, grit..... My Exige V6 is about 4 months old and I would like to have its paintwork protected for winter. I know there's a fair amount in the archives but the technology and manufacturers promoting their wax / polishing products seem to change at a fair old rate so I was wondering if anyone had any input for what to use for a flat color on a relatively new car for winter protection? Was thinking washing and polishing? Any other tips gratefully received Its parked in a drive so open to all elements and not a garage queen. Happy to spend half a day doing this myself. Not interested in using polishing machines or anything as comprehensive as that as i don’t have access to those and would probably polish off the paint anyway! Many thanks in advance....
  7. perhaps lotus 'didn't want' to compete? handing a car over would be easy ..... after all they may think the only way is down once you are at the top following the stellar performance last year ?
  8. saj how are you getting on with the 2bular ? thinking of the same for my v6 exige.... is it a bit too lary / drones on m/w? whats the take on how it effects the cars warranty ? many thanks
  9. Hi Marc I have an Exige V6 .... I have had various 993s/996s/997s all manual and lotus s1's ....To answer your questions... 1) the gbox is adequate but no where near a porsche unit. 2) just get the komotech 400bhp upgrade or wait for lotus to do theirs Problem solved (if that's important). 3) seats - talk to Michele at composite works near bergamo IT. the exige is not a vag product, its hand built/assembled and will be unique wherever you live, it will drive like this too and will feel ultra special (just getting into it!). the porsche will be that solid thing that drives very well that all your neighbors also have that's all a bit soulless. i have never bumped into another V6 in London or anywhere else for that matter and it takes a month or so to figure the car out. theres a lot of chatter through the steering wheel to start with.... no porsche product comes anywhere near close to the driving 'experience' and theater the exige V6 gives you for the money. there are a few downsides but .... i don't know about you..... i'm never buying a porsche again (unless its a classic 2.0l to 2.7l - i do want one of those!) and i have had a few porsches and lotus's Good luck .... thomas do you have any new videos of your komotech upgrade? i guess you are v impressed?
  10. jesus. you guys are great!!!!!! what a fab forum.... kimbers let me digest all that useful info and come back to you thx . thx TBD also i will look that up..
  11. Hi guys More of the same. I'm taking my v6 for 10 days across European blast from the 20 Aug. Does anyone know where to look for the best routes or roads to drive? I have no limits re direction only limits on time That said i will be doing Monza and dispatching as many F cars as i can on what is a fast track lol....Hoping to do Spa on the way back.... It will be interesting as im driving down to antibes with my 2.5 year old son riding shot gun first. he will stay with my folks down there whilst i go on a road seeking adventure. Is there a road trips section on TLF ? is this the best place to stick this post? Thanks in advance D
  12. hi guys thanks for the comments, i didn't make it to Scotland that weekend as had to run the v6 in asap and just followed a rain free corridor on the satellite image. it took me to the Cotswold, york. dales, lake district etc. so mustn't grumble!!!! shame tho as i really wanted to see the highlands gutted!!!!!! first service done... heres a tip ... don't smoke in bed .... and everyone has to own this car at some point in their lives. its that good/quick! thanks again!!
  13. hi guys ok, picking up the exige v6 this friday jct600 leeds and have to run it in asap. was thinking of heading north to the highlands, then down to cornwall then back to london. does anyone have any good scenic routes from leeds to the highlands pls? thanks d
  14. Amethyst Grey for those interested ... im off for a beer.. good weekend chaps...
  15. np. i think this may also be VR ? ooops
  16. justin, i saw the exige v6 in burnt orange at hethel, it didn't quite work for some strange reason. no idea why. it did look good on bibs evora which i believe was one of the many press cars being prepared in that colour at that time. does anyone have any pics in sienna brown ? other VR for those interested... looks like an old fashioned italian sportscar red to me...
  17. i would say that the interior of roadster appears to be about 90pc of what the Premium option is anyway if you read its description ...(correct me if i'm wrong)... i have specced Premium not Premium Sport. as far as i can tell this car inst a 1 trick pony anymore so why compromise that. if i could have got the car pre summer it would have come with me on a euro jaunt down to Sicily the long way via germany so hardly a day trip lol. each to their own though and im sure the majority will go PS
  18. im glad lotus have the race option though, they have been behind the curve too long imho. im sure some guys will love it and the v6 is quick enough to get into diminishing returns on performance. it should have all the tech available to it and its customers and therefore be able to compete. lets face it, the next gen gt3 is getting a pdk as those diminishing returns mean there are very few ways to make it genuinely quicker without significant changes i.e more cc. my thoughts on the v6 are that in theory with the rear view and torque plus longer w/b it should be a better daily driver than an elise which is saying something! thats what i will use mine for unless i hate it on the test drive... i guess only Bibs knows having driven one...
  19. i suppose so but i cant imagine ever using it. even on track ... well i probably would for all of 5 mins to see what the fuss is about and then just switch back to normal and work on breaking later/apex's etc. had launch control in my last two cars, never used it once. just dont get it... lol
  20. mine comes in a tad under 60k. but i'm not bothering with the race pack ... which may make the difference. out of interest are you guys ever going to post up a full video review or just the teaser ? thanks
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