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  1. Out and out KIT CAR

    Kitcar styling,

    kitcar finish, kitcar engine.

    It's a huge leap back after the M12 and M14.

    Exept for the interior, which had never been good.

    If they changed the M14 into this becouse of public comment

    i pretty shure this would not be the definitive model.

    But other possibility for styling change is that the rounded

    rear body of the M14 could create a lot of rear end lift.

    Like the audi TT.

  2. Anybody know the latest Esprit S1 ever build. (probably end of may 1978)

    I like to purchase the latest S1.

    I'm considering 78020341G for purchase For Euro6.500.

    But the engine worries me. And i'm a little afreight that if

    a wait longer, the car is getting rarer and getting a lot more expensive.

    Anybody some advise?

    Cars i know of.

    1 whit/pearl 1977 federal Esprit, with red and black leather seats.

    Last seen in Holland near The Hague

    1 Red example 78020341G Lhd

    Near Amsterdam

    1 yellow S1 recently in Belgium


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