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  1. Any info yet on the 2 Dutch Koni Production Car series cars (in Dutch)

    One (Unmollested) is owned by Mr. Hans willem te Pas, or Hans Hugenholz, (Nice guy who can forward you to a lot of other connections)

    The other is used by Dick van Elk in the Dutch Supercar series, and completely modified.

    Also there still should be some nice info and blueprints available on the GT1 esprits in the Netherlands,

    by Mr. Toine Hezemans. He had a lot of old stuff in his factory in Eindhoven.

    Other nice lead for old racing esprits:

    There used to be some S1 silhouette Esprits in the Swedish GT

    Also some 8 years ago there was a S1 silhouette style car for sale in the US.

    On the us site they also used to advertise a S1 racer.

  2. Sorry to hear that Owen is not prepared to rebuild your unit.

    Although I like to hear that he states only using genuine parts.

    Yes John is right, rebuilding a turbo is not to difficult.

    Although please don't spin the rotational assembly (Shaft and wheels)

    with a airline. Running at high rpm without oil flowing through the system

    can damage your bearings.

    A balance check is not really needed, only used for decreasing noize.

    it has no effect on durability. If you want the balancing anyhow, you can let a specialist.

    (Try BTN then, they can balance for sure)

  3. I would strip a bodyshell and fit a modern engine & gearbox, probably an Audi 2.0L Turbo with flappy paddle gearbox, complete with loom and engine management, all the relevant controls, All the convenience of a modern car with those classic looks, maybe you can have it all !

    think modifying to improve reliability is totally acceptable.

    Yes but I can't see any reason for putting a Audi 2.0 Turbo in it.thats just horrible.

    If you wan't a more modern engine, whats wrong with uprate the current unit to S4 or GT3 turbo spec.

    Only reason for putting a Audi or worse, a US unit in it, is because you can't afford to upspec your current unit.

    And I can't see any way of doing a engine swap with a horrible unit correctly on a budget either.

  4. Not completely correct,

    Yes all the parts are individually ballanced and you can run a turbo without balancing of the complete CHRA assembly, but just like a tollerance stack up, the unballance of each individual component can together create a balance beond the tollerance.

    On durability and performance strangely the unballance is of almost no harm. But on NVH it is.

    So running it without complete CHRA balancing can only cause compressor noize.

    Then on a Italian company specialized in turbochargers:

  5. I suspect GL would sensibly have been quite happy to see a Lotus F1 entry that wouldn't cost them anything, subject to a settlement to the TL name dispute.

    There is no such thing as free F1 advertisment.

    Well should Joe Saward scenario become real! Lotus will be a laughing stock in the F1 circus and the automotive industry at large and it will be a while before it's given another shot in F1! It would be a complete shame to happen but this scenario is unfortunately realistic I just hope things happen at LRGP before they happen at Team Lotus! I guess the winter will not be that long this year!

    I do hope the scenario will become real. No Lotus in F1 next year. That will mean they don't waste excesive amounts of money on which return on investment will be very hard. Lets get the money in the cars.

    DB from his time with Red Bull and Ferrari will certainly know how both these companies account for the costs & benefits of their sponsorships. The logic will be very different for both companies & I'd guess for Ferrari it's much more about events. Certainly a friend was very impressed by being driven around the Ferrari track by Alonso earlier this year after he picked up his gto.

    Porsche is pretty succesfull without F1 and a motorsports programme that is more than payed by its customers.

    F1 is marketing business, not nescesarily related to car business. Look at current F1, Ferrari which is clearly DB example is beaten by a soft drink. Even now Ferrari has the best driver of the pack a soft drink company can build a better car than Ferrari.

    I really hope Lotus will go for Porsche as an example and leave the marketing madness.

    DB has to learn to understand that Lotus is not a soft drink, on which u can spend 80% of your turnover on marketing and 5% on your product. In automotive it's the other way around, 100% world wide brand recognition will not sell you cars, making a better product than the competition does.

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