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  1. There's an orange S1 at the Dony show this weekend
  2. Was it this one?
  3. Thanks. Whoops didn't see the big insurance thread pinned at the top
  4. Just got a quote from Heritage (already insure the Exige through them) for an S2 and they came in at
  5. Hi Matt, Should I contact Mark by U2U as we're test driving on Friday?
  6. SteveJ

    Fit like!

    Did you hire a Veyron recently per chance?
  7. Red S2 1978 Esprit currently on plate HMA 8T Previous owner apparently sold to buy a Jim Clark race car. Anyone on here?
  8. Have owned an S2 Elise and still have an S1 Exige. Is that enough experience with mid engined RWD cars, especially Lotus ones? I did ask about geo settings and wider front tyres but was told that's how they come out the factory. Dealer seemed to think that's how it was supposed to behave. Shame it wasn't more neutral with a tiny bit of understeer when really pushed, for road driver safety.
  9. I do hope you're right that it was a bad car, but as it was a demonstrator it won't be selling the Europa in the best light if it was. The question about girly cars is very subjective. A lot of people think the Elise is a girly car, I even had some girl student in Cardiff scream "how f***ing gay is that car" whilst I drove past in the Exige. So considering it's aimed at people who actually like the Z4, TT and Boxter, perhaps some of the attributes they like in those cars (e.g. quality interior, power delivery, engine sound) need to be brought in to the Europa if Lotus expect to steal customers. S2000 is a great car, I love the gear change don't like the digital dash. Well here's to the new 2+2 and I hope it blows the existing coupe market into the weeds.
  10. So after it was pointed out that I couldn't comment on this car unless I had driven it, I decided to book a test drive. I was hoping that despite the boring exterior design it would actually drive better than all the people I know who've tested one said it did. Well, it didn't I had to keep reminding myself that it cost
  11. I see, you're an ex-internet geek who's gone through rehab then
  12. I do hope it isn't the new Esprit, as it does look a little boring. I am hoping for some piece of automotive design that will rock the established main manufacturers in their shoes. Although there are some very nice new supercars out there, none of them really have pushed the boat out on looks. It's a shame as the talent for fururistic design is definitely there. Now if Lotus produce something that looks like a current Lambo/Ferrari then I think they would have missed a trick. Make it look like something from a Sci Fi movie (one with a decent FX budget) and they will have something that will keep the factory at full prouction until the other manufacturers catch up. Come on Lotus design something for 2050 not 2000
  13. SteveJ

    S2 - Wow!

    Thanks for that link. Really useful pictures of how the S2 should look. Will be useful to spot non-original features on cars we're looking at.
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