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  1. Andy/Simon, Thanks for the input. Was the
  2. Following on from a failed attempt to buy a pristine Esprit I'm now leaning towards the idea of buying a 'reasonable' example and bringing it up to spec with new parts. Going on the basis that the car is only as good as its' weakest point, and that I'm no mechanic so the work would likely be charged for on an hourly basis, would anyone like to hazard a guess on the costs involved in replacing everything major in the Esprit HC? I've posted here in the 'Engine/Ancilliaries' section of the forum although to be honest I'm also looking for an idea of costs for a complete respray and full leather tr
  3. Hi matk, Yes, I've seen the white one advertised and have high resolution photos of the entire car, inside and out. Unfortunately, despite it being my preferred colour, it is in need of some serious money being spent on it. Even with the cosmetic, though costly, items aside, it's still done more miles than I was ideally looking for (46,000) and is suffering from a blown exhaust. The S3 looks to be in the condition I was expecting to see today though, sadly, it's not the HC.
  4. Having sorted insurance, withdrawn the cash from the bank and then driven to London I'm still, disappointedly, Espritless. If this was the best example available then I think I'll give the whole thing up as a bad idea. To be fair, I did advise the owner that my expectations may be a little skewed on what a 24 year old car would look like but was assured that 'this was the best example out there'. If I'm paying top dollar for a car then am I being unreasonable to expect that it won't need a full respray and a complete interior overhaul? Perhaps my expectations are too high?
  5. Thanks for the info Barrie. I've emailed the owner and will keep you posted. Steve
  6. That's comforting to know, Thanks! Ok, thanks Bo, I thought that the reply about the garage was questioning something. I'm assuming that low mileage examples of the HC are a rarity these days? Wouldn't want to even contemplate this one only to find that better examples appear later albeit infrequently.
  7. I'm tempted Simon, even if the wife isn't. I'm assuming that most replacement parts, including engine, are obsolete as far as Lotus are concerned? Steve
  8. Is there any more info on this car? Should anyone contemplating this car be worried about that 'garage' it is claimed to have lived in for so long?
  9. Yes, it's quite unusual that the 'Esprit' brochure doesn't have any dates whatsoever on it. Perhaps just a general brochure of that era that was available for potential Esprit buyers? I wouldn't have spotted the anomolies to be honest steve
  10. Just a quick bump before the thread falls into obscurity...
  11. Unfortunately not James. I'm really hoping that it is in the hands of an enthusiast as seeing it in a bad way would probably just depress me :crybaby: I'm doing a similar thing with a 1987 TVR (350i wedge) and that is also still on the road albeit with another 9 owners since I bought word on that either. Okay, I've scanned the 1985 range below, hosted on Photobucket, although the photos will undoubtedly be small. If anyone would like the images sent via email in full 300DPi then just drop me your email addy and I'll get them sent to you. I'll do the Esprit Brochure later this a
  12. Not sure if anyone here is interested but I do have the original brochure for the Lotus Range for 1985 which I'm happy to scan and post up on here. The brochure gives tech specs, interior as well as exterior photos of the entire range, Esprit Series 3, Esprit Turbo and the Excel; 7 pages in all. I also have the original brochure for just the Esprit range; 5 pages in all. As long as I'm not breaking any forum rules and you'd like to see them then let me know. steve
  13. If you're serious about polishing then you really can't do better than aPorter Cable. Autopia will send to any location in the World and you get a cd with very useful info included in the order. Oh, if you do order one then remember you'll also need a power converter to allow for 240V to 110v . Info here Autopia
  14. Yes, Thanks James. Looks like there is a good community here. It's unfortunate that I'm only able to bring along nostalgic points of interest. Steve
  15. If I had the room I'd perhaps consider it but the driveway is already over-populated and set to get worse with a 17 year old son who takes his driving test this month. No, it's more about seeing what has happened to her as it's a very memorable period in my life to which she played no small part :yes In fact I'd go as far as saying that even the wife would be interested, as it's the car we first started dating in, and that's saying a lot....she's more of a 'shoe' person steve
  16. Yes, very eighties Bought the car from Randles in Stoke On Trent (not sure if they even exist now) without even seeing it. It had just 5k miles on and was simply perfect and I had it valeted weekly. Previous owner moved on to the newer shape and had the interior done in exactly the same way only in Blue. It eventually went back to Randles after a couple of years and from memory I believe it went to a buyer from Wales. Seems funny now but apart from the interior the one thing that seemed to get people all excited was the addition of a car-phone Well it was the eighties! Yes, t
  17. Hi , Anyone on here own a car from my past? D676CBF. Parting with her back in the late eighties was truly difficult....last I heard was that she had gone to somewhere in South Wales. I was owner #2 and from online records it looks as though she is under owner 5 Steve
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