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  1. Yes I'm planning to get it back to restore it as much as possible.

    It's simply to original to modify,

    For me left to do;

    - Clutch replacement

    - Swap the red hose for a braided version (although this is not so original)

    - New clutch slave cylinder

    - Find a new electric clock (placed in between sun visors)

    - Replace RH steering gator (got a new original replacementpart)

    - Throttle cable replacement

    - Reset Carbs

    - Rebalance wheels

    - Aircobelt, and refilling airco system (not a priority at the moment)

    - Refurbishing RH sunvisor

    - RH gas strut of the engine compartment missing (LH is Stabilus 093602 0308180 0280N)

    - And as sufficient cash is available, repaint exterior to original A06 code

    - And some other tiding up

    So still a bit to do,

    So if anybody has some advice on one of these things, please let me know,

    Especially where to find a new clock?

    Or what is a good adhesive to refurbish the RH sun visor?

  2. Dear All, I hope you can advice me with the following.

    At this moment i have the current situation with my car.

    Car. 1980 Esprit S2.2 n/a (45.000 kilometres)

    The clutch hose is still the red plastic one, and the slave cylinder is slightly moist.

    The adjuster screw on the release fork is corroded, and seems to be at the end bare 2 centimetres.


    When driving and putting down full power, the clutch will slip.

    When car is warmed up, it won't get into reverse.


    Unknown, just bought the car.

    But a clutch should not be worn after only 45.000 km.

    Now as the slave cylinder and plastic hose are considered weak points, I'm hoping naturally that

    the replacements can solve the problem. Though this does seems illogical to me.

    Can it be so that when the slave cylinder wears out, it will not return to the fully retracted position?

    Or what other possibility's are there? (of course replacing the clutch)

  3. Dear Rydning,

    For a real racing esprit GT1 I have some leads,

    - For the only running car you have to contact of course Mike Sekinger.

    - For a original non running esprit GT1 you can maybe check out some details

    in the Indoor Kartingtrack Eindhoven the Netherlands, there is the fire damaged chassis used as wall decoration.

    Somewhere else at the track you can find the original Bitter GT1, it used some details of the Esprit.

    Also you can maybe ask Mike Hezemans, who is the owner of the track, and former pilot of the cars,

    on some more pictures he should have, and maybe even some original drawings.

    - Then there was an original Esprit for sale at Pilbeam

    I don't know if it was GT1 or GT2.

    Then you can also find 2 more Esprits GT2 in the Netherlands, one is racing under V-Max racing

    this is absolutley one of the most horrible Esprits I'have ever seen. Really amateur racecar.

    Please don't take over any details of this car. Then there should be also an original GT2

    racecar, I think former Allard Kalf car, but I lost track of it's whereabouts.

    Sorry most of them are not in the UK, but these are all original facory racecars I know of.

  4. Some further detailing,

    Engine number# CC7780114575

    Unit# 780203440

    Millage 97622

    For me it is an option as I'm looking for an S1.

    But as you already said, I would need a set of Wolfrace alloys

    New bumper set and the "ears" removed.

    And then for me the biggest challenge, as I'm living

    in Amsterdam. The steering should be converted to the Left.

    Now the first two modifications are easy.

    Then the third should not couse to many problems,

    if the side window is the same as the S1 window

    than it would only be polyester work.

    But the LHD conversion, I'd like to know if this is

    possible (ofcourse it is), or better said

    reasonably possible to do it in a correct way.

    Any thoughts?


    J vd Lee

  5. Jeanvm

    "I would love to see the car end up in Belgium and with a new LEF member (so I can see the red S1 in the flesh)"

    I'm doing my very best to let it end up in Amsterdam,

    That's not to far from Belgium.

    As for the pickup, is there anyone who knows if there

    is still a ocean liner / Ferry from the US to Europe.

    To drive it to the Netherlands myselve would be absolutly fabulous.

  6. All right, all right.... I've sat on this secret long enough. It so happens that with my special inside contacts at Lotus, I got a chance to see the engine and was allowed to make this picture.

    So, here it is:


    Allison V12 liquid cooled V1710

  7. Out and out KIT CAR

    Kitcar styling,

    kitcar finish, kitcar engine.

    It's a huge leap back after the M12 and M14.

    Exept for the interior, which had never been good.

    If they changed the M14 into this becouse of public comment

    i pretty shure this would not be the definitive model.

    But other possibility for styling change is that the rounded

    rear body of the M14 could create a lot of rear end lift.

    Like the audi TT.

  8. Anybody know the latest Esprit S1 ever build. (probably end of may 1978)

    I like to purchase the latest S1.

    I'm considering 78020341G for purchase For Euro6.500.

    But the engine worries me. And i'm a little afreight that if

    a wait longer, the car is getting rarer and getting a lot more expensive.

    Anybody some advise?

    Cars i know of.

    1 whit/pearl 1977 federal Esprit, with red and black leather seats.

    Last seen in Holland near The Hague

    1 Red example 78020341G Lhd

    Near Amsterdam

    1 yellow S1 recently in Belgium


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