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  1. I don't think the blue car was changed much other than the roll-cage and other safety features. Also I don't think it will be OK for Fia HTP other than to use it under Group 5 regs. Which would make it uncompetitive against the space frame cars. 

    If you want a HTP for a road car based, you can better use a S1 or S2 for a base relating to the Fia Group 4 homologation document. Specifically with a 2 liter engine. 


  2. Story is that the car has being converted back to original road car spec. 

    One good source of info of Lotus Esprit chassis raced is :

    Basically what I found of early Esprits there were 2 cars build for Fia (DRM) races build along the lines of Group 5 regulations. 

    1 is the "Jenvey" car which is rebuild and running historics. And one is in the USA. (And for sale, please let me know if you are interested)  Both are Lotus esprit bodies over a space frame chassis. The USA car got a bit more original Lotus left in it. Rear suspension is modified to some formula spec and engine a Ford DBA. To run them competitively they need over 300 Hp for sure. 

    Other cars build are the Turbo as you pictured, this was for UK club level racing only. And very close to a original car. There was also a "Paul Matty" hillclimb car. Which was a spaceframe, without any Esprit bits. And there were various thundersaloon/modsport/special GT chassis made. Basically also spaceframe without any real esprit bits. (The AET car was re-bodied with a Skoda body) Some are for sale though for cheap:

    Also there was a black Esprit for sale a while ago in the UK. Not sure if it was a modsport or Group 5. Looked a lot better than the current for sale items. 

    And the S1/S2 car which ought to have run Daytona in 1981 was for sale in the USA some years ago. Not sure what happend to it. 

    To get something with a HTP you either need to build something along the lines of a Group 5 car. Maybe the for sale modsport cars can be a good base. Or build a Group 4 along the Fia regulations. But not sure if there was ever a Lotus Esprit in a official Fia group 4 race. 

    My car was a USA SCCA car which was build along the lines of Group 4 regulations but raced club level in the USA. So if you need any details for inspiration please let me know. 




  3. On 05/05/2018 at 14:46, frb said:

    Or perhaps the Elvin Ravenscroft / Paul Matty hillclimb car?




    Is this the same car? 

    If not who has more info available? (I'l try Paul Matty)

  4. Hello Pan, what power level are you plan on running? 

    G25-660 is a very good unit, fairly compact for the flow with very high EGT capability and available as a integrated wastegate unit as well. But spool-up of the EFR is better due to TiAl turbine which is 40% lighter than standard wheel material and 50% lighter than G25 high temp material, so if you don't go for more than 500hp i think EFR would be the better solution.  But if you go over that it might be easier to fit G25-660 over EFR 7670 packaging wise. 

  5. Easiest / most reliable and most valuable route is buy a V8 or improve the 4cylinder turbo to the 350 hp mark. All power and related torque above will kill the gearbox. 

    For sure don't go for a VAG W12 which is a horrible engine on all aspects. 

    But if you would like to go special, I have seen a V8 build from something like a Rover base block with 2 Lotus 4 cylinder 16v heads. They displayed it at the autosport show a few years ago.

  6. Hello Jon, 

    Not sure on the boost required yet. I suppose between 1 and 2 bar.

    Thanks Dave, 

    From SJsportcar I got the info that the GT3 pn for the CWP is A082F6584S while the S4s/V8 is A082F6484F so I will buy the V8 CWP. Still not sure on the GTO primary shaft, the changed gearing for 1 and 2 is not to my liking. I'm also checking the EMCO upgrade only EMCO's response is not great. 


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