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  1. If you want to see some of the internals that were added to the 747 structure look here.
  2. Happy Birthday Laura, its a great day to have a birthday!!! I'll eat some cake for you tonight.
  3. ifly


    Keep watching guys it gets really good! We finished a couple of months ago but can't wait for season 2!
  4. All the best Kimbers, figured something might have been up from your FaceBook posts! We'll be wishing you all the best during the treatment cycle and as others have said they work miracles with cancer treatment nowadays.
  5. Really belated Happy Birthday Bib's. I think I missed it on FB as well because I've been working my arse off.
  6. Sorry Matt, live in Denver and was just in town over the weekend to see my daughter, perform at a speaking engagement on Tuesday and hoof it back to Denver on Wednesday. Maybe next time.
  7. I touched it and now I'm blind and wet! Great interior pics there!
  8. Well after looking at all the pictures on line I was not exactly jumping up and down for the new Esprit, but after having seen it up close yesterday in NYC I must say it will probably grow on me. Anyone else have a change of heart after seeing it in person?
  9. Happy Birthday Laura, you have an awesome birth date and an awesome birthday.
  10. Thanks guys, much appreciated!
  11. I can't believe its been over a year Chris! I have read this thread a couple of times and been amazed by the shenanigans that have taken place. I truly hope you finally get the car sorted to your satisfaction this year and next time I'm out your way will hunt you down for a ride......
  12. I bought 2 on Monday but sold one on eBay for $150 more than I paid so it part paid for the one I kept.
  13. Travis, Its a short walk from Bib's house, up the M20 to the M25 then your at Heathrow. I am sure Bib's will keep you up all night so you don't miss that 7-30am flight!
  14. I have an excuse Dave.... STMS Short Term Memory Syndrome coupled with OFS (Old Fart Syndrome), just waiting for the tablets to be announced any day and I'll be all fixed.
  15. Don't complain if your flight is late and you get to see this out the window!!!
  16. Very cool and well worth the time to watch it
  17. Bib's be happy to drive down and check for you! Shoot me his address.
  18. Black for me! Too many silver alloys around and it makes the car look more aggressive.
  19. I can tell you as someone who built one of the largest ISP's in the world that the ability to intercept any data on the network is really easy, especially email! As suggested PGP is a pretty good way to go but not entirely foolproof. We had a band of pedophiles in SoCal using PGP to encrypt their emails but the FBI put a nice little device in our network and within a week were reading them in the clear. With Deep Packet Inspection devices now on just about every ISP network and a host of other tools you can gradually delve deeper into exactly what folks are doing and with data retention currently a very hot topic they could be keeping that data for years based upon your global locale! As Chris said, if you want to keep it secure hand it over in person. Not electronically! There is a reason you can search just about anything on Google!
  20. Thanks guys! I have first dibs on the car if he decides to sell. Unfortunately business took an unexpected turn at the end/start of the year and the missus got really sick that saddled us with a couple of large medical bills. Coupled with the last couple of years not being exactly stellar work wise it was best to focus on the real issues as the car can always be replaced. I will certainly be sticking around if you'll have me and even though we are now a family of a BMW X6 and a Honda Accord. I will be sticking with the local club as well as it seems they like me for some unknown reason.
  21. Well my car left Denver today for its new home in Atlanta. Although I've been avoiding the car as I knew it was going today, I did not have a choice as I had to drive it out of the museum storage and onto the trailer. Totally bummed as I am sure all of you who have let your P&J go to a new home have been. Hopefully I'll see her again some day, but am going to be Lotus less for quite a while. Missus was asking me "whats the matter" when I got home, Jeez! Now to enjoy my totally bummed out weekend and taking it out on Black Ops players, so if you see "ifly" on the PS3 CoD BlackOps over the weekend blasting away, its me!
  22. ifly


    Nice one Bibs! You just need one of these now. The Sigma is only 13 large, a bargain!
  23. Welcome Drew, all forms of Lotus are welcome. Don't listen to Roger he has been watching his water go down the toilet the wrong way for too long and seems to enjoy wingless cars!
  24. Thanks Ben, I know the gentleman who bought the car has talked to a few Lotus owners in the area. Really bummed to see her go but business and the missus getting really sick before Christmas that created a huge medical bill kind of killed things. Ah well its only life, I have right of first refusal if/when he sells the car so hopefully she'll come back one day!
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