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  1. ifly

    The Shuttle's Last Flight

    If you want to see some of the internals that were added to the 747 structure look here.
  2. ifly

    Happy Birthday Laura

    Happy Birthday Laura, its a great day to have a birthday!!! I'll eat some cake for you tonight.
  3. ifly


    Keep watching guys it gets really good! We finished a couple of months ago but can't wait for season 2!
  4. ifly

    So, I have Cancer.

    All the best Kimbers, figured something might have been up from your FaceBook posts! We'll be wishing you all the best during the treatment cycle and as others have said they work miracles with cancer treatment nowadays.
  5. ifly

    Happy Birthday Bibs!

    Really belated Happy Birthday Bib's. I think I missed it on FB as well because I've been working my arse off.
  6. Sorry Matt, live in Denver and was just in town over the weekend to see my daughter, perform at a speaking engagement on Tuesday and hoof it back to Denver on Wednesday. Maybe next time.
  7. I touched it and now I'm blind and wet! Great interior pics there!
  8. Well after looking at all the pictures on line I was not exactly jumping up and down for the new Esprit, but after having seen it up close yesterday in NYC I must say it will probably grow on me. Anyone else have a change of heart after seeing it in person?
  9. ifly

    Happy birthday Laura

    Happy Birthday Laura, you have an awesome birth date and an awesome birthday.
  10. ifly

    Happy Birthday ifly

    Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  11. I can't believe its been over a year Chris! I have read this thread a couple of times and been amazed by the shenanigans that have taken place. I truly hope you finally get the car sorted to your satisfaction this year and next time I'm out your way will hunt you down for a ride......
  12. I bought 2 on Monday but sold one on eBay for $150 more than I paid so it part paid for the one I kept.
  13. ifly

    Possible trip to England

    Travis, Its a short walk from Bib's house, up the M20 to the M25 then your at Heathrow. I am sure Bib's will keep you up all night so you don't miss that 7-30am flight!
  14. ifly

    Wanna see a Space Shuttle?

    I have an excuse Dave.... STMS Short Term Memory Syndrome coupled with OFS (Old Fart Syndrome), just waiting for the tablets to be announced any day and I'll be all fixed.
  15. ifly

    Wanna see a Space Shuttle?

    Don't complain if your flight is late and you get to see this out the window!!!