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  1. Renault couldn't make the Team pay so sold it as a financial burden. Do you think Genii would be selling it if it was profitable??

    Honda couldn't make it work, Spyker couldn't, BMW, Jaguar, Toyota (with their huge spending power) etc etc etc.

    What makes you think that Lotus can?? I'm sorry but I just can't see it being anything but bragging rights and a burden on GL.

    I don't think Lotus is in F1 for the long run, they are only in there to counter F1Malaysia. (And maybe a bit for exposure)

    As soon as F1Malaysia will give up it's logo, Lotus can get out of it again and focus on making cars and money.

    Although Lotus would like to be in F1, they know they can't afford a team of their own. Certanly not before they have

    a Ferrari like status. Only now Lotus can't afford not to be in F1 and let F1Malaysia get away with their brand.

  2. Not even this Z?!...

    No not even the Z8, I don't understand what is special or advanced about it. For me not realy BMW,ish.

    What I do like about BMW is the level of engineering, I think they are the best by far in therms of quality

    innovation reliability. I only can't see myself driving one. Also I'm not to much of a fan of the ride feeling,

    I prefer the ride of a Mercedes, for which I'm way to young. So a nice E-class, that would also be a car

    I secretly want but can't quite see myself in.

    I stick with my Lotus,

  3. Most widely used method is the APQP method, which I think was originally developed by Ford.

    On the marketing side, thats not listed in the APQP, which is basically used only for development.

    Normally marketing comes with a plan and a direction based on marketing study and the

    level of predevelopment in their company. Or predevelopment will push one of their projects.

    When a decision is made, predevelopment will create a management vehicle for the big bosses to drive,

    based on this, a decision for the project is made, and it will enter the APQP phase. Which is not to

    different than the list you describe above.

    Mostly you have 2 or 3 design loops on rapid prototype process to make a prove of concept.

    After this the DVP will start based on soft tooled process. When the design is frozen Series process is

    launched and validated.

  4. As I have to much toe out on the steering and the U/J are already set to the maximum in, I'd tried to

    put some extra thread on the steering rack, I tried both 1/2UNF and M12x1.25. And neither of these fitted to the

    steering rack thread. Strange thing was that the M12x1.25 tap slid in the U/J very easy. And was even a bit loose.

    I cleaned everybit and no die would fit the thread.

    Anybody knows which thread size should be used?

    It might be that the U/J are non original, and forced on the steering rod ends. So a picture of the original setup might help to.

  5. Problem with VG/VNT turbochargers is not so much the controllability, but more the operating temperatures on which the VG/VNT turbine as limited. In normal automotive applications these can only be fitted to Diesel engines as the nozzle is limited by maximum temperatures of 830 steady 850 peak degC. (While typical Gasoline engines run between 930 - 980 deg). Also the nozzle system is a non oil lubricated system which in a Diesel application is slighly lubricated by the soot the Diesel exhaust generates. I expect the duarability of such a system in a gasoline application not reaching the 25 hours. The only VNT/VG turbocharger capable of handeling Gasoline temperatures is the Porsche 911 unit which is super expensive (Aircraft grade pricings)

    A better option to avoid turbolag is a more modern wategate turbocharger configuaration. With the latest compressor wheels a higher boost pressure and flow can be generated from smaller units which reduces the rotating weight (Improves trainsient response). With Mike S we are going to test a new unit for max 330hp.

    Also a option will be to go to a leightweight turbine wheel material like TiAl which only has again some tempreature restrictions and a high price. Althouh I think on the Esprit the temperature will not exeed 950degC anyway so this should be good.

  6. I just did a drive from Amsterdam to Friedrichshafen via the 61 from Venlo to Karlsruhe, what used to be unlimited speed.

    Now the 61 is only unrestricted from Venlo to Monchengladbach which is a small stretch. All the rest is now 100 -> 130km/h.

    Any idea's for a better Netherlands to Switzerland routes?

    P.S. good general topic, this should be sticky.

  7. If you read the interview with David Hunt, he clearly states that Tony Fernandes approached him to get the Lotus name back into F1, and Hunt said to him to give Group Lotus the chance first, which they took. He may have planned to buy the rights to "Team Lotus" later, but not a year later, only the circumstances with GL causing him too.

    This I don't understand,

    - Why would Mr. Hunt say please try it with Group Lotus first, thereby reducing the value of the Team Lotus brand to zero.

    If that is really his statement, he allows to have a second Lotus name in F1. So the current claim of F1Malaysia to not allow Group Lotus in F1 is not legal.

    - If the "Team Lotus" name of Mr. Hunt is so valuable as it is claimed now, why din't F1Malaysia continue to push for the licence of Mr. Hunt, and ignore/or get the the Lotus Racing name afterwards. Did Tony really expect when acquiring the license from Group Lotus that he could use the real Lotus brand (Logo)?

  8. I cannot see that "Team Lotus" name / IP rights giving exclusivity on the Lotus name in F1, or Hunt would have been starting litigation in 2010 as owner of "team Lotus" rights at that time.

    Why didn't Mr. Hunt protest to using the Lotus name in F1 last year. Or did he had a contract with MalaysiaF1 from the start, and was that the trigger fot Group Lotus to stop them?

    What is REALLY clever though, is that in 2009 it was seen by enthusiasts as a bad idea for Litespeed to dig up the Team Lotus name and use it on a new British F1 team. After a stormy one year relationship with Group Lotus, we are happy for a Malaysian businessman to use it for a malaysian flag carrying team - Fernandes media management is awesome IMHO

    Mr Fernandez was extremely lucky that Mr. Bahar appeared to the podium who did al sorts of things to make himself very unpopular (Changing Lotus into a marketing oriented company) thus having being given the situation that Lotus was not anymore the nice lovable sportscar brand, but a big bully OEM, while he could play the underdog. If Mr. Bahar was a car guy, and did not do all this marketing nonsense while building the nicest lightest new cars. He would have gotten away with the F1 situation and people would accept the rebranding of Renault,

  9. The statement said 1Malaysia not only wants the fee to include the sale of the Team Lotus name, but other factors including the development of a new brand, and loss of income from merchandise and sponsorship.

    Proton confirmed that it is willing to pay only for the name."

    How can you count development of a new brand as you sell a old brand.

    also loss of income from Merchandise won't count as they are not allowed to sell Lotus merchandise,

    So that's only the name and some sponsorship, (Which sponsors for 1Malaysia are non TF related?)

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