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  1. Martin, Sorry, but just not true! A local instructor uses a 206cc. You cannot use such a car for one of our regular 'standards check' (they do have seats in the rear but unacceptable for an examiner to use) but there is no requirement for a four seater driving school car. Smart cars are acceptable for an automatic test. Mark
  2. Peter. There was a lot of talk a few years ago re the smart For Two from a test point of view, but I am certain you can take a test in a Smart Car. The visability out isn't ideal maybe (which is the usual no-no) but its not too bad. I Use an older shape Smart For Four as my Auto Car and briefly considered a two seater at that time. Mark
  3. Hi, As a driving instructor it is exactly as John W says. My Volvo C30 tuition car only has a space saver spare and if I had a puncture on the way to a test and put the spare on I would not be permitted to take a test. The rational of course is that it does affect the handling and more importantly, the examiner must be able to use any test route. That will often include a Dual Carriageway, where available, with a speed limit of 70mph of course and most space savers are limited to 56 or whatever. In addition, we as driving instructors, have a few restrictions of cars we can use (not too many) and the following cars immediately spring to mind as not allowed:- Mini convertible :-Toyota IQ:- Beetle convertible. Mark
  4. Agree with the other comments re price negotiation. Don't ignore however the fact that when she is bored with the car(and that will happen with first car!!) you will have a more difficult time selling it for the same reason as you are finding. Apart from that buy the car!! Mark
  5. Surely the nurse was duped by a reporter pretending to be who she wasn't. The poor lady was so upset and honourable that she commited suicide. Heart goes out to her. If this is what it appears,then someone was trying to make money out of an unfortunate situation and got caught. Not the same as i see it. Mind you, as always, the facts i am working with have only come from the paper!!! Mark
  6. My son had his second 'proper' Cycle Race yesterday and did well finishing in the Peleton. The point of my post however was that it was on the full Lotus Test track. When did the surface on that become so good!! It is probably 5 years ago that I visited Lotus the last time and I am certain that it was nowhere near as impressive in finish and appearance as now. Money well spent indeed. Mark
  7. There was a great letter in the Sunday Times a few weeks back which was very accurate and funny. Something on the lines of " how brave of the BBC to combine two long running shows together last week. The combination of Top Gear and Last of the Summer Wine shows tremendous imagination and seems to work" Kind of understand the point being made, and I love both shows SOME of the time. Good weeks and average weeks I guess. Mark
  8. As a driving instructor I have always had a 'secondary' speedo fitted to my car. Don't have to but useful to me and examiners like it. For the last 10 years they have been of the GPS type and when I am driving I will often do a few comparisons. As everyone says there always seem to be just up to 2 miles per hour difference between the two - always the car speedo slightly over. As Bibs says, I can even tell when my tyres are more warn as the difference in rolling radius is almost tangible!! The only thing I would add to the argument is that as i understand it GPS does not distinguish between the flat and travelling up or downhill, and as you know the distance is slightly further if not flat. So you actually have to travel that little bit faster to arrive between two points at the same time if you see what i mean. Now my new GPS speedo seems to use more satellites according to its little tuning scale so maybe GPS can nowadays work in 3D rather than just 2D? Mark
  9. Well, to add my sixpence worth I am coming from a different angle to some. I am more in agreement with red vtec and the feeling that 'are they actually selling at anything like that'?. I sold my V8GT a couple of months ago because it had become 'too precious' and started to stop me enjoying the car. It was a 2 owner car with fsh and 27000 miles. I got back what I paid for it 6 years previously and reckon I did ok. It was not at the level of some of the cars advertised but well in excess of £20,000. Now I have always used the guide that if 1 person contacts you seriously to buy then you have got the price at the top of the band, if no one contacts you then you have overpriced and if numerous serious contacts then you have underpriced. The amount of people almost dictating how much under etc. I got 4 contacts, 2 wanting to pay £20,000 and the other 2 wanting to talk. I sold to one of those two and reckon we BOTH did ok from it. I think the V8 is destined for future greatness but I don't think that time is quite yet. The replacement Mazda RX8 (short term till I decide what comes next) is wonderfull. Yes, when the engine gives up the ghost I might not say tha,t but then the £1500 rebuild cost might not come too hard!! Mark
  10. Stu Good man! We sound as if we are a similar age. Grew up with bikes, bought a motorbike shop in 1997 and was lucky enough to run it for four years. Since selling the shop in 2001 have no desire to ride again-Funny how it works. But i absolutely respect the need for anyone to 'Tick it off' Never road a Harley in the UK, more Japanese specialist, but when I hired one in USA a few years ago I regret to say that I have not ridden a bike with such poor power delivery- not a lot of power either to be honest. Rough and jerkey.Mind you, I am talking about a 48 hour hire so perhaps not an ideal assessment. Looks beautiful, build quality great and the 'aura' surrounding it is wonderful. V-Max Oh Yes..... Horses for courses I suppose. Keep us updated. Mark
  11. Just thinking out loud and wondering if ownership by large corporations without a clear plan had a negative effect on Lotus fortunes over the years? Maybe, of course, it would not be here without them, I havn't googled McClaren, but dont seem to recall any great 'takeovers' over the years so one assumes they would have had more control of their aims and aspirations maybe. Lambo did alright mind you from a takeover! Do Fiat still own Ferrari? Oh sod it, Ive just talked myself out of my original thesis!!
  12. 'True the highway code is only advisory on this but it also does not say you should only overtake on the right.' Sorry Pete, but oh yes it does. It then qualifies it with ''In congested condition.........'' Rule 267 and 268.
  13. Simon No need to apologise!!! Great way to spend 7 mins. Mind you at 56 my Auto art model (in Yellow of course) is still my pride and joy. Sad or what! Mark
  14. I would just add the following for what it is worth. I met a guy with a 96 V8 at Brands Lotus festival last year and we got chatting about the roof and how he could not get his into the boot. I rather cleverly said that it is awkward but I would happily show him how I do it on my 99 GT. The thing was I couldn't do it on his, as the side cut aways on my boot were cut away more than they were on his.This was definately done at the factory by the way as mine is a 2 owner car and the previous owner had never taken the roof off. So check your boot opening size compared to another car. If useful to anyone I will of course take a photo of where I mean. Let me know. Mark
  15. Julian Please have another look. My 99 V8 does not have anything attached and requires a 12 mm allen key/socket to undo. If yours is different then I apologise,but make sure you are looking at the sump plug. Mark
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