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  1. yes jonny BUT thats a business decision that works.... everyone loves full fat but they do eventually give you the choice with a quicker more expensive car that isnt just a paint job. the option convinces the press that the brand is the best in class and maintains its superiority. for the record i have nothing against lotus doing this (LF1). im just worried that they are starting the same trend again that they took with the s2 exige with endless limited edn paintjobs as opposed to looking at the big picture and dropping the ball. the main reason why the exige v6 was a success was its outright pace and delivery. the handling dynamics were a given. erode that with peer power upgrades/handling kits and you quickly start moving backwards. i honestly think the exige v6 was a stop gap car that they didnt expect to get the reviews it did. does lotus want to do significant development work on an out of date power-train, doubt it. but don't tell me they don't already have a safe map for an air filter, manifold and back box... its playing too safe imo which eventually carries a cost. the jps esprit (with all the wins written in gold on the back of it) my neighbour had when i was a kid started my love affair with the brand (was steve normans of spandau ballet)... those were v different days....
  2. agree ... nothing wrong with a marketing exercise... but as jonny points out the name promises quite a lot. i didn't like the sports racer title on what was a heavily specced car only either. you will notice that the krauts do this marketing job properly, a notional hp rise is enough to change the fundamentals to make a limited run car more desirable (and quicker). brings in completely new business and gets those with existing cars to upgrade. does the LF1? i always laughed at the boxter spyder with a bloody tent as roof as a usp oh and nice suspension, quick geo and that all important notional hp rise. it was hailed as the best thing since sliced bread. wouldn't touch one with yours frankly so each to their own but you cant argue it wasn't a genuine and more desirable upgrade that was quicker / more fulfilling (if you are into a real sports car) than standard item. the press went nuts .... great publicity, comparisons to a mini gt3 etc thus pushing the cayman product into a new performance realm. performance superiority. not sounding funny here but the V6 exige is the absolute t1ts already but it can be made even better, no doubt. its a parts bin special that as it happens is imho probably the best car they have ever made ..... there is the opportunity here to mayweather porsche again.... is the LF1 going to make me trade in my exige v6 for one? no..... would all existing purchasers of the LF1 have considered a specced V6S or CUP. probably .....and therefore bar a small marketing exercise (who says DB is dead!) is it really achieving anything at all? i suspect lotus are petrified of warranty claims on a 400bhp V6S or CUP with a shorter pulley and loads of heat soak. fair enough .... but a revised induction system, manifolds, rear box and map would add only 20bhp or so -akin to the cayman GTS / R..... that would be enough to change the fundamentals to make something potentially new and prevent claims. I cant see that creating a gt3 mobile bonfire btw - nice precis jonny. nail on the head....
  3. sorry totally disagree here... its faffing about passing paper to yourself. yes 'allegedly' its sold another 81 cars or rather stole a good % of sales from their own product ie the exige v6. hardly something to bang on about. lotus finally made hay with a great product the v6 exige that dominates its sector. they need to develop that... not sit on it. go faster stripes do not maintain brand superiority.... more of this while the nearest rivals get power upgrades and facelifts etc diminish the v6s position. simples.... its schoolboy economics imo.... a more powerful v6 and evora would bring in completely new sales as well as build on existing sales. it would keep the v6 on the pinnacle and add to brand superiority. do it with a limited warranty if you have to but they need to do it or fall behind .... again. different proposition entirely.
  4. christ not another paint job and a plaque.... have they learnt nothing with the short-ism approach ? put +15hp, a sports manifold and adjustable suspension just so it tops the cayman gts and by a nice margin and sales roll in.... because it maintains brand superiority ..... ! this is a mugs car imho.... and achieves nothing at all.... plenty of mugs out there but not enough to significantly help the p&l ... and that's why its utterly pointless .....
  5. means i can get drunk more often... im all for it !
  6. so basically a smaller cat and a larini manifold makes that much noise ???? how loud is it when switched to off position? thanks
  7. that red one sounds good... plus i like the ovaloid tip so could be an option...
  8. FYI theres a new and improved version hanging on the wall at B&C .. i will let Jamie post pictures but it looks v well fabricated and is switchable. could be a nice solution. actually looks the tits actually but need to have a go in a car with one before i commit.
  9. looks awesome. would love to see a v6 exige in that
  10. bibs, i am having serious thoughts about a full drag ford popular with a cut and lowered roof sc chevy and a roll cage for noncing about in london this summer.... bumped into an old (must have been 75) cockney out with one that had broken down in islington he was driving it about in an old moth eaten woolly jumper, legend! just fell in love w the thing. very interesting cur nut with an interesting history as it would happen coolest car i have seen for a long time. maybe someone on here knows him?
  11. lol...had a v12v chasing me about (not for long mind lol)... wont go into details but by the look on his face i should imagine its up for sale this week.... i think that chap now knows the v6 isnt the cheeky whipper snapper upstart that he thought it was. wont go into the 2 911 owners out with their girlfriends whose weekends i ruined juvenile stuff but all done in 'the best possible taste'... seriously though, what do you replace this car with????? £for£ there's nothing like it.
  12. Took mine out for a long blast this w.e A weeks withdrawal symptoms blasted away.... what a love affair ! must be the best £for£ fast sports car lotus have ever built. that is all.....
  13. so how much hp will the charge cooled conversion make???? how many conversions have been done, how reliable have they been, i assume if you break a gear box a week later its your problem without a komotec warranty ?
  14. i think the dark green is empire green ..... not that into it but then again i wasn't into Nautilus Blue until i saw it on an s1 exige ... holy shit it looked good! photos never do justice.
  15. thomas great work do you have any comparative times say 0-100mph after the kit has been fitted? or 50mph to 130mph? so we have some kind of benchmark as opposed to a rolling road figure? many thanks
  16. Hi guys. I had my V6 on order in a Ferrari colour Grigo Medio but ended up ordering my car in Pewter (a ford colour i believe) Grey after discovering, by total fluke, that they had done another customers car in this colour to save the additional 4 to 6 months of colour testing required by Lotus on a new shade. This saved me a lot of bother as the colours are v similar. I think it would be quite useful to start a thread/record of unusual or other manufactures colours that Lotus have actually used that `are not on the official palette. This may help us when ordering new cars in future? I will start proceedings with a Porsche gt3 viper green Evora. lets see what we can come up with
  17. thanks guys .... will be tight to be there before 12, probably 12 30 ish... will do my best .. really looking forward to it...
  18. guys i didn't realise we all had to meetup first and get there together ... i'm taking my son rugby until 10.30am and was going to just pop up after that and say hello in the v6 with him. is that ok? if not let someone take my spot and i will turn up as and when ?
  19. 6500 miles in mine living in speed hump hell, london. no problems, just take it easy over them
  20. how f**king cool will this be with all those esprits !!!
  21. Hi dude, pls add me Diego Exige V6 or '64 Fiat 500 Thanks
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