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  1. Be carefull with oil spilling on the exhaust wrap from the cam covers.

    On a streetcar i think exhaust wrap on the header is a bit risky, as the oil buildup can make for a nice torch.


    I think for a streetcar coating or shielding is a better solution.

    Regarding the temperatures of the manifold. Depending on the kind of tainless,

    high nickel Austenetic stainles should be able to withstand the red hot situation continuously. (950 degC max)

    With mild steel you need to be a bit more carefull although i'm not sure of the EGT on a carburetted engine.

  2. Hi Wayne, 


    It seems that WC is rebuilding the original unit with much larger internals. 

    Looking at the flow he is creating it looks like he uses ~68mm compressor wheel or larger. 

    Getting this in the original internals is not doing the efficiency any right. 

    With efficiency being directly responsible for response behavior, 

    Depending on the power you are after get a unit that is more modern and sized just right. 

    This gives you better response than the WC unit. 

    What power are you after?

  3. I'm not sure which tire size goes on a 15" rim, I guess that would be 65 or 60 height. Anyhow in 15" there is plenty available.

    I do both like the compomotives and the Image wheels. But still like the speedlines beter.


    So i'm going for some research to check what is required to make a new speedline in 15". First scan the current wheels

    and get a design in 3D. After that I'm not sure which methode to select for production.

  4. Now that the tires for the Esprit S1 and S2 are getting very scrace. It's time to rethink the wheels again.


    As I do love the original look of the speedlines and wolfrace, I wonder what other "classic" look alternatives are there

    that won't disturb the looks. (I like the compomotive look, but are these available?)


    Is there already a Wolfrace / slotmag set available in 15" ?

    Or should I try to get the original speedline design made in 15"?

    (Maybe can be done as a 2 split rim based on a imagewheels.outer rim, and a custom billet remake of the center)


    If so, are there more guy's interested to get a enlarged speedline made. And shhoudl it be 15"or 16"

    I think 15"would be enough.

  5. Hello Thomas, 


    Looking at your matching, all numbers look a bit conservative, 

    your 233 hp, could probably be achieved with a flow below 0.18 m3/sec.

    Which corresponds with a more modern turbo at a 56mm compressor wheel, opposed to the 61.4mm proposed turbo. 

    This can be mated with a ~47 or 48mm turbine wheel. 


    So basically i think the BW turbo is a bit to large, and you can use something smaller. 


    Also you have to take into account, that the twin scroll turbine needs a specific manifold with equal length headers, 

    splitting the specific cyliders al the way to the turbine entry. A std manifold will not work. 

  6. I have visited target once for a Elise,

    Vehicles are all imported, and in stock without a Dutch numberplate. Therefore you can't testdrive them on the road. 

    But they let you take a "very" small drive on their premises.


    My feeling is that their not to dishonest, all cars seem to be as-is bought from the UK or other countires. And 

    don't seen to be fiddled with by Target. Most of them look like they have just being abandonned by their owner.

    Their business model looks like buy from overseas, ship, put on stock. Thats it. They don't even bother to make a sales pitch to you.


    It can be ok, I think what you see is what you get. The real risk seems in the party who have sold the car to Target.

  7. Yes bearing parts can break and enter the oil system. But I don't think that's the case.

    Looking at the failure mode you are having, there is sludge built-up in the bearing housing.

    This can also build up in the oil return pipe. If this gets clogged up you will have the problem over and over again.


    In your case, a quick cleaning and rebuild might be sufficient, but I think it would be better to let a expert do this.

    as they know what to do and what to look for. Also they should have the replacement parts if required.


    I'm a MHI Turbocharger specialist myself, but yours seems to be a Garrett. Which was rebuild at one time,

    looking at the small weld on the wastegate bushing. Best company I know in the UK, is Owen Developments.

    Ask for Lee Owen.


    If you speek to him, send him my regards.


    Best regards

    Jaap van der Lee

  8. Hello Ian,


    Please be carefull with fitting random restrictors on the oil feed.

    It is correct that ball-bearings require less oil than floating bearings.

    But the company that has converted your chra in the first place should know the exact dimension of restriction.


    Also if there has being excess oil in your bearing housing, check the complete system and oil out hose, 

    as remaning residue can result in a new failure within short time.


    As for the balance, if the unit is not balanced on the compressor nut, mark the orientation of the

    compressor wheel relative to the turbine and you should be fine with assembling it back. 



  9. Hi I'm looking into fitting a tubular manifold to my 1980 S2.2.


    I found the options of SJsportscar and Lotusbits and looking for the experiences with both options.

    Obviously there is a price difference, but does this justify the more expensive purchase.

    Also there is always the option of fabricating one from scratch. Any advise or other ideas?

  10. Hi, the Garrett stuf you mention is fairly old technology,

    with new turbine technology which is made for low end torque and a slightly reduced A/R

    the transient respone should improve significantly.


    As I only know MHI nomenclature and maps, I know a max size TD04HL 58mm compressor

    will achieve easlily the flow of 0.29 lbs/min. With a flow limit of approx 39/lbs/min.

    Combined with a 7cm turbine, this should be ok for the 300/350 hp. depending on

    the aftertreatment. (back pressure)

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