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  1. Is this the same car? If not who has more info available? (I'l try Paul Matty)
  2. Is it known where the Group 5 esprit that was listed on ended up?
  3. We can support the groupbuy with the by Alunox tested EFR 6258-G turbocharger Pn. 11589880036 at Euro 1.598,- (EX VAT, EXW) orders at [email protected]
  4. One RHD GT3 in Germany is for sale for some time now, you should be able to get a good discount,
  6. Hello Pan, if you are targeting 400hp EFR 7163 would be better suitable (pn.11639880002) 7670 is too large
  7. Hello Pan, what power level are you plan on running? G25-660 is a very good unit, fairly compact for the flow with very high EGT capability and available as a integrated wastegate unit as well. But spool-up of the EFR is better due to TiAl turbine which is 40% lighter than standard wheel material and 50% lighter than G25 high temp material, so if you don't go for more than 500hp i think EFR would be the better solution. But if you go over that it might be easier to fit G25-660 over EFR 7670 packaging wise.
  8. Easiest / most reliable and most valuable route is buy a V8 or improve the 4cylinder turbo to the 350 hp mark. All power and related torque above will kill the gearbox. For sure don't go for a VAG W12 which is a horrible engine on all aspects. But if you would like to go special, I have seen a V8 build from something like a Rover base block with 2 Lotus 4 cylinder 16v heads. They displayed it at the autosport show a few years ago.
  9. I'm curious why the Esprit (GT3) has a expansion tank above the left rear wheel in the luggage compartment? What happens if it is cancelled.
  10. Thanks Dave, I ordered the V8 CWP from SJSportscar. Now changing to another gearbox is a bit to late. Maybe in the future first I will try my luck with this setup. Cheers, Jaap
  11. Hello Jon, Not sure on the boost required yet. I suppose between 1 and 2 bar. Thanks Dave, From SJsportcar I got the info that the GT3 pn for the CWP is A082F6584S while the S4s/V8 is A082F6484F so I will buy the V8 CWP. Still not sure on the GTO primary shaft, the changed gearing for 1 and 2 is not to my liking. I'm also checking the EMCO upgrade only EMCO's response is not great.
  12. Thanks Barry, I just found your thread on the V8 discussing this topic.
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