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  1. Hi Erik, I know Lotus bits have experience with racing their sunbeams, but racing Esprits I'm not sure. The original X180 were made by safetydevices in the UK. but I don't think they have any data. This cage was a bolt in cage, but difficult to judge if it is compatible useful for a roadcar. Nevertheless it would be a great base for road cage. I build a custom cage in my Esprit S1 racecar, but that process would mess up the interior and only works if there is a body of restoration. If you have any idea to make a kit that can be fitted in a car with remaining most of the interior that would be great. Otherwise i think it is just as easy to make a custom unit for each individual car by a local company if you take the engine and interior out.
  2. If this tread is still active. I'm in for increasing the stiffness of my Esprit GT3 chassis. Either chassis brace as per the Sport 300, or full cage even better. As long as I can keep the original interior and use it as a 2 seat road car. How difficult would it be to organize a group development/buy for a bolt in roll cage?
  3. It;s a bit of a guess, but it could very well be that the strange bits are not to hard to take off and you find the original bodywork underneath. Much more so at the rear and front spoiler. The front bumper area would take a bit more work. Nothing too bad for a GRP specialist. My guess, Excluding new (SJSportscar) GRP and other parts but Including total respray, could be anything between 5000 and 10.000 of work to get it back in the original shape and color.
  4. Not sure what the engine is, I plan to keep it original on the side if I ever want to sell the car. For racing I'm building a new engine. FYI chassis nr is 771050261H or 77050261H
  5. @ pmth95 Attached picture of the original race engine
  6. Upgrade with ARP stud set from JAE, Alunox manifold, EFR turbo, new Bosch or Siemens injectors, new programmable ECU, (EFI, Motec, DTA) 4 separate ignition coils. etc.. should get you to a reliable 300 to 350 hp.
  7. Chassis now in KTL and powdercoated, start of the rolling chassis build up
  8. Yes no problem, idea is to post some nice pictures of the rebuild here. Next update expected in the last week of the year
  9. Hi Grayp, build is still in progress, body is now at the bodyshop for polyester work and painting, the chassis just finished KTL treatment and powdercoating. So I hope to start building again in January.
  10. Shakedown of the updated Esprit GT3 in the Ardennes, New twin scroll turbo system and motormanagement have significantly improved transient, torque and power.
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