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  1. the standard setup on the v6s is way too soft on track imho . the cup setup is miles ahead.... 

    as a road track compromise its v good, but the emphasis is absolutely in favor of road. 


    dont get me wrong, a well driven v6s on track will be a match for anything bar silly stuff which just goes to show how good the car is!  .... so its hardly a problem.... but theres roll and pitch beyond what im comfortable with.... on road its marvelous however. 

  2. excellent, just ordered a set myself...thanks chaps....

    i managed 7.5k on my last set of rears with quite a few TD's.

    i have my DPM to OFF i suspect this is where the difference is if you have yours on race or sport on track - just a shot in the dark? ..... i suspect same same will apply to rear pads and disks ?






  3. Hi steph.... i think the v6s was the softest version of the exige we will see. 

    Now.... for me its the best all round car (even car)  the company has made. 

    Nothing feels like one and you cant get them out of your system once in. Try going back to a porsche after this! Sure more confort but its that exige magic....

    Thats not to say it cant be improved after i suppose what is now nearly 3 years...







  4. excellent piece JP ....:pizza:

    but herein lies the problem for me. theres not enough differentiation in the 350Sport for  existing V6s and Cup owners to upgrade en-mass....

    the thing is, the existing car is so good anyway - ECOTY joint winner w a pagani - your stating point is already 5 stars ...

    is shaving a few kgs really moving the game forward ... your Cup did the weight thing nearly 3 years ago and for the saving offered by the 350 i would still take a nearly new Cup or a heavily discounted CR.......  

    just a friendly debate thats all :) 




  5. lotus at the end of the day is a business....and i assume we are allowed to try and be objective on here?

    i think on the sales front of the current exige v6 they have reached critical mass in numbers. ltd edn paint jobs arnt going to cut it. you just devalue the product long term for short term gain. 

    new sales are incentivised 50/50 deal and the secondary market is stagnant. that normally means you need an updated version that the existing market wants to switch into or new buyers want to take up on. that 360cup is £72k!!!! that a lot of money .... Its a lot for an elise based exige imo that isnt really a significant update over and above the S i bought at a lot less 3 years ago. 

    i could be insane but i cant see the mechanical hold up on an exige 400, i bet they have a working version already..  ...i think the only hold up will be how much they want to change it over and above the drive train alone, so styling, a bigger fuel tank - legal issues, lower sills (which i cant see them being able to do with that elise central tub as i know how unridgid my v6 chassis is with raised sills) which they absolutely have to do to open the  car to a bigger mkt  and increase mkt share. 

    so yeah on one hand i think its simple. on the other ? 

    im holding fast as imo the 360 or the sport isnt a viable upgrade. and herein lies the problem. is lotus award winning and best car going to be developed quickly enough to keep the interest going? the precis of EVO and the 400 Evora was great car but the rest of the market had moved on in the meantime.

    a sorted exige 400 would imho deal with that gt4. think of the good press, credibility  and associated sales - and  not just for the exige. 

    im not talking rocket science! 

  6. so whatever comes after this will be lighter and faster?....each to his own but its what i'm waiting for.

    i really hope this is the last refresh before they stick an LSD and Evora400 drive train in and would have one tmrw. for me anyway the exige product lineup now is totally confusing. i think the basic car (so this 350 sport?) has lighter wheels than a cup? and how does the CR fit in ? is the basic car quicker than the CR and 360cup round hethel?

    wtf is going on? lol... someone pass me a coffee i'm totally confused!







  7. thats because you are holding your phone and driving lol!

    you wont lose anything down that linkage unless you are holding it and changing gear, its sealed at the bottom... i think its great from hethel that they expose this stuff ....  good on them.

    lets not health and safety kill off choice....   

  8. ok ... but imo that's not a differentiation. things are getting a little blurred.....

    this has had most insulation removed, has an aggressive camber and harder setup..... this and radio can be overcome w headphones as JP does in his CUP.


    how much is this?

    how much is a cup360?





  9. love the exposed gear selector ! start stop, brighter light buttons, that new green......

    not so much the seats or wheels. looks like a modded S2 as opposed to something new/progressive.....

    but im stumped here... 

    why buy this over a cup360?






  10. just been into hexagon highgate / fortis green..


    both their black and titanium look really, really good! massively improved....


    the exige CR in new exige orange next to 400s looks better though (sorry!)  ;)))))


    cant wait for the updated exige but seriously the new evora has moved their game on significantly.... top, top job ! 

  11. ok for what its worth.... i think vaping is the greatest thing since sliced bread. and it should be fully regulated. its potential is bloomin huuuuuge. 


    smoked for 15 years, vaped for a year which helped me to give it all up....


    i will only add that i chose to get pharma grade liquid (as opposed to some guy mixing stuff in his shed in brighton of which there is a lot of).... i ordered direct - i touch more expensive but in theory you know what you are getting. 


    i basically chose a liquid manufacturer that was owned by a big player so Vype thats owned by BAT.


    i would also say try as many systems as you can. it took me my 3rd attempt to get something that suited me, this case Evod with kanger atomiser - because it would fit in my heans pocket without ripping the head off and spliing liquid everywhere! 


    Finally stay away from the batteries that have power contol, you will just have it at full pelt 100pc of the time lol...  


    good luck, good idea as anything is better than smoking :)

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  12. hes just an exige man through and through....i suffer from the same affliction...... let him pass :)  :thumbsup:


    i think what hes saying is the evora400 is a good car but the exige400 has more chance of changing the game and putting clear daylight between any VW offering and Lotus. 


    im inclined to agree.... you could line the evora400 up against a gt4 or 911 and it will 'do well' against all of them in 'all' aspects.


    the exige400 will ahem, simply put...... blow them away in performance and styling (which are the only categories us exige simpleton owners are interested in, frankly!) 



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