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  1. Now next phase, 

    Updating the interior, found a GT3 steering wheel. But no seats yet. And at later stage a programmable ECU, (Considering Motec M84 or EFi Euro4)

    Based on some earlier comments the GT3 seats are not found to be practical for long journeys. But the V8 seats are definitely unacceptable in terms of support, they are just to slippery. One solution can be changing the center section of the seat with alcantara or whatever material is used also for the roof and some of the door trim. 

  2. I don't think the S1 body would fit the V8 chassis. Also I think a 4cyl suits the Esprit better as the V8 is to heavy.

    If you take a late S3 turbo, and take of side skirts, change the bumper, rear lights, spoiler, wheels and interior for S1 spec would  you end up with a car looking like a S1 or S2? Then as a last nice addition make some S2 wheels in 16" by imagine wheels. 





  3. Just got inspired by watching a episode of "Drive" visiting the Singer shop in LA on Youtube. 

    Now I'm inspired to investigate how a "Singer" Esprit should look. Making a Esprit on the Singer motto "if you are allowed only one car (Lotus/Esprit) what should it be?" A car fit for a grand tour, trackday and daily usage. My considerations, Esprit S1 style body with Turbo HC chassis and engine underneath. Engine tuned to 250hp and 15"or 16" S2 style wheels. Padded simple roll cage. Target weight of 1000kg. Maybe as a easy route change a turbo body to S1 style, 

    Or would a Esprit just not fit such a style, maybe the futuristic body should be left unchanged. And only 60's style metal cars suit the "Singer" treatment.  

    For inspiration; 


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  4. Next job is upgrading the ECU.

    Now considering the PUK Esprit GT3 ECU, but I think going to a full bespoke setup would be better, as also the turbo and exhaust system are changed.

    Therefore looking for a old Esprit ECU (Non working) to use as a canister to house a stand alone system. (MoTeC, Liferacing, OBR, megasquirt, not decided yet)

  5. I'm looking for the same solution for my GT3. So far I found:

    - SJ Sportscars is offering shell only of the Sport 300. Which is different from the GT3. (Sport 300 is for 4 point harness, see the holes in the top)

    - GT3 seats seem to be from Recaro regarding the reference as listed for the orange set some years ago. (Not sure if this is correct)

    Now I'm looking for some solutions as I can't find some originals:
    A) Install some alternative Recaro's or Momo, or find the original OES part

    B) Find an original seat and remake the seat. (If somebody has one te lend for a mold, I'm more than happy to make a small series "in carbon epoxy" )

    C) Use the SJ Sportcars seat. -> No option, I don't like to 4 point harness holes in the top, and easier to find a original Recro replacement if we go non original anyhow

    D) Keep the V8 seats -> No option, no support in cornering whatsoever


    Any help or thoughts appreciated

  6. Hello Ian, 

    Worn out wastegate or sticky wastegate valve might also be the issue. If the turbo is a reman unit they normally don't replace the bushing and the wastegate valve in the turbine housing. When inner bush or valve shaft is worn the wastgate can get sticky in some conditions. 

  7. Turbo out, had to grind of the nuts as no spanner seems to fit?


    New turbo with same installation dimensions. Only need a turbine inlet adaptor flange and some oil and water adaptors.


    Now figure out how to get the remainder of the studs out of the manifold.

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