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  1. interesting post thanks.....confirms a lot of what i have been told. however, is switching to GR-FSE direct injection just your opinion? i would have thought they would have just gone down the cheapo route with a smaller pulley on the SC? i could never really understand why lotus didn't do DI option from the off. gt4 will be a problem here and lotus should be trying to get 100pc attn of the press before that darling of the press turns up. 991gts is an old story and to be honest i don't expect the evora to be quicker but certainly better dynamically (that's just my opinion). no Cup car for a good while after S2 release , that's the theory
  2. Christ VW cant be trusted with lotus. I like most of what they did with lambo apart from removing the lambo soul. I was knocking about in a lp560 spyder a couple of days ago. Apart from the engine destroyed by the g box the rest felt really bad and boring. Vag like dull.... Not at all fun to drive. Nothing on a 458. mind you.... im used to an exige v6.
  3. Cayman gt4 ? If its not firmed up by geneva it wont be soon after. Makes sense to me to offer the cup asap if theres no hp advantage. Also 4c cloverleaf with all 'issues' sorted rumour, already seen testing with cosmeric changes. trick is to get press to sell the car. Between now and geneva theres a vacuum. Not sure how long that will last after geneva? timing is quite a lot ....
  4. ..... should add .... theres some quick stuff in this sort of price range from other marques expected at geneva. Last thing lotus need is to update a car thats been about for a while inline to todays comp only for the benchmark to be moved on again at geneva by others
  5. 15pc must be 150kgs ish.... thats a lot ! What about the cup version ? When can we expect lotus sport to get involved ? The clever thing they did was to release the exige v6s and cup at about the same time
  6. Sparco dtms arnt too shabby ?
  7. Not really in line with the current trend of hyping a new release?
  8. Not as im aware.... theres a cup in the pipeline which could be really interesting
  9. had a chat with them, my understanding is that its as per standard closed, fokin loud open. just how it should be lol! my interest is really in induction as that can completely change the sound of the car from the cabin.... radium cars always sounded great. proper v6 howl . god if only lotus would get their act together!!!!!
  10. yes but the manual cupR has the same hp uplift on a standard ecu ? the plot thickens....
  11. Hi all.... I'm interested in this car like everyone else.... When will we see leaked shots pre Geneva ? I expect soon ? Lotus should be leaking something to build this thing up pre launch ... get some interest going from those non lotus customers via the rags .... Not sure they have the clout to launch something new on the day and get 100pc attention from new customers. Thoughts?
  12. looks like just another soap bar euro box. a pox on their house!
  13. im with Jonny on this, im waiting for a Lotus solution and i wouldn't want a 3rd party touching the ecu. The switchable komo system sounds bloody awesome tho. thats just a bolt on swap. have you heard a cup r? sounds completely different once its going. Considering the engine is the same Lotus should just put a price on that and offer it out.
  14. Agree ... last time i went was especially to see the europa ... time flies
  15. oooppps wrong impression, my bad, im all for the GTE's being sold off. makes total sense but that was a GTE and by virtue of its name had a certain styling philosophy. frankly the only thing that stopped me from getting one was the styling...but that didn't stop them being sold on. some people love the look and that's great. the issue widely discussed w the evora really has been its styling from day 1. it was never really strong enough to make people in other marques thinking 'sod this, i need to have that car not the boring looking one im in' ... if they want to crack sales volumes beyond us lot who are conditioned to the lotus look they really need to sit down and think carefully about the styling edge that thus far they haven't exploited fully (well they did with the v6 exige but they sacked the guy that did it). porsche cant do something seriously drop dead stunning, its not their mandate. lotus, just as ferrari and lambo can. styling sells, look at the 4c. the 4c we have has a much better build quality than my exige but the killer was its styling package which is why its sold in good numbers globally. its not cheap and its an alfa at the end of the day., the doors thunk shut, everything is v solid for a plastic car. i love the styling ( but i wouldnt have bought one - its the old mans) but i prefer the way my v6 looks. but i get it, i know why the 4c has been a run away success on sales volume. now, its dynamics are solid but it lacks what the lotus has in its dna. the stuff you and me pay up for! lotus dont need porsche levels of build q, thats sheer madness! but they need something that looks like a piece of art that goes like a lotus. the v6 exige is the closest they have got to that for a long, long time. the restyled or face-lifted car should really be a bit more polished imo, not just a gte chin grafted onto it .... they need to move the game on in a big way and try a little harder and im confident thats what they are doing.. if they get it right at geneva im going for one, the car is a damn fine bit of kit, it just needs the clams to back up what its really capable of or even go beyond it! now wouldn't that be something..... all just my 2p and no offence intended.
  16. that looks like a dogs dinner... sorry i blove lotus but that is bloody awful ! and i hope to GOD they actually come up with a resolved styling package as opposed to just an airfix looking 90s bodykit... just my 2p.
  17. Most excellent news and a deposit has been placed subject to styling. What i would love is that DI engine in the exige with a revamped interior too. Lol not asking for too much i hope
  18. Top o chris well done ... an excellent choice indeed !!!!
  19. is that big honcho dealer meeting over now? or is that next week ?
  20. so how quick was that komtec car with 430bhp JP? hardly surprising .. my italian cousins always mistake 8 inches for 4 inches.. .. che cazzo !
  21. put me on the list for the next trip to spa and nbr. im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous! argh. Octoberfest via Spa? lol
  22. i fear they may need a little more on a restyle than a new headlight cluster and pop up rear wing !?! assuming the construction is front and rear clams what would be the restriction on completely restyling the clams, keeping the doors and roof? ie a complete restyle in the guise of the exige s3 ?
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