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  1. dear

    as i worte in a forum, im making a resotartion on a s2 jps , number 20, can you helpme with photos? i need wiring electric photos? i dont know where they go.


    also any help you supose .... will be great




  2. Since I bought my Esprit S2 I've been trying to find some decent side mirrors with no success. I'm very interested in having ones made...problem is mine are both broken so they are not good to scan... Once you have the geometry Mark, I can print it here :-) Anyone has some to let Mark scan them?
  3. Hi All, I've been checking my paypal account, and I actually paid to a company called "Autoboddy Supply Corp." not LotusEspritParts...does it make any difference regarding asking for the money back? Well, I guess I'm screwed anyway as my order was October 22th...2012!!! so nobody is going to care about me complaining now... But will be worth trying to find also this company and see if Mike is still hanging around screwing people!!!! I have enough reasons now to be pissed off!!!!!!
  4. Hahahaha... It was like that when I bought it, and kind of like it now!!!! Actually I was trying to fix that... the car is doing this every time he sees a camera :-)
  5. Hi Roo, My Esprit is ROW#27 Chassis number #79070275J So I guess I've got the las ever made JPS Esprit It's in a very good better life than the one on the picture :-( You can see a photoshoot of mine here Enjoying it a lot!!!! :-)
  6. Hi Brian, First of all I'm not in a hurry but 7 months is time enough to start worrying if you get no response at all to any emails after at least 4 months of silence (I didn't say anything 'till then) I did not make any pressure at all to Mike untill now. He could be making Lotus parts out of love of the marquee as you say, but he gets paid for that (full pay in advance before even thinking starting the job) and if he has so many jobs, either don't take them or make a real bussiness with that (taking more people to help, etc...). He could also ask for the payment once he can start the job...that could be as well a solution, so people don't get ungry waiting for too long for the parts. I also think he should stay on this bussiness (I've been looking for a pair of mirrors for my S2 since I bought the car and Mike is the only one who gave me a solution), but call it as it is and do it properly. As you say, he can be really good and will be a big loss to lose his services, but you can lose it yourself if you don't do it properly...that's all. Maybe is just a problem of see, I'm getting nervous because after 7 months I have no idea of what's up with my mirrors, and now it seems like they are done and on the way home... ...or maybe not?
  7. I've just seen on the web the job list, and my parts seem to be finished and shipped, but I haven't received anything yet! Also sent an email to Mike to know exactly when the parts were sent and no response...this guy must be very busy!!!!!!!
  8. Hi all!!! Any news about Mike? I did place an order last October 22nd 2012 for two side mirrors for my Esprit S2. He told me at the beggining it was going to take time, but this is taking too long. He told me a story about someone complaining regarding some parts a while ago, but I told him I just want my mirrors... He seems to be nice, but I fully paid more than 7 months ago, and now he's "missing" and don't answer my emails... Anyone can help?
  9. Thank you guys!!! Regarding the Paint codes, I found this I guess the black is not metallic so this one A02 Black ICI P420122 A089B6151V + Clear But there are few GOLDS and I don't know wich one is the right one for the wheels: A04 Gold ICI P4229638 A076B6071 A20 Gold Sikkens F158979 A25 New Gold ICI P422062BB A089B6110V A36 New Gold ICI P4217221 A089B6110V + Clear A43 Gold (Oyster) ICI P4215888
  10. By the way, anyone can help me also with the color codes from the Body Black and also from the GOLD of the wheels? thx!!!!!!
  11. Hi all!!! It's been a while since my last post here! I have to say I've been enjoying the car every day I drive it, wich actually is quite a lot! Now that mechanically works great, I want to repaint it, and I'm looking for a full set of the JPS decals all around the car, including the gold stripes with the "world champion" on the door panels... Also still looking for a good pair of door mirrors, so I will have the car in "perfect" condition... Anyone can help me out wi this? Also for you to enjoy... Last month I did a photoshooting for a german magazine (Abgefahren Magazin), they came to bcn and made a nice shots of the car wich will be seen on the January issue... Here you can see the "making off" ...enjoy ;-)
  12. Still no Side Mirrors for my Esprit S2 :-(
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