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    just stick a roof on it and call it an exige? its got a very well styled back end... looks expensive too. good job. although one chap on the stand told me it was a completely new chassis and was longer!?!?
  2. diego


    a garage ???? pha! i could get a 3 bed semi detached out of that on LDN ! anyway... is it me or does it look 'a bit' wider?
  3. diego

    3-Eleven i will be there tmrw, will get photos .....
  4. doesnt look like an exige dash either though 458 BIG anologue rev counter and a single red LED fuel fill/speeding not speeding would do me lol
  5. do we know how its being received outside of the fraternity ?
  6. its probably one of those cars that looks a bit pants in photos but in the flesh looks really good. the 4c looks like crap in photos but in situ its stunning... will go see tmrw... anyone care to speculate the best color for the evora 400?
  7. cool.... not sure i will be there in 2hs, depends on work enjoy !
  8. oh well... im going to have a look anyway
  9. pls god let it be in another color?!
  10. diego

    Lotus Evora 400

    who cares about the branding.... its the way its going! its what it looks like in situ (ie in the road not hall lights) that counts any idea when B&C will get a demo we can all go and perv over?
  11. diego


    dare i say it but its starting to sound as if quality control post DB era has somewhat slipped? mines a 2013 V6, not a single QT issue.
  12. there's still a bit of distance, allegedly the 991CS did a 37.9 which i find incredible ! i think the gt4 really should be beating that time.... but its a huge gap to recover. i assume the gt4 will go quicker tho and close it . i think the evora400 will be somewhere between the exige S and gt4, wider, longer, more slippery, more lateral grip and more hp will overcome the weight deficit of the exige imho. the 991 gt3 did a 25!!!! the mind boggles!!! anyway its all conjecture but thats why i love ring times )) passes the time
  13. LOT Bedford Today - Cant make it... somethings popped up at work and that comes first but this is paid for.... PM me if you want to go in my place.... Its free
  14. diego

    Lotus Evora 400

    JP what goes for the goose and all that, lotus should just cheat like everyone else. ... but i certainly think the 400 will be comfortably lotus' quickest production car at the ring. its going to be far more stable than Gebhardts exige, should be pulling a higher top end on the latter parts too. if it is its a good thing to publish / celebrate. For ref...
  15. diego

    Evora 400 Mule?

    what did you think of the styling? who organised your visit? thanks
  16. diego

    Lotus Evora 400

    not to be a party pooper but i dont think it will ever hold that record apart from round Hethel ! it was a silly thing to say... but wild statements seem to be the way they want to do things at the moment. according to lotus its as quick as a v6s ... theres plenty of quicker stuff out there sub £100k already, the gheyman gts matches the exige v6 on the ring, the gt4 will shave a load off that again.
  17. diego

    Lotus Evora 400

    why not? i love the idea of manufacturers having to compete on the same stretch of road/track.... you have to be in it to win it. if you feel your product is good enough you will stick up a time ... or alternatively chicken out... look at the Aventador SV's time, what a magnificent result for petrol heads who couldn't give a toss about electric hybrids, silent motors, turbos and batteries... alternatively ferrari felt their LaF product probably wasnt in the running lol lets see how JMG's fastest thing on track sub £100k does against the benchmarks....
  18. shades on at night? style and panache ! was he one on my 'eyetye' cousins lol
  19. the zenos has a very nice seat position and ergonomics, i agree, i had a good go in it too ... i feel they designed the tub round a driver bigger than 5.8 and a 5.8 passenger.... what was the benchmark height for the s1 tub because that's what we are dealing with here ? anyone know? there must be a technical drawing somewhere thing is, lotus are moving bigger ticket, the next exige400 with be £10k plus over the last one.... we are more or less dealing with a 20 year old central tub originally designed on a shoe string for a smaller, skinny guy. and what a testament that it has lasted so long... but that's the reality.... and times are a changing new entrants, cheaper alternatives etc... i have a v6 exige and a 4c. the 4c's doors are heavy and thunk shut like my old porcs did (talking 964 weight). the v6s don't. now the 4c is a lightweight in comparison. which one costs more? what is market perception? not to us but to those unfamiliar with the brand. i feel they wont accept the same compromises we do once you start talking about these new price points. there really is lots of work for lotus to do. at the new price point the difference between squeezing in next to your passenger / rubbing shoulders / not being able to heal and toe effectively because of the limited tubs steering wheel and pedal relationship, putting up with ergonomics, switches that don't illuminate properly, all of a sudden become 'very real' issues as the journalists that sell your cars wont like another rehashed 20 year old cabin (yet again even if it has a new limited edition paint job).... and we are now approaching £65-75k.... those issues are ok for a boggo elise at sub £40k, sure suffer for your art, but once you are charging more than cayman gts/r gt4 money things get blurred..... Just saying we are all rose tinted lotus fanboys but lotus cannot seriously move forward with the existing chassis on big ticket for much longer. they can sell it in nominal numbers that wont move the co forward but sustain it ..... but if they want to break the mold as they did with the S1 they need a new product that can sell in much bigger numbers on much bigger ticket and have the space to be developed effectively with the latest tech...and (as importantly) charged for with all those costly accessories too im looking forward to it!
  20. actually i think the single limiting factor of the elise/exige platform is its interior size not its performance. adjustupble pedals / steering is just kicking the can down the road. i would like to see a shortened evora platform used for the next exige. far more important than lower sills imho. this giving taller chaps a bit more space. i think we have all become trained/accustomed to the elise ergonomics which are 'ok' but far from the best if you are over 5.8. i assume those ergonomics are limited by the cabin dimensions. i remember when i last discussed this with them at hethel they said doing this would make the car too heavy .... but i think that's being terribly lazy, those that have driven a 4C will know what i'm talking about.... far more, better natural ergonomics and space far less weight (talking about the central tub here) so it can be done and its not like they don't have a hp punchy power plant now to compensate. once you have a proper sized cabin you can set mclaren level of ergonomics which imho are the best in the business. you then have a product that can be developed for the next 15 years or so as you have space for a larger fuel tank or incorporation of a hybrid / DRS system whatever the latest tech (that will require space for batteries!) etc. there's simply no space left in the current exige chassis to address the market alienation issue (access/size).... its dimensions reflect its age. which is fine if you are happy with your lot but if you want to move the game on and keep the exige as the 'modern' hardcore track orientated road racer that can be used for touring, you have to do something about it. an exige that retains its spartan character but with modern ergonomics and tech and more space would open up completely new markets and drastically effect sales numbers imho. i suspect this will eventually happen and when it does they wont be proposing a 2 seater evora cup ! so no time soon unfortunately?
  21. diego

    Lotus Evora 400

    sounds very very good... much better !
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