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  1. I'm looking for the same solution for my GT3. So far I found:

    - SJ Sportscars is offering shell only of the Sport 300. Which is different from the GT3. (Sport 300 is for 4 point harness, see the holes in the top)

    - GT3 seats seem to be from Recaro regarding the reference as listed for the orange set some years ago. (Not sure if this is correct)

    Now I'm looking for some solutions as I can't find some originals:
    A) Install some alternative Recaro's or Momo, or find the original OES part

    B) Find an original seat and remake the seat. (If somebody has one te lend for a mold, I'm more than happy to make a small series "in carbon epoxy" )

    C) Use the SJ Sportcars seat. -> No option, I don't like to 4 point harness holes in the top, and easier to find a original Recro replacement if we go non original anyhow

    D) Keep the V8 seats -> No option, no support in cornering whatsoever


    Any help or thoughts appreciated

  2. Hello Ian, 

    Worn out wastegate or sticky wastegate valve might also be the issue. If the turbo is a reman unit they normally don't replace the bushing and the wastegate valve in the turbine housing. When inner bush or valve shaft is worn the wastgate can get sticky in some conditions. 

  3. Turbo out, had to grind of the nuts as no spanner seems to fit?


    New turbo with same installation dimensions. Only need a turbine inlet adaptor flange and some oil and water adaptors.


    Now figure out how to get the remainder of the studs out of the manifold.

  4. Time for the Esprit GT3 to become more GT3ish.


    First more power... new turbo setup, second get a GT3 interior as this was fitted with V8 seats and steering wheel. Third general other upgrades suspension brakes etc.. 


    Starting with more power, and getting rid of the quad exhaust in the process.

    Plan is to fit a new turbo, increasing max compressor flow from 0.18 m3/sec to 0.23 m3/sec.

    New turbo has integrated by-pass valve, and should give better transient through better turbine efficiency. And hope it will fit without to many modifications.


    The as replacement for the exhaust, we consider a fabricated system, still need to select the cat and the damper.


    Original car


    Time to get rid of the quad exhaust

  5. Hi Cam, 


    Just starting to upgrade the GT3, and create a new turbo set for approx 300hp, among other things needed to make the GT3 more GT3ish


    Base of the set i will be using is the MHI TD04HL, with 58mm compressor, 

    With only minor modifications the turbine-in should be made fit to the manifold, as the MHI unit is very close to a T3 shape flange. Also I much prefer OEM wheels and components over aftermarket stuff, as the OEM aero from new generations is way more efficient than the tuners stuff. (TD04HL 58mm around 77% peak efficiency)


    Compressor is also straight forward with integrated by-pass valve, 

    I will start a new topic in project and restoration room and show some pics of the possible turbo setup. 


    Would like to hear your approach on the calibration, as I'm not sure which route I will take. 




  6. Great presentations.


    Should Lotus not go lower power (lower emissions) lower vehicle weight again.

    Making something as good as the F488, MP4-12C, 911 will cost heaps of money and a

    bougt in V8 will never allow the level of sophistication these cars have.

    Even looking at the presentation the Esprit was planned to have a lower power to weight ratio than the first MP4-12C.

    Which in it's current trim with 675hp makes it even worse.


    Make sub 1000 kg cars again, And if possible a derivative called the Esprit with some nice

    weekend GT practicality. On the engine, there are some nice 350hp 4cyl engines available with dual clutch and everything.

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  7. My S2.2 is originally A06 Bermuda Blue

    Painted gun metal grey years ago. Still you can see some small spots of the original colour behind trim.

    It looks like that it is the same color as the car pictured above.

    Also never have ssen a picture of a complete car in Bermuda Blue. I would love to see it though as maybe when I go for a respray will convert it back to original.

  8. Here it goes, 


    As a long time Esprit enthusiast and now owner of a turbocharger engineering and production company, it seems only logical to get a turbocharged Esprit. 


    So far got my dream Esprit S2.2 in 2008. and enjoyed it since then. 

    As much as I like the looks and spirit of the S2.2, besides it is not turbocharged its getting slow. 

    Especially now as I traded my daily driver for a Volvo 850R, it just doesn't seem right to have my old boxy daily being faster than the sportscar. Even when understanding the S2.2 is 16 years older.


    So now I have several options, 

    - Improve the S2.2, and make it a bit like a restomod, getting a turbocharged engine for it, with additional upgrades for the suspension etc...

    Problem is that already the rear tires can't cope with the little power thats there, and the bodywork gets terribly rattly above 160 km/h. Also modifying a perfectly original S2.2 is a bit against my religion. 


    - Get a fair priced SE, and make it a bit more hardcore, looking like the Chamberlain Sport 300.

    Even make it capable for trackdays, but still capable of the European grand tour. 

    This gives the opportunity to go all the way with installing our own designed turbocharger. Even using it as a testbed. (350hp from a 2ltr is very 2015)

    Only seems like a big project. Together with running a business i'm not sure its realistic time wise. 


    - Get a GT3, only do some easy std upgrades. And our own developed turbocharger,

    Gives the opportunity to enjoy the car from day 1. Not so sure as a possible trackday runner. And not feeling comfortable to modify a GT3 to much. 


    Any thoughts and considerations welcome. 

  9. As I think you are after 350 - 360 hp, a suggestion for your turbo:


    Size is 62mm compressor which should be spot on for this HP. (Advertised over 450hp is too optimistic)

    And has latest turbine geometry in it which helps spoolup, together with the Tial turbine rotor.

    Relatively high compressor efficency keeps comp outlet low. 

    Should also be fairly easy to adapt to the car, 

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