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  1. cool spot ! so big styling update or just new headlamps ?
  2. 4c and v6 exige... ok so i picked up a 4c from newcastle and drove it back to ldn yesterday 5 or 6 hrs in the car a1, m1, country lanes etc....btw i own a v6 exige. a few things i noticed. its quick, v v quick. all that torque and a fast dsg mean that its probably as quick as the v6 on the road or motorway...until 130mph. v easy to drive fast, v v stable. i did hit over that but it was on a private road! i havent driven an elise as quick as this car and by some margin. driven the latest quick ones btw. it was doing 46mpg at 80mph at one point !?! the cabin is a pure delight for guys like me over 6.1ft. loads more space. the ergonomics are bang on perfect, brilliant. makes the current exige / elise show its age frankly. the plastics they use are low grade but fine. they are as bad in my exige. the carbon is awesome to look at as is the pedal box. high detail stuff. there is practically no real rear viz at all... comical. the steering wheel is a bit of a benders steering wheel but it does the job. yes, i hate it. brakes, dsg all work really well on road cars well balanced and setup on the road, feels as soft as my exige. better over speed bumps i guess has a higher clearance. the thing is f666king loud in car because of the sports exhaust which is a nonsense frankly. its stupid, its not a howling v8 FFS! should be switchable and it sounds like an old fashioned 4 pot, no real lag at all... v nice. with the exhaust down ran it in N at 70 80 and 90 mph road noise is quieter than my exige which was interesting as there appears to be fa insulation or carpets anywhere!. things i didnt like - steering is weird but only because im coming from my exige. steering loads up but its not consistent as it is in the exige. feel is numbed. comparable to the latest gen cayman I would say – have had quite a few hours in one of those too. im blessed w the exige frankly as you are in your eliges! No place to stick a front number plate. Boot is a fair bt bigger than exige. No armrest, nowhere to store anything bar a pack of chewing gum. Seats are v comfortable, better than probax but zero lumbar support so on track I think I will bhe swimming about. the styling package is first class. really is impressive in situ on the road and looking at it for a couple of hours. no odd angles or awkward lines. has more presence than the exige, the exige has far more aggressive styling. Subjective… headlights are the headlights. i like them as they are different and not VAG like the revised ones will be...subjective again. it feels lighter than the exige but bigger (v odd!) …. No idea what its like on track but will find out in the next month or so…. It’s a v interesting car and shows the future. Its lightning quick for a 1.7 and feels light on its feet. With a lotus setup this car would win everything hands down…..lotus nned a fast dsg or derivative and a larger chassis like this. The car can be driven by a granddad as indeed this one was tdy. I assume its bad on track compared to an elige as per the press reports but tbh what I have read so far doesn’t correspond to how this one feels at all! It’s the latest incarnation so who knows mybe alfa have changed things toe camber etc. The only negatives are the noise and the dead steering but all cars outside of hethel suffer the same so its inline . Will bring along to a LoT day if anyone is interested in a closer look…. They can easily get a bigger engine in that bay  as im sure they will. Where the exige feels more than the sum of its parts the 4c feels 100pc worth more than its tkt price. It’s a premium product. The doors and boot thunk shut like my old 911s. no bad for plastic! Its criminal that it has a 1.7l turbo in it… its screaming for a v6 (im not a fan of small capacity blown cars btw)…
  3. well jokes aside about purity and all that stuff but a well sorted dsg will make that think 5-10 seconds quicker round the ring... headline figures in this day and age sell cars .... that v6 has to remain at the top of the stack at the sub £100k category imho. and lets not forget that lotus have done a great job with the manual considering all the limitations but a lightning quick dsg would add another dimension, open up new markets etc, not to the extent of lowered sills but still! good move if they get it right.... if u can accept the direction of travel the dsg in an italia is a marvel.
  4. morning chaps another TLF scoop ! JP is correct. my view is grey car has an auto of some sort. no doubt on up and down shifts. if they get that right and do a good job the car will shave a second off its 0-100 mph time imo.... the engines sound similar but have less SC whoosh.... i mean when a V6 shoots past on track you when you are up against a pit wall you hear a very strong whoosh from the SC layered over the v6 howl (something you don't hear in the cockpit). these cars have a little more v6 than whoosh. only other thing i can tell.... clutching at straws...
  5. got to say as scoops go this is the forum to be on... bravo. just had a fair bit of this confirmed directly. looks better w/o the wing imho will be a great collectors car !!!!!!! just struggling with styling but thats just me.... they will go like hot cakes
  6. silly rear wings kill almost kill it for me JP that red one was Swiss Beats' right ?
  7. many thanks .. appreciated. what's the rumour for geneva? restyled evora? new elise ?
  8. i might go for one of these... just one question before its all too late... is it going to look identical to the evora gte or will it be restyled at all?
  9. so when can we expect formal news of this car? thanks
  10. morning all seems odd, more grip same power ? lesson from porsche - apparently sticking a tent on a roof of a boxter and adding 15bhp makes it a completely different car. utter bollox imo. if i were lotus i would make a notional hp increase to satisfy the market and hacks ! thats more important than actually making it quicker... saying that if its heavily restyled (which it sounds like it wont be) i would be interested.... TBD the gte's styling was already 'bling' with the unnecessary silly rear spoiler and cut outs.... not trying to sound funny but the last 200mph car i had didn't have a rear spoiler at at all and that had 560bhp ffs! ... and thats the way it should be imho. personally the spoilers day was done some time ago...
  11. LOL ! by jove 500bhp from that swindon engine !!!!!! what kind of gbox do you need for that ? how bloody awesome would that be in the exige ? bet it costs a fair bit !!!!! tbh i have done the k20a thing in my old exige s1 and modded the crap out of my s1 elises too... rather stick to plain vanilla lotus and see what they come up with next in terms of mods ....swindon engine looks v impressive though..
  12. ah so a restyled evora then ? sounds good.. .. will tell Jamie at B&C to put me down for one when it turns up perfect modern garage with a v6 exige hope it looks nice!
  13. f**kme if it gets a restyle i will have one ! how different is the engine in that thing ? not sure how old this is...
  14. i asked QS directly about this. they are produced in batch so to get a one off w a different pipe would be v expensive. wasnt convinced is was an upgrade over the original OEM product so kept my wallet in my pocket... others might like it though
  15. i thought they were already for sale? i mean cant you call lotus and order one if so inclined??
  16. awesome write up, awesome car,awesome colour ...... well done JP thanks !
  17. which green is that? isotope ?
  18. diego


    friday for me.... anyone know what time the red arrows do their thing? thx
  19. Beaune ??? hope you are long a load of Premier Cru old boy ! cant bring much back in the Cup. better fill your boots whilst there ))
  20. so that's settled then ... we all agree 400bhp is the way forward cheque books at the ready chaps.....
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