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  1. You lads driving down from scotland to geneva? Did i read that right ???
  3. I think u can have it adjusted at service. Mine does the same ....
  4. yes i would and will IF it lives up to expectations. styling for me is as important as outright performance. IF they get the styling right at £75/85k there will be no market alternative, or try and suggest one .... getting the styling right is bloody hard though... and its not clean sheet so...... ...........fingers crossed....
  5. welcome to the forum AK who bought swiss beats one? i think that's worth the premium just knowing his wife alicia keys had her rear end in passenger seat ! wasnt that in chrome red ?
  6. wow looks good in LY ! i wonder how hard/long it would be to get a wing replaced etc? its all carbon isnt it?
  7. now THIS is a proper registry !
  8. jesus wept, loving the blue !!!!!!
  9. Tbd steady on old chap. Its just an opinion. For what its worth i was possibly one of the first chaps with a deposit or rather monetary LoI for the revised evora in the uk. I recognise just how good the current evora is hence my interest if it gets those updates.
  10. That reason is already in existence ... not sure its a strong enough reason in isolation for a business case gping forward.
  11. careful old chap, i was nearly lynched on the s e l o c for suggesting such heresy ... some of those chaps cant see beyond their noses! in reality the 4c really is quite a quantum leap forward in terms of size, weight and build quality. its setup like a pig but if you can get past that and look at the actual fundamentals its deeply impressive and has huge potential. i agree, its been marketed very well and is sold out as a result. my old man has one - i cant stand driving it - but i can appreciate the massive potential of the thing and the way it has been delivered. there are lessons for lotus there. if lotus would produce something like that and did it their way (ie setup well) it would be new coming of the s1 elise all over again without the limitations/market alienation. its imperative they work hard on the evoras styling and power. the car has to look far better to everybody (not just lotus anoraks) and have more power than its price rival if it is to succeed. otherwise why would new market choose one over a porsche?
  12. see you in spring dude actually we should just do a TLF jaunt down to yours via a few tracks lol
  13. You live in italy ? Where ? Im in milan every two months ... you sound like a chap id like to have Aperitivo with to talk cars lol
  14. Awesome write up .... fantastic purchase !!!!!!!!!!
  15. i used to drive a 458 and maser gts a fair few miles on the autostrada and autobhan.... having the extra 100-200-300bhp was fun in its own way but completely useless in the real world. so i agree..... but its what drives sales that counts. you simply cant offer a £75k+ sports car in this day and age with the same output as a £40k hot hatch. useful hp or not the technology gap / arbitrage through lighter and more complex materials etc just inst there these days, everyone is using the same tech. so it just wont translate into meaningful sales outside the die hard enthusiasts. and selling to them is clearly not the new business plan... just my 2p... porsche could prob get away with it because they are the market leader. wait a min? dont you have a komo hp upgrade on your evora? perhaps im wrong but wasn't it you that posted a film being nearly out dragged by an audi estate 3.0 ? apologies if it was another chap on here!
  16. i completely disagree - and if you want to sell into new markets to new customers unfamiliar with the product a 2+2 70k sports car cannot have the same hp as a hot hatch (which may even be lighter or the same weight!), its got failure written all over it - pub talk counts as do the magazine road tests and reviews and awards which are as much about headline figures as feel. the Frenchman is correct, it is all about being the fastest car in your segment at your price. having it in the corners methodology almost killed off lotus and stopped me buying one for the best part of a decade. you either keep up or you die off. i think they have finally learnt this lesson. the problem is the hot hatches get the latest gen blown engines, lotus have to find a safe way to up hp and maintain respectable co2.... all possible i suppose.
  17. i 100pc agree.... i couldn't give a toss about them doing it, who knows if they build an SUV and its good i may get one too!
  18. 1) where they going to stick the charge cooler? the old s2 exige location was just plain silly! 2) im hearing Cup version wont be out for quite a while after release - bad move as the world isn't standing still but its the one im still interested in.
  19. good logic and would love it... tells you engine cc and co2 if you put in the reg plate no. look at the 3 exiges tested at the ring.... i think the 2GR-FSE is is the current Exiges GR-FE the black exige has 3456cc and £230pa tax the yellow exige has 3456cc but has £485 tax the grey exige has 3486cc but also £230pa tax god knows what toyota engine is 3486cc if it isn't a mistake.
  20. anyone going? never been on brands hatch before. should be fun
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