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  1. I think the Esprit is VERY likely to get a Lexus / Toyota V8 - previous generation.

    Longitudinal would make it very interesting

    I hope not the UZ engine, 4.7 V8 with 230hp in low spec, and 4.3 V8 with 300hp in high tune,

    Then they'd better get the 4cyl 912 sport 300 engine back.

    And for the UR engine, 5.7 liter with 381hp and 222kgs on the scale is not really "ad lightnes"

    I only see the UR-FSE engine as an option, but it's to new to be sold by Toyota.

    I personally think a Cosworth supplied engine would be nice,

    Like the Cosworth/Nissan VQ35DE.

    But honestly, as to achieve some scale(cost)advantage, i put my bet in an upgrade of the

    current Toyota 6 cylinder.

  2. I you want to go 300 hp+ setup, a TD03-11T would not be sufficient as that

    would be the setup for high torque in low revs and 300hp the limit for the compressor.

    If you want some extra flow capacity, a TD04HL-16T-7 would be a better option. That will be usable for 400hp,

    while keeping the same turbo's. If you use the MHI pn. 49189-01330, that unit will give you nice straight setup and connection flanges.

  3. For the 290 hp targer and twin turbocharger set up, I don't think

    you necessarily need an intercooler.

    For turbocharger size i think 2x MHI TD03, with 11T compressor,

    With this you should stay in the high efficiency/low compressor outlet temp regions.,

    That setup should get you to 300hp.

    Or as an alternative and easier packaging, you can use a

    single turbocharger, and mount it above the gearbox.

    Do you have some more details on the engine like,

    Capacity of the engine, EGT, HP target?

  4. Thanks for the link,

    Only now I'm confused, as i really thought mine was

    an original LHD Dutch Esprit S2.2.

    Chassis nr. SCC079912AHA10320

    Only the decoder show's it's a Australian chassis.

    With no traces of ever being a RHD on the car itself.

    Could it be that Lotus was not so strickt in the spec of the VIN?

  5. I should think, as an electrics and creature comforts are concerned.

    The Evora Layout looks good.

    One multi function display with satnav ,radio and phone(bluetooth and usb connection) in the middle,

    Other multi function display behind the steering wheel

    with Rev, Speed, oil and water temp, fuel, battery.

    2 Display's basically, can be done below 1kgs.

    As luxury airco, elec windows. (maybe even central door locking)

    NO heated or electrical adjustable seats

    NO steel folding roof.

    NO rear seats

    NO emotion key or starter button (what's wrong with the light and efficient key)

    NO sound engineering extra useless valves in the exhaust system

    NO old fashioned no substitute for cubic inches engine

    I think that's about it. maybe more later

  6. 1) Low weight <1200kgs

    2) Sublime handeling

    3) Affordable <100k Euro's (although making profit for Lotus)

    4) Beautiful and a proper succesor of the old Esprit. (The Autocar mash looks nice)

    5) Mid engine

    6) 300hp entry level 3.0 V6, And 450hp Twin Turbo 3.0 V6

    7), 8), 10) To be a proper Lotus, not rivaling a Ferrari or Lambo, but a real drivers car. Maybe more focussed towards Porsche

  7. Although in 2009 a top of the line engine is still considered to be a V8.

    In the very near future the twin turbo V6 will be the king, as almost all OEM's are developing this powerplant

    for their top models. With the current trend of turbocharging the V6 configuration opposed to a V8 makes

    way better use of the pulse energy from the exhaust, with a V8 a twin scroll system is needed to make

    use of the pulse energy which has some disadvantages in efficiency.

    On the marketing side some of the greatest cars had a twin turbo 6 cylinder, XJ220, all 91's incl the 911 GT1,

    Renault F1 from the 80's Audi RS4, Nissan Skyline GTR. (Maybe the XJ220 is not a good example, but it's still a nice car)

    So I think for the next gen Esprit, the N.A. V6 of the Evora for the entry level model, and the twin turbo's for the top model.

  8. Gents,

    I'm having new Falken Ziex ZE-912 at the front now, and they

    look/drive pretty decent. (Pete, Is your experience based on this tire?)

    Now for the back I have to decide between te Falken FK-07U

    or Fulda Carat Assuro and in the reviews they are not

    far from each other. Although the Fulda's have a marginally better

    review, but if prefer to have one brand all-round.

    Anyone some experience on these tires?


  9. Mike, I really like your car,

    but on the supplementary instrumentation, I think the place where

    the radio normally sits would be a better, one.

    And for the radio just use your mediaplayer, with a small

    amplifier build behind the instruments.

    Or go for the Essex Turbo location on your radio or instruments.

  10. My car is currently sprayed gunmetal grey,

    and I want to respray it in the future back to the original A06 Bermuda Blue color.

    Just to be sure, I'd love to see a picture of another car sprayed in this

    color, but I can't find any example.

    The current color is starting to grow on me, but I like original and

    the looks of Mr. Pete G's car. So I hope the original color is like his.

  11. Gents,

    I'm planning to take my S2.2 to the Alps this summer, so I'm thinking

    it will be usefull to replace the cambelt, although it was done

    2000kms and 1.5 years ago. THer was an oil leakage and this

    might have contaminated the belt. (is this possible?)

    Then back to topic,

    I have a S2.2 with a automatic tensioner, is it necessary to preset the

    automatic tensior with the burroughs gauge. Or is there a hardstop for the

    adjuster screw?


  12. Andy,

    This is the situation;

    Car; 1980 Esprit S2.2

    - The car has being realigned at the shop, 2 weeks ago, now 100kms since then,

    unalighnment was noticed after only 35kms.

    - At both sides of the steering balljoint no thread is left, therefore toe-in is not possible

    - It pulls to the right while braking, when steering wheel is let loose.

    When holding steering wheel the pull to the right is not noticable.

    - It generally pulls to the right

    - Randomly the car has no noticable pull to any side, and feels alighned

    - It feels that the car has limited caster, as at low speeds there is no self centering of the steering

    - Tire pressure is set at 2.0bar all round, with 1.3 bar the steering feels soggy

    I will try 1.5 front 1.8 rear

    - Tires size F205/60/R14 R205/70/R14


  13. These engines are available for around $15k/us dollars in the crate

    As are most probably the BMW engines for a Lotus buyer,

    a +500hp twin turbo 4.0 V8 or straight 6 should be the way to go.

    And achievable for this pricing.

    For US citizens it may seem likable to use a LS7 engine, but in the rest

    of the world, these pushrod engines are still not done.

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